Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Valerian
Nicknames: -
Species: Reploid - Old Generation
Gender: Male
IQ: 100
DOB: September 25
Birth Place: Unknown
Residence: Hunter HQ
Occupation: Hunter

Normal Form

Normal Appearance

Height: 6ft 5in
Weight: 250
Skin Color: Pure white, with red and blue lines that appear as if they were crudely spraypainted on.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Style: About 3 inches long, electric green, combed back and sticking straight off the back of his head.

Armor description

Head – No helmet, but his mouth bares a strong resemblance to a bear trap that has been crudely welded shut (this does not inhibit his ability to speak in any way). Blue and red lines crisscross his face in a way that looks kind of like Native American warpaint.

Chest/torso – A flat grey vest made of some kind of metal and designed to emphasize Valerian's “musculature,” segmented below the pectoral area. There are also several spots where it looks like a section was cut out and then replaced. The shoulder straps appear very similar to thick sprockets. On his waist hang several armor plates connected to a belt with a glowing red gem in the center.

Arms – Squared off forearm guards that are flat grey in color. On his left forearm, just past his elbow, a chain with a weight on the end protrudes. This chain is extendable and retractable at will to a distance of 50 ft. The coil for the chain is located somewhere within his body. On Valerius' left hand, an emitter for a beam saber has been integrated into the palm.

Legs – The armor plates described above hang down to Valerian's knees. The knees themselves are protected by simple, square guards connected to lower leg guards. His feet also feature squared off edges and boast a very simple design.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: 4
Speed: *
Strength: 7
Defense: 7
Dexterity: 8
Skill Level: 5
Skill Limit: 1
Constitution: 8
Total 40

Weapons/Special Attacks

Weapons: His two weapons are his weighted chain (knuckle-type) and his saber (see description for Arms). He wields these as you would a kusari-gama.


Special Attacks:

  1. Magnetic Weight: The weight at the end of the chain protruding from Valerian's arm doubles as a powerful electromagnet. This magnet can be used to stick to foes, eliminating the need to wrap them in the chain, as well as attach to any metal landmark for use as a grappling hook. Once activated, the magnet cannot be deactivated or detached from any object it is “stuck” to contrary to Valerian's will, unless he is knocked unconscious or jarred violently in the same fashion as someone would lose grip on an item.

Chosen Maverick Moves


Hypermode Appearance

Height: 6ft 8in
Weight: 250
Skin Color: Pure white, with red and blue lines that appear as if they were crudely spraypainted on.
Eye Color: Fiery red
Hair Style: His hair stands on end in spiky clumps

Armor description:
Head – His mouth is torn open and begins to glow cherry

Chest/torso – His entire body becomes scorching hot and glows cherry. All his joints, as well as at the segmentation in his armor slide apart slightly, giving him a boost in height and reach, and vents pop open on his torso. These new openings gently emit steam.

Arms – Aside from his joints sliding apart, nothing different.

Legs – Aside from his joints sliding apart, nothing different.

Hypermode Abilities

Head: All of Valerian's attacks are now of the Fire attribute due to his power core outputting more energy than his body can normally handle, causing overheating of his chain and overdrive of his saber.

Arms: Strength +5

Body: Anything Valerian's body is in contact with for any amount of time is damaged by the heat emitted by his body.

Legs: Jets open on Valerian's calves and feet. Using some of the excess heat energy his body is now producing, he is able to compress gas inside his body and release it, allowing him bursts of speed. This is not a stat mod because the effect cannot be used costantly.

Hypermode ultimate move: Overheat Blast: A superheated blast of plasma is fired from Valerian's mouth. The blast is wide and has an effective range of about 100 ft.


Weaknesses: Earth and plant-based attacks, as well as crowded areas that inhibit the ability to swing his chain around.

Personality: Impersonal and logical, he prefers not to speak when he can avoid it.

History: Valerian is a prototype reploid developed to test a new type of hypermode that was later cut due to advances in other technologies. He performed to his creators' expectations and provided very promising data. But when the new advances proved cheaper to manufacture and more energy efficient, the Valerian Project was terminated and Valerian himself was sealed in stasis.

Years later the stasis malfunctioned, releasing Valerian into the present world. After learning what he could about himself from the data in the banks put into stasis with him, he set out to find whatever life he could. He ascended to the streets to find much more chaos than anticipated. Asking around, he learned about mavericks from frightened citizens who would only open their doors as far as their security chains would allow. The hunters were also something he was told about. Knowing that there wasn't much else something like him could do in this new, upside-down world, Valerian sought out and joined the Hunters. Valerian treats each mission as another chance to prove his worth in this new world.

Behind the Character