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 +======= Neothera =======
 +===== Basic Info =====
 +^  Basic Info  ^^
 +| **Name:** | Neothera |
 +| **Nicknames:** | | 
 +| **Species:** | Reploid - Old Generation | 
 +| **Gender:** | Male |
 +| **Height:** | 6'1" |
 +| **Weight:** | 227lbs |
 +| **IQ:** | 180 |
 +| **DOB:** | 5th of July |
 +| **Birth Place:** | London, England |
 +| **Residence:** | Hunter HQ |
 +| **Occupation:** | Hunter | 
 +===== Normal Form =====
 +==== Normal Appearance ====
 +**Skin Color:** Ash-grey, quite pale. \\
 +**Eye Color:** Dark-purple piercing dots. His glance alone seems to belittle others. \\
 +**Hair Style:** A fountain of silky thistle-to-amethyst -colored shades of purple, hanging slightly past his shoulders from the backside, combed behind the wing-extensions of his helmet. Two longer locks of hair hang over each side of his face, over the cheeks, reaching all the way to his waist. \\
 +**Other features:** Always carrying that lance of his around.
 +**Armor description:** A slender full suit of armor, shaped as if thick muscles were all over. The chest appears as if a ribcage, colored in stripes of black and white. The arms and legs are covered in segmented heavier plates, silver in color. The knee and elbow paddings have detailed illustrations of some undecipherable runes, imitations of the scribblings of some long since lost culture. The shoulders are a pair of long, upwards curving blade-like metal bits, with a long see-through white mantle emerging attached to their backs, the mantle hanging to his knee-level. His helmet is mostly concealed under his hair, only visible from his forehead where it forms a V-shape with the lower half of a dark-purple crystal visible from below the hairdo. Two dagger-like small wings emerge from where one would expect ears to be. His figure is sleek and graceful, perchance slightly effeminate judging from the waist and the legs. The torso is a bit more muscular and manly. Strikingly beautiful, jagged facial features, with purple lips and thin, well-kept eyebrows of the same color as his hair.
 +**Armor colors:** Shades of black and grey.
 +==== Capabilities (Stats) ====
 +^           Stats          ^^
 +| **Agility:** | 7 |
 +| **Speed:** | 7 |
 +| **Strength:** | 5 |
 +| **Defense:** | 5 |
 +| **Dexterity:** | 5 |
 +| **Skill Level:** | 8 |
 +| **Skill Limit:** | 4 |
 +| **Constitution:** | 7 |
 +| **Total** | 48 |
 +**Weaknesses:** Arrogance. Utter lack of talent in close-combat. Rather balanced, meaning that he doesn't excel in either speed or strength. Has slight issues with teamwork if he's dealing with some brutish and crude person.
 +==== Weapons/Special Attacks ====
 +  -Primary Weapon: Buster-type; orbs of white-colored electricity & plasma which he can form from the palm of his hand (instantaneously; so it's sort of the same as a buster), which burst in a minor shockwave and a jolt of lightning upon impact to the target. Neothera is capable of controlling the movements of the orbs, but not much. As the distance grows, the control he has over the path of the orb decreases. He can, though, create multiple orbs and rotate them around himself or his weapon, stacking up multitudes of them to fire at an enemy at the same time.
 +  -Secondary Weapon: Blade-type; the [[http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/5551/stickv.jpg|lance]] he's always holding in his right hand. Never really strikes anyone with it, though, as it's primarily used as an instrument for his abilities. For example, the Plasma Mines he creates emerge from the tip of the lance, as well as the Gentle Star that concentrates at the same place. Not to forget that it's his baton for the Conduct-ability. Mostly releases all forms of electricity and lightning through the lance.
 +**Special Attacks:**
 +  -Conduct: Neothera's weapon works as a tool for a form of telekinesis, functioning on magnetic fields. He can pull and toss objects at will by pointing the tip of his lance at them and turning it to whatever direction he pleases. If pulled towards himself, the object naturally comes towards him. There's a range limitation of 100 meters, and the strength of the pull and thrust equals to that of his Strength. Also, the lance has a limited energy reserve in it, meaning that he can't throw anything around excessively, but needs to hold a couple of seconds of pause between uses. Seeing that it relies on magnetics, it only works on objects composed of metals. Also, the target needs to be stagnant when pulled, meaning that Neothera can't stop anyone who's running or is mid-air.
 +  -Electric Web: Neothera's element of choice is lightning, providing him with plenties of ways to use electricity in. One being to release large quantities of electricity into the floor, forming a sort of a web that covers an area up to some 20 meters in diameter. Once a reploid/mechaniloid steps into the field, the electricity begins to surge into them, stunning them for a good while alongside causing mild damage. Can also be placed on walls or objects. The electric charge fades off over time, so it won't last forever. Also drains energy from Neothera, meaning that he can't web an entire building's interior.
 +  -Plasma Mines: Neothera can create football-sized orbs of translucent plasma empowered with electricity, leaving them hovering about at the location they're created at. Once an opponent gets near enough, they'll explode automatically, causing damage with the explosion as well as the electric charge involved. They're controllable by his Conduct-ability, meaning that he can move the mines to different places later, or even draw all the mines into a cluster to blow the lot at the same point. The mines have a limited lifespan of two minutes, and there can only exist ten of them at the same time. If Neothera were to create an eleventh one, the oldest one will explode at that very moment. Although translucent, the mines appear to weave slightly, as they hover up and down a little; overall, they can be detected from a moderate distance by a keen eye, but during the heat of the battle, that ought to prove somewhat difficult. Each mine Neothera creates drains a bit of energy, so he'd prefer not to waste mines excessively.
