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 +======= Uiaruiamu Shibu =======
 +===== Basic Info =====
 +^  Basic Info  ^^
 +| **Name:** | Uiaruiamu Shibu |
 +| **Nicknames:** | Will, Shibu, Twilight Angel | 
 +| **Species:** | Human | 
 +| **Gender:** | Male |
 +| **Height:** | 6'2" |
 +| **Weight:** | 225lbs |
 +| **IQ:** | 180 |
 +| **DOB:** | 6/10 |
 +| **Birth Place:** | Space station |
 +| **Residence:** | Unlisted |
 +| **Occupation:** | Bounty Hunter(PA ranked) \\ Maverick Hunter(B ranked) | 
 +===== Normal Appearance =====
 +**Skin Color:** caramel-colored \\
 +**Eye Color:** dark brown \\
 +**Hair Style:** no helmet. long black hair that rests on shoulders or(if turnes head and looks straight again) rests on his chest. two long bangs come from the front but keep distance from the face. \\
 +**Other features:** N/A
 +**Armor description:** wears a black jump suit with white armor. has many crystals on chest and arm armor, but none on the lower half. has no extra items on leg armor, but has a large yellow crystal on the chest with small crystals on the forearms and shoulders. does not wear that underwear crap. \\
 +**Armor colors:** Black,cream white, and yellow(crystals)
 +===== Hypermode Appearance =====
 +**Skin Color:** Caramel colored. \\
 +**Eye Color:** green-ish grey. \\
 +**Hair Style:** Long blonde wild hair(untamed) with one bang from face while two more stand on end. \\
 +**Other features:** thick surges of electricity surround Uiaruiamu along with a dark yellow aura
 +**Armor description:** same \\
 +**Armor colors:** same
 +===== Capabilities (Stats) =====
 +^           Stats          ^^
 +| **Agility:** | 3 |
 +| **Speed:** | 4 |
 +| **Strength:** | 10 |
 +| **Defense:** | 2 |
 +| **Dexterity:** | 2 |
 +| **Intelligence:** | 5 |
 +| **Skill Level:** | 2 |
 +| **Skill Limit:** | 3 |
 +| **Constitution:** | 9 |
 +===== Weapons/Special Attacks =====
 +**Weapons:** \\
 +  - Uiaruiamu Blade(saber)- special English two-handed broadsword made from the same material as a mettool helmet to rival beam saber power.
 +  - Wolves Fury - a special buster. It shoots like a machine gun and collects thermal energy at the same time. After fully charged, the buster stops firing on its own, signalling that the next shot will be a heat-induced large plasma shot.
 +**Items:** None.
 +Special Attacks:
 +  - Hyper Cannon - summons a super laser cannon and fires a beam(beam is six feet high and eight feet wide)
 +  - Uiaruiamu Strike - Uiaruiamu shoots a charged shot at his blade, making the sword surrounded in energy. At this point, Uiaruiamu can either keep the blade aura which makes his sword alot stronger, swing the blade to send a crecent wave out at the opponent, or wait until his buster is charged and fire it before sending a slash wave, making it look like 2/3 of Zero's best known combo.
 +  - Dead Eye - A speciality where everything slows down for Uia. Everything appears in slowmotion, allowing his accuracy and speed to increase. This only lasts for 25 seconds(one post and three posts rest) Upon activation, Uia's eyes turn dark turquoise blue and become narrow, but emotionless.
 +==== Chosen Maverick Moves - AR:2 ====
 +  - Solar oblivion - ( Z-saber) - absorbs solar energy then releases it in a large wave off the body, uses massive amounts of power, does massive damage.
 +  - Vine slasher - Z-Saber โ€“ adds an acid effect to the Z-saber and creates an added petal launching effect when swung, the petal launches off, travels a few meters then dissipates.
 +  - Hydro stream โ€“ X-buster โ€“ fires a higly pressurized thin blast of water than can penetrate thick steel with ease, constant firing consumes energy fast but quick bursts help to solve this problem
 +  -
 +  -
 +  -
 +  -
 +  -
 +===== Hypermode Abilities =====
 +**Head:** all senses are extremely sharpened.
 +**Arms:** Crystals on gauntlets accumulate spirit energy to be fired from the gloves.
 +**Body:** Accumulates spirit energy for Final Crusher.
 +**Legs:** accumulate spirit energy as a power source for jet boots.
 +**Hypermode ultimate move:** 
 +===== Background =====
 +There's not much to Uiaruiamu. Although he was only raised by his father due to his mother and siblings' death from the events of the maverick wars. One day, Mavericks raided a small city to use as a stronghold. Maverick hunters could not be dispatched due to complicated matters.(sigma) All hope was thought to have been lost for the city until one man-a human man stood up to fight. At the cost of his life, this man thwarted the mavericks, destroying each and every last one of them. Inspired by the legend and father, Uiaruiamu fixed and modified the man's armor and joined the Maverick Hunters to carry on his father's legacy and spirit. His maturity shows, as he has no resentment towards the Maverick Hunters for not sending any help.
 +===== Behind the Character ======