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 +======= Scarlic =======
 +===== Basic Info =====
 +^  Basic Info  ^^
 +| **Name:** | Scarlic Gitgit |
 +| **Nicknames:** | Due to a minor speech impediment of his, Scarlic spits out his own name as "Scarrrlic", which is why it isn't very uncommon for people to refer to him as Scarrlic. | 
 +| **Species:** | Human | 
 +| **Gender:** | Male |
 +| **Height:** | 5'3" |
 +| **Weight:** | 217lbs |
 +| **IQ:** | 277 |
 +| **DOB:** | 7th of March |
 +| **Birth Place:** | Avalon Metropolis |
 +| **Residence:** | Generally can be found freeloading just about anywhere. |
 +| **Occupation:** | Mechanic; Scientist. | 
 +===== Normal Appearance =====
 +Rather regular-appearing human being. No six-pack or anything around his gut. No immense, muscular arms, either. Some width between his shoulders, though, but nothing much else. His legs are perhaps his most noteworthy feature, but nothing spectacular, either. His teeth are oddly sharp and jagged, adding a resemblance to the family of reptiles. Has a mechanical augmentation around his jaw, which greatly increases his biting-ability. Has tattooed a pair of grey scale-like parts under both of his eyes, adding even more resemblance to some reptiles. Also, his pitch-black eyebrows are oddly low and close to the top of his eyes, connecting with his eyelashes and extending oddly far towards the side of his head - granting him a rather eerie and unwelcoming appearance. Has several simple metal earrings on both of his ears, along with a pair of similar bits piercing his tongue.
 +**Skin Color:** Utterly pale Caucasian. \\
 +**Eye Color:** Neon-green, with blood-red color all over as the veins are under a wholly lot of pressure. They're usually somewhat half-closed, giving him an utterly lazy look. \\
 +**Hair Style:** Black greasy, unkempt, neck-length, combed over from the left side over the right side, hanging over much of his face. Some traces of blood-red stains all over the hair of his, too.
 +**Other features:** Walks in an odd manner, where his knees are bent upwards and he walks on his toes. Looks way shorter due to this. Also, often scurries around on all fours in a feral, animal-like manner.
 +**Armor description:** 
 +Nothing much, as one can tell from his light Defense. Flexible ringmail-cuirass-like shirtwear, which is just about the heaviest piece of armor he has. In both of his arms, he wears a black elbow-guard with long cloth part that extends halfway through his forearm and upper arm. Kneeguards of similar nature, with again the cloth bits extending halfway up and down to cover half of his leg. Pair of heavier boots on both feet, both with some minor thrusters at each side of them. Rest of his clothwear consists of what used to be light-grey jeans, now ripped and turned almost black thanks to all the bloodstains covering them, along with a pair of sleeveless vests he wears; a rugged and worn one composed of what must be silk, with another one visible below it, that looks to be made of a thick net of some sort.
 +**Armor colors:** Uh, stated em above. Mostly black. >.<
 +===== Hypermode Appearance =====
 +**Skin Color:** Turns slightly more red. \\
 +**Eye Color:** All of the white bits turn blood-red, as the pupils grow way larger. The eyes turn over in a short while.
 +Hair Style: Remains the same. \\
 +**Other features:** Gains a sort of a red glow all around him. Breathes heavier, with his mouth and nostrils emitting crimson red mist. A river of blood also flows down from his eyes, ears, nostrils and mouth.
 +**Armor description:** Remains the same. \\
 +**Armor colors:** Remains the same.
 +===== Capabilities (Stats) =====
 +^           Stats          ^^
 +| **Agility:** | 2 |
 +| **Speed:** | 2 |
 +| **Strength:** | 2 |
 +| **Defense:** | 2 |
 +| **Dexterity:** | 2 |
 +| **Skill Level:** | 9 |
 +| **Skill Limit:** | 4 |
 +| **Constitution:** | 11 |
 +===== Weapons/Special Attacks =====
 +**Weapons:** Carries about a brutal, large knife, distnatly resembling a dagger designed for some sick rituals revolving around sacrificing of small animals or something. Although the thing looks to be made of iron or something, what with being metallic grey and having small fangs on it and whatnot, it includes a feature whereas one can turn on a layer of grey-ish energy outburst which wraps around it for the sake of cutting through metal more effectively.
 +Also, his teeth don't look menacing and inhuman for nothing. Being slightly empowered by the device which makes his jaws stronger, Scarlic has a rather strong bite. Other than that, he carries no weapons with him. If he wants to cut himself, that's what his teeth are there for. 
 +**Items:** Has a toolbelt with him during missions, which holds some basic engineering tools and whatnot.
 +Special Attacks:
 +  - Hemomancy: Scarlic has relentlessly experimented with his own body, perhaps after a couple of test subjects (a matter which he would prefer not be disclosed in order to avoid any possible legal action against him), mutating and technologically augmenting his systems into a point where he can pull off feats far beyond the limits of regular human beings. That being, to generate immense amounts of blood. The blood cells in his veins travel far faster than in the case of normal humans, and are even quicker to regenerate if he ends up wounded. Most obvious use for this would be the constant drug-abuse of his. Scarlic can actually control the blood of his, even after it's left his body. Among with having the ability to have it flow and fly around, he can manipulate it's form, easily having it turn into crimson mist as well as having it turn into some sort of sludge, even as far as to the extent where it can harden into the point where he can form sharp bits out of it. The man's fighting-style generally consists of him cutting himself heavily and thereafter lashes out all sorts of oozy attacks at his opponent in a massive gory spectacle. The attacks often take forms of whatever he damn well pleases, often for the sake of intimidation. Obviously a somewhat double-edged sword altogether, as he's hurting himself as well. Being somewhat fast to regenerate and having unnatural reserves of blood, though, Scarlic can go on for quite a long while before he's drained dry. Literally.
