Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Brooks
Species: Reploid - Old Generation
Gender: Male
Height: 5'4”
Weight: 200lbs
IQ: 140
DOB: November 22nd
Birth Place: Regal Labs
Residence: Maverick Hunter HQ
Occupation: Field Medic for Hunters

Normal Appearance

Skin Color: Tan
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Style: Purple Hair and long pony tail

Armor description:
Head – Scanner Visor A standard Medic Visor.Its attached on the sides of his forehead and when turned on a green energy visor forms.

Chest/torso – Armored Ceratanium Long Coat A White and grey long coat made of Ceratananium.

Arms – Cross Guards Reploid arms with a built in computer in the left arm that fuctions as database on various medical procedures on Reploids and humans. The guards have a red cross emblem on them.

Legs - Old Stabalizers Black Reploid Legs.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: 3
Speed: *
Strength: 6
Defense: 6
Dexterity: 7
Skill Level: 6
Skill Limit: 4
Constitution: 8
Total 40

* Speed is not used in Attention Rookies: Zero. (It was combined with Agility.)

Weapons/Special Attacks

Weapons: Spiked Lazer Knife: Spiked ceratanium knuckle with a lazer blade at the end.

Items: A picture of Midea: A picture of Midea, Brooks adopted daughter.

Special Attacks:

  1. Inject Virus - Fires a dart that injects a virus that drains life energy.
  2. Inject Acid - Fires a dart that corrodes armor.
  3. Surgical Strike - A very strong strike with the lazer knife.
  4. Medic Cure - Restores the life energy of an ally by 50% can only be used 5x a battle.

Chosen Maverick Moves - AR:0

  1. Static Pulse - Knuckle - By pounding the ground, this move sends a thin stream of electricity along the ground that travels in a straight line.
  2. Grenade - Knuckle - When activated, creates an apple sized sphere that explodes, on contact or after several seconds (whichever occurs first), and showers everything close with a mix of projectiles and the brown sludge that hardens.
  3. Stunner - Knuckle – A Knuckle technique with enough impact that can stun an opponent by causing temporary stun. it is a slow strike though, but when it hits it hits hard causing interruption of next attack.
  4. Aether Block - Knuckle - By gathering mass, a projectile of ultra-dense nanites is formed. Then launched at the target with a swing of the user's weapon. (By gathering enough mass this can also be used as a makeshift shield.)
  5. Heavenly Rush - Knuckle – Imbues the users fists and feat with photonic energy and this move combos a string of 3 attacks to 5 attacks with the last attack ending in a Shining Uppercut. This tech is based on the combined efforts of the dexterity stat and Skill level of the user. And the only way to really prevent this attack is based on the opponents con and defense stats.
  6. Burst Palm - Knuckle - The user's hands become engulfed in flames, contact with a surface/enemy causes the afflicted part to ignite for several seconds


Hypermode Appearance


Skin Color: Tan
Eye Color: Black
Hair Style: Black and long pony tail.

Armor description: Head – Scanner Visor A black and red energy visor

Chest/torso – The same long coat that black and grey.

Arms - The same arms that are now black.

Legs – Old Stabalizers The same legs or are they?

Hypermode Abilities

Head: Allows the user the ability to pinpoint enemy weaknesses.

Arms: Allows the Skill Drain to be active. When activated, this move drains energy slowly from the opponent and adds it to Brook's stockpile.

Body: Kinetic Barrier - when hypermode is activated, Brook generates a shield that absorbs projectile impacts, slowing them down and reducing their damage to him.

Legs: Allows Brooks to fly making him immune to combat based attacks till knocked down by a strong projectile attack.

Hypermode ultimate move: Sacrifice - Sacrifice allows Brooks to sacrifice his hypermode to heal of all team mates and restores only one team mate's hypermode to full (but not his own). The result Brooks loses his hypermode and gives up most of his own energy.


Personality: Sarcastic, but serious.