 +  -Gentle Star: Neothera begins to focus massive amounts of electricity into the tip of his lance, seemingly causing the surrounding area to darken a little, forming a concentrated sphere of bright light with vast amounts of electricity compressed into it, a so-called "star". Once finished, he can control the movements of the star at will (doesn't require him to constantly focus on it as in standing still or anything) as it flies about, but the speed is nothing overwhelming. Once he decides so, the star will burst, ripping apart in a concentrated explosion of electrical matter, causing major damage to a radius depending on how much time was spent gathering said electricity into it. The limitation of the radius is 10 meters, though. It takes a while for Neothera to draw the light into the star. Also, he lacks the capacity to use the Conduct ability at the same time while controlling the star.
 +===== Chosen Maverick Moves =====
 +  - Catastrophic chasm – Z saber – A diving move that pounds the ground and sends powerful shockwaves racing towards the enemy, it severely disrupts movement and when the shockwave actually hits, it sends a pillar of rock bursting from the ground to smash the target.
 +  - Steel saber – Saber – Emits shards of metal from the blade, these jagged bits of metal act like barbs from a stinger and when an enemy is struck by a piece it makes it more difficult for an enemy to remove the bits of metal after an attack.
 +  - Wind Bursts -X-Buster – The buster fires a blast of wind at hyper speeds carrying a small bomb in it, when the bomb reaches a either the target or a certain distance/X time, the bomb then explodes sending out damaging aerial shockwaves.
 +  - Icicle Launcher – Buster – Fires icicles that when they hit their target release a blast of cold to slow them down.
 +  - Ion Dispersal – Saber – Inverting the process, this move creates a beam of positively charged ions, and as a result it scatters negative ions about, creating arcs of electricity around the user(for Shock)/user’s weapon(for everyone else). The blade can then be swung for a more powerful strike, as well as the arcs of electricity can be used to damage foes.
 +  - Tidal Saver – Saber – When activated, it releases a small wave of water after each slash, which extends a foot off the arc of the swing.
 +===== Hypermode =====
 +==== Hypermode Appearance ====
 +**Skin Color:** Remains the same. \\
 +**Eye Color:** Remains the same. \\
 +**Hair Style:** Remains the same, but due to the electric currents flowing around him, his hair begins to weave uncontrollably... much to his displeasure. \\
 +**Other features:** Neothera emits a minor white glow, as raw electricity wantonly surges all over him, arcs of pure white lightning dancing all around him. \\
 +**Armor description:** Remains the same. \\
 +**Armor colors:** Remains the same.
 +==== Hypermode Abilities ====
 +**Head:** Skill level +4
 +**Arms:** Strength +4
 +**Body:** Being completely covered in electric currents, one can deduce that approaching Neothera can be hazardous to anyone subtle to volatile jolts of lightning...
 +**Legs:** Speed +4
 +**Hypermode ultimate move:**
 +Grand Star: A combination of the Plasma Mines and the Gentle Star, Neothera releases masses of electricity all around him during his hypermode. In addition, he no longer has to create his mines by planting them with the tip of his lance, but can just spawn them to a more distant spot. These are also more powerful ones, as they appear the same as the Gentle Star do, albeit slightly more powerful; yet they also retain the Plasma Mines's translucence, being nearly undetectable. As such, Neothera can quite easily surround an opponent with these Grand Stars and burst all of them in a massive barrage of electric-charged explosions, consuming the target amidst them. Drains just about all of his energy, though.
 +===== Background =====
 +Neothera behaves as if a butler; he's very calm, well-spoken and elegant. The act of his is only tarnished by his rather arrogant and uncaring nature, as he can say the coldest things to people without as much as the blink of an eye. Tries to behave as humble as possible, yet his uncontrollable sense of self-importance often succeeds in surfacing before that. Keeps his agendas to himself, too, so he's never really revealing anything deeper about himself.
 +Neothera was built to be a servant of a rich family in London, hence his elegant and reserved personality. Originally, his only ability was Conduct, and he had no weapon with him. But after a couple of years, the family's wealth was inherited by a crude young man, who wasted everything in no time in mere foolishness. One of these foolish things was to turn Neothera into a battle-oriented reploid, accustoming him with electric-based abilities and whatnot new abilities. The electrical matter caused some issues, as his personality altered slightly, fitting him with a raging ego and sense of self-importance. The young owner of his sent him to various underground battle arenas, where he deployed his devious arsenal of traps and whatnot to go on winning one fight after another, earning his master masses of money in the process. Yet with the way the youth was spending, he was never well off. Ultimately the young man bet Neothera in a fight, and the servant of his submitted the moment the fight began, merely to get away from the clutches of the useless, spoiled brat he had been stuck with. His new master didn't take him far, though, as the very next day, he was abruptly murdered by the reploid which Neothera was to originally fight. Although Neothera saw no issue with this, he was forced to fight the reploid as it charged him as well, succumbed into pure murderous intent. Neothera destroyed the reploid gone maverick without much effort given. Shortly thereafter, hunters arrived to the scene, having been sent to dispose of the maverick. Once they find out of the events, they decided to employ the servant-reploid. Neothera's been a hunter since then, now without a master that he'd be obliged to serve.
 +===== Behind the Character ======
 +His theme is [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVjDP0vlem4|Verdi Requiem, Dies Irae]]