 +  - Goresplosion: Compresses sludge in one spot, causing it to explode in a bloody shockwave after a short moment. Generally meaning that if a whole lot of his blood spills on the enemy of his... Yeah. The more blood used, the larger the explosion. Theoretically Scarlic could at any given time blow himself up with this one, if he wished to do so!
 +  - Rejuvenation: Briefly empowers his blood-flow even further, focusing his Hemomancy to strengthen his regenerative abilities. For a following while, Scarlic's wounds heal even faster than normal.
 +  - Draw Control: "Draw" in this case refers to gravity. Scarlic's gut contains a minor device which grants him a crude mean of flight. It simply allows him to alter the direction which he is drawn towards, meaning that he can "fall" horizontally, instead of down towards the ground. Unfortunately for him, the device isn't that advanced, which is why he has little control over the thing. Zigzags around the air without much of trouble, as he can change the direction whenever he pleases, but cannot really float at the same spot or control it a fancy fashion where he'd be that useful in the air. Most of the time, he crashes on the ground rather violently, easily looking like he broke something on the landing. Can walk on walls or roofs with this, though.
 +===== Hypermode Abilities =====
 +**Head:** Skill Level +5
 +**Arms:** N/A
 +**Body:** Constitution +5
 +**Legs:** N/A
 +**Hypermode ultimate move:** Gorefest: Scarlic turns into a fountain of blood for the duration of the hypermode, falling into a mindless trance where he pretty much attacks everything nearby with his Hemomancy. Loses consciousness afterwards, though, and takes some time to rejuvenate. Considering the immense amount of blood he splashes around the surroundings, once he recovers, he'll have way more material to play around with. If he recovers, that is.
 +===== Background =====
 +Cynical and dull-minded. Although he's quite intelligent, one can't really tell from the way he talks. Has a somewhat twisted imagination, as one can probably tell when looking at what the guy's turned himself into. Constantly berates those around him and the ongoing events and the world in general, Has a slight speech impediment where his R's are extended a bit.
 +One of the most noteworthy qualities of his is the opinion he has towards reploids. As far as Scarlic is concerned, they're merely machines. Upgraded robots, originally created for the purpose of serving humans - nothing more. Thus, Scarlic has no intention whatsoever of accepting reploids as anything even remotely near of being his equals. Although he mostly tells reploids to bugger off if they try to talk to him, he has no problem explaining the philosophy of his in depth.
 +Originally named Carl Icus Gitgit, Scarlic grew up under normal circumstances. Ignoring the fact that his father beat him up, he had a regular childhood, with him being a slightly below-average student and whatnot. Eventually he started to spend more time with his uncle, Dilbert Gitgit, began to groom him to join him in his line of work as a scientist. Scarlic soon adopted his uncles mentality regarding many things, one of these things including his attitude towards reploids. The company which Dilbert worked in noticed how Scarlic proved to be quite a clever one, and was quite willing to hire him as well. The future began to look bright for young Carl Icus Gitgit.
 +That be, until Dilbert Gitgit turned out to be a dangerous criminal whom worked with a maverick organization. The uncle of Scarlic ran off, further associating himself with the mavericks. The hunters stepped in, disposing of both the mavericks and Dilbert Gitgit. The incident was covered completely, considering how the hunters didn't want the general public to find out that one of their men had killed a human being (although by accident). Scarlic's world was rather crushed by the event. The man he idolized was not only dead, but had abruptly turned against his own ideals regarding humans being superior to the reploids. Thus, Scarlic spiraled down to a depressed mood, damning just about everything and finding himself first drinking great amounts of alcohol, followed by starting to do all sorts of drugs. His parents were quick to alienate themselves from him, disgusted by his behavior. 
 +Scarlic ditched the Avalon Metropolis, heading off to scurry around the world, with no plans whatsoever. He was quick to lose all care for his own future, his body, or just about anything else for that matter. Being a worthy scientist, Scarlic managed to make some messy alterations to strengthen himself in order to hold onto his growing drug-addictions. Every day he needed something stronger than before. As the stuff he wanted to insert into his system got more and more fatal, he needed to do something to push himself past the human limits. Killing another person wasn't much of an issue. The shady areas he found himself in included plenty a potential test subjects. At least he spared his few dedicated junkie-buddies, Giselle and Seyga. Thus he picked random junkies and experimented on them, eventually coming up with means which to deploy for the sake of making himself superior. The result of such meddling is quite visible today, as he's gone way far from what one would refer to as 'human'. With his newfound powers, Scarlic was even able to beat a couple of reploids that he didn't take too kindly to. 
 +A couple of days back, Scarlic slit his wrists in hopes of being picked up and carried to a local hospital, where he could hopefully snatch some drugs from. Instead, the area he had attempted fake-suicide in was attacked by mavericks. As he came back to, the battle was over, with bodies all around and people trying to clean the mess. Scarlic jumped along into one of the hunters's vehicles as they were to return to their HQ, mistaking them for some hospital crew. Finding himself there, he somewhat accidentally enlisted himself to the ranks of the hunters. Although Scarlic fails to agree with much of their ideals and systematics, he's willing to just go along with their stuff if only for the sake of having a roof atop his head and a chance to have some blood-rush in a field of battle.
 +===== Behind the Character ======