Aku Mirai

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Aku Mirai; Ami for short.
Species: Reploid - Old Generation
Gender: Male
IQ: 127
DOB: August 17th
Birth Place: Abel City
Residence: Abel City
Occupation: Hunter

Normal Form

Normal Appearance

Height: 4'2”
Weight: 120LBS
Skin Color: moderately caucasian? Normal? Slightly Tan? Take your pick.
Eye Color: navy blue
Hair Style: Black hair with a violet tinge to it(It looks purple in sunlight, ect.) that reaches down to his neck. Hair parts down the middle, but keeps a messy bobbed style
Other features: In an emotional state, his eyes become bright blue and look more artificial.

Armor description
Head – A black round-top trilby with brimming long enough to cover his eyes

Chest/torso – Appears as a black closed longcoat with silver round-top bolts appearing as buttons. The collar is exaggeratingly long in that the folds reach up to his mouth and folds down to shoulder-height. On his back is the japanese kanji for future (The one on the right ) in bright purple crystals. Unlike normal crystals that just give away their distinct presence in the darkness, these crystals can actually illuminate the darkness.

Arms – Instead of guantlet armor, both arms are covered by a slightly thick coat of armor fashioned to look like long coat sleeves. It looks thick, but not as thick as gauntlet armor pieces usually are. These sleves are black, but are also chrome silver two inches before the ends. Wears black gloves.

Legs – The legs are more or less covered by the long-coat armor down to the shins. At the waist, the coat-like endings seperate to three flaps–a broad piece at the back, two skinny curved flaps at the sides. These side pieces fringe around the front of the legs for the trench coat visual effect. This allows for mobility. Under these flaps, one can see that he wears a dark grey jumpsuit. The legs are fully armored; appearing as typical reploid boots up to the knee, but the knees appear as silver bearings. The thighs are armored, and descend down the sides enough to cover the knees at the sides.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: 5
Speed: *
Strength: 5
Defense: 5
Dexterity: 9
Skill Level: 10
Skill Limit: 1
Constitution: 5
Total 40

Weapons/Special Attacks


  1. A beam scimitar with a bright purple energy blade. The blade doesn't dissipate like normal beam sabers, and always stays active (there's no off button). A black metal sheath rests behind Ami but instead of sliding in, half of the sheath itself slides rotates open to parallel the other half so that the saber can be placed in freely. The hilt and bladeguard are mainly shiny black, but the tips of the bladeguard and the bottom of the hilt are formed by purple crystals. The hilt allows for Ami to transfer some of his energy into the weapon, in which dark blue and purple electricity cackle around the beam blade, a sign of Ami's special attack.
  2. Mulberry Bullet: A beam pistol modelled after the ancient flintlock pistol. It is all black with Silver trimming and a violet glow illuminates inside the barrel of the gun. Semi-auto fired. Instead of gun powder, Ami can place a finger into the deposite to charge the gun.


Special Attacks:

  1. Amaranthine Flurry- Ami manifests some of his plasma energy into his scimitar, and makes a swing. A purple cloud of charged energy is left in the area he swung his blade. The cloud of energy alone is harmless. With the snap of a finger, Ami can transform the cloud of energy and activate it as a slash-wave plasma projectile. The projectile is moderately fast. Conversely, Ami can fire at the swing effect to make it explode. If a charged pistol shot is directed to the cloud, however, both a small explosion will take place, and a relatively speedy slash wave will be sent off.

Chosen Maverick Moves


Hypermode Appearance

Height: Same
Weight: Same
Skin Color: Same
Eye Color: Pure black eyes; looks like polished obsidian.
Hair Style: Slightly wavy white hair that's all slicked back with the exception of a lone slightly wavy bang that droops down his face to his chin.
Other features: His facial features appear more defigned and sharper.

Armor description
Head – The trilby is likely to be gone from battle; otherwise, the same.
Chest/torso – Same for the most part, but the kanji crystals give off a lighter and brighter shade of purple-more like lavender.
Arms – Same
Legs – Same

Hypermode Abilities

Head: +1 Dexterity

Arms: +2 Strength

Body: +2 Speed

Legs: If the ground Ami is standing on is metal, he is capable of sliding across the floor at incredible speeds without a need of gaining momentum. He can start and stop at will.

Hypermode ultimate move: Hyper Cherry- Ami focuses a collective amount of energy into his body and releases it all via explosion. This sends out arcs of plasma electricity, more or less turning him into an oversized plasma lamp. The range at whichs the bolts extend are only about two yards, however if used in an enclosed metallic room, the bolts will extend and dance everywhere regardless of room size. Because this energy comes from Ami's core, he immediately shuts down after this attack with a 50% chance of revival in general.


Weaknesses: extremely claustrophobic.

Personality: Ami is a soft-spoken kind child who speaks with an intillectual tone. He is honest, sometimes upbeat, but is always optimistic. He knows much, but will act as a curious child to those who first judge him as one–leading them on with the facade as long as he's amused by it. During battle, Ami's wisdom shows best. he gives off a fake veil of overconfidence and cockiness to promote the enemy's offensive, all while judging the situation like a game of chess–Forcing his hand whenever he sees his checkmate.

History: Aku Mirai, or Ami, was created several decades ago as Dr. Reyzner's first project when he was in his late teens out of desire of wanting a little brother. Creating a fully working reploid as a very young adult led Reyzner to becoming a famous scientist and engineer, as Ami was seemingly more than just a child reploid. Despite being programmed with the same learning capabilities as a normal child reploid, Ami showed vast intelligence and became as intelligent as the average adult reploid within a week. Becoming corrupted by fame and the name of science, Reyzner modified Ami into a combat reploid to test his capabilities. As expected, Ami proved his worth, at the cost of his love for his creator.

As the years went on, Ami came to harbor a deep loathing for his creator, yet never acknowledged it, as Reyznor idolized Ami's fighting capabilities more than Ami himself. Reyzner increasingly became quite annoyed with Ami's forgotten primary function over the years: to be his little brother. After working as a great scientist for the world, Reyzner built himself a private army and left the social world behind. Ami was left behind without an explenation or a clue as to where his creator went. With nowhere else to turn, Ami turned to the Hunters for a home and a life.

Behind the Character

His theme song is Vivid