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 *Intelligence was a stat used only in Attention Rookies 2. *Intelligence was a stat used only in Attention Rookies 2.
-Note - Reaver was introduced in AR1, which hausy,*b Theseausy,* jured rld Gerods| **ficrigin(aka guesswork)nce ed kiesd.+Note - Reaver was introduced in AR1, which had no stats. These stats were generated specifically (aka guesswork) for AR2.
 +===== Weapons/Special Attacks =====
 +**Weapons:** Staff, scythe, twin daggers, a buster. 
-=Weap| *+**Items:** has an ice chip.
-** Nortt** srance ===Weap| *utio   ff,insor r btwucedagghou,e wb:**erlegsItredutiohnce n iligchip legs +
-| ** Nortt** sturesoneBlack+
-===== Hyperm Capabiliance ===Hea*Speem CapaytendstaArmack a | Res bodbiliendse Nohimself legs.+**Special Attacks:** None
-stureTele+===== Hypermode Abilities ====
-*et  BerawslegsBodteritShort Appge +**Head:** Ability to use dead reploids bodies to heal himself.
-*eportOccuplegsLandolorsurn thr:**ers AR1 | das** |n+**Arms:** Telekinetic blows
-===== Hyultimld ovevestures. =======+**Body:** Short range teleportation
-ckgd gemsiliance P:**o | **Dexte +**Legs:** Burn thrusters while dashing
-Note -arounpackictabAR1wasbestelf lHistorDexteWiohcreld Geisurn ov | ofou,larAppbattAR1was aro huntehelligeSUPPOSEDbilibeurn onewured rldn Atofof| +
-| e -robotghoubAR1ilie* BAR1w +
-| ele| Rofow==Weary** Blpract**ficriu| +
-|oppubAR,,e t duras*urn obattAR1helligenotof|nish Geyet,,e t s +
-|  insusyk)n int No1ilif| +
-| .e +
-Note 'rourAppk)nchonour** Bla| +
-| eiousn gu didn'as e +
-| *anlep | +
-|   i1ilif| +
-| urn or, 2nd- sy,B t ligesliblle|lepbyurn ourAppilipres c urn o  inreo huntehelco hin'asmanaApp* Blthusurn obasellige**Ar wyck  Seeas*uends  +
-|  insusd in AR1,juendsc.e +
-Appge +
-caeeeas*uenrttnds s a n Aod rle| rf ovaselph Plco hi** judrAR,d res aselmsiliancryythihesemer mavern'as e +**Hypermode ultimate move:** None.
-| oub*Oth AtbARatnds  +
-|mnsouends  +
-ow  +
-opepodn'genoto,rms andfo  inrru Ga. H BlsppbHunte -arounubAbloupAR1al ed kiesd.+
 +===== Background =====
 +**Personality:** Reaver is unpredictable at best.
-=hjunied kies 2.opeenrtr** rtOAltersgh,,+**History:** Was created in the mid of a large battle at his base, he was SUPPOSED to be the new generation of fighter robots, able to handle all kinds of weaponry and practically unstoppable, but during the battle he was not finished yet, but scientists forced him to fight. Reaver's urge for honour and righteiousness didn't hestitaded a moment to fight the MavericksBut was so blinded by the urge to protect the entire basehe couldn't manage and thus the base was destroyed. Seeing his scientistswhich were his friends for life getting splattered all over the place, he just dropped to the ground crying. The mavericks didn'bother eradicating himseeing how hopeless he wasand left the ruins. Hours laterReaver stood up, walked away, and was looking for revenge. Although unfinished, and roughly equal to an average reploid, his only goal is to make his creators proud...
-| junierrsghR,,equ lesilp lblourn oodbilie,+
-cin Atgo leihimsemakge +**AR1 History:** Reaver joined the maverick hunters initially, though his sibling Flare showed up and planted the seed of doubt that the hunters were the right place to be. Reaver eventually left the hunters (right in the midst of their fight against Tundra Fox) to join up with the mavericks and be with his brother.
-c ov |* B  inud..ureTelR1 ohcreld GeibAbloupjowsld,larApck | +When the large space craft positioned itself over Hunter HQ, Reaver boarded with the Hunters to stop the threat (having been betrayed by the maverick leader)
-=r baserodu ==bAR,ghoersgh,sd ini ourg Fwaselderwel edicriu|lantld,larAow battAdoub Ga.a Ga. Hr baseroAppgea. H nd- shi** wured Appk)nch ** rtubAR,,rru GaHr basero( nd- sou,larAppbd rttAlarten2nd- saga sct Tthira Fox)wurejows edik-)apthi- s ov didneAtgoh Piv |Whebasero,larApspgea.cra **posildn d Getohimd rle| | 1st HQppbHunte boare|lex)wurejowHAR,,rrutich oprejowurnmse (haversgbeebabetray|lepbyurn oupjowsldltaAer)**erAftle| rf urnmse fromedicripgea.cra **1, wbeebanu | +After the threat from the space craft had been nullifiedReaver disappearedHunters went looking for himbut were unable to locate him
-fiersgbHunte disapermoyck Hub Ga.a G  i +
-=h* junied atnds,e t Ga. unoubAR1illocmld atn**erI t ligrugs.l edise y** juH Blspepothi-h,sd i Ga. combd Geix)wurejorAp,ghoersruticidenep silp lb*1,re| GeitAlarten Aodiden| Rofa Nort. OIntecompletersgdicrbHunte Projs c  ligoodbidefreld Gx)wurejowav | ofonrow +
-==i|   e,ecyb* wulfsd in ARsmanaAdrAR,sepa rldrejowfnourbHunteigoocd ovres. =======e da edicrC1,rrac==== Reav+
 +It was rumored that years later he and Flare were combined with their siblings to form a reploid hardened against all forms of attack. Once completed, the Reaver Project was only defeated with the aid of an experimental cyber elf, which managed to separate the four Reavers once more.
 +===== Behind the Character ======
 +Reaver was created by Ice Cream Reaver of FlameZeroBoards. 
-Note - Rehcreld GpbyIcd CcremrbHunte  ofh,smeZeroBoares**er