These are the rules for the AR-CA-DIA series of roleplays.

Character Creation

  • All characters created cannot be official MegaMan characters (or largely based off official MegaMan characters). If this happens, you may be required to edit your character or start from scratch again.
  • You may have as many characters as you feel you can reasonably keep up with. (Just be sure to fill out the character sheet for each one.)
  • You are responsible for filling in the moves and keeping your character sheets maintained as the RP progresses.

In Character

  • No Godmodding. (This means no auto revivals if dead, no super charged people, etc…)
  • No PowerPlaying. (However you can use other’s characters if they give you permission.)
  • If you sign up… STAY ACTIVE (if you can't then let me know and I will try to reasonably accommodate you. )
  • If you do leave the RP without letting me know (aka after a month of absence), you grant me the right to control your character as fit for the story. You may of course return at any time and resume control (but actions that happened in your absence remain).
  • Use OOC and IN to let people know when your controlling your character and when your speaking normally. (Be sure to give the enter key a tap to separate the OOC and IN sections if you use multiple in a post because it makes reading things so much easier.)