History: An old generation reploid that once served as a hunter during the days of Dr. Cain whom was in charge of Maverick HQ in the early years before commander Signas. Brooks in his prime was known for his skills in the use of thrown energy knives earning the nickname Knives. It was during the Doppler Rebellion where he critically damaged certain servos that couldn't be repaired when saving a young Reploid Girl from the collapse of the old Hunter HQ. From then on Brooks took care of that girl like she was his own child. He would remain a civilian Reploid during the Soul Eraser and Repliforce incidents and was recalled to action during The Space Colony incident with the promise of Midea taking Shelter. Since he could no longer fight as he did in his prime Brooks became a Field Medic.

Brooks had devoted his life not only to Midea he chose to become a field medic to ease the pain of any of those that are his teammates should they be injured or dying. It is now the year 22XX and Brooks continues to be a field medic. His Midea now of age got upgraded into a comm navigator for the hunters. Brooks is much older now ,but being a vet has made him as much of Legend of that of the S ranked hunters X and Zero not as an combatant ,but in his ability to keep his fellow comrades alive as much as he can. Though he is known to think of very wild card attempts to do his missions he still manages to perform his tasks despite being considered out of date by most reploid standards.

Recently Brooks was assigned to unit 60 as its field medic mainly because the unit itself is composed of various reploids either new or are under careful watch. Brooks' task aside from being the field medic is to monitor these reploids that form this team and likewise though he is not fond of the task is because he believes in each of them and so long as he is there he will protect them at any cost. It is known fact that Brooks is one of the great instructors that train many reploids and as such has a great track record of success hence why Brooks is often the one that trains new recruits whom he dubs as rookies or trainees whatever this is based on performance in the simulations and training sessions remains as an unknown. Personnel Grading system perhaps? Currently he has Serah under his wing for training granted this is simply because he treats her a bit more like a second daughter reasons for this is unknown ,but out on missions this relationship is a bit more professional so its an unknown exactly why he does treat her in this regard ,but he never states exactly why either.

Other Responsibilities

He is mainly responsible for the units Vyper and H. In Vyper's case he monitors her mental and processing units within her brain through nanite projection as one of Brooks abilities ,being a field medic means he knows the systems of the units inside and out should he have to repair them manually by his hand or his nanites could properly assess the damage and repair them accordingly by communicating to that reploids system. It is a common misconception that field medics are capable of tracking others and likewise their ability is only limited to healing and monitoring and should those units whom are stored on his comp be critically wounded or damaged usually warning signals pop up and the units location becomes available for him to track. Likewise he is capable of detecting human life as all humans have nanites in them usually tracker type nanites and nanites that boost immunity against germs, viruses and anything of that nature in the human body.

In H's case Brooks has been tasked to monitor him mostly for his criminal background ,but Brooks has been rather lax with this task mainly because H reminds him of his younger days. So Brooks usually never has had to perform this task. Unless something feels off to him. If this is the reason its more out of respect that he feels he can trust H and is willing to give him the chance to prove himself in this matter. Due to a recent mission H was moved into the responsibility of Sub which Brooks has yet to be notified on the matter. Prior to that Brooks went looking for H after the assault on Maverick HQ. As it turned out he found H ,but in an old stalking ground of his. Little is left to speculation ,but Brooks believes H was on a covert mission from HQ, though he has yet to ask if this is a covert operation ,but this how he got acquainted to Sub for the first time and even helped him out of course with a little zenny to help Sub's partner out. Brooks did make a report on the matter due to the situation ,but purposely left out any details of what H was doing due to the assumption of that night being some sort of covert mission.

Brooks has been known to take blows for others and continues doing so in hopes to protect them from any dangerous elements. You could say this is due to his rather odd nature to be self sacrificing for others ,but it is believed this trait came about as he got older in his years or something must have changed him drastically to do so. This trait is rather unique for a reploid of his generation and being one of the early models initially built for combat is something reploid didn't understand even with that unique A.I reploids have to be almost in some form human.

The Good Lady

During one of the missions Brooks was a part of he encountered a cloaked reploid whom for some reason was hunting down Brooks for the “Good Lady”. Whoever she was Brooks wasn't sure why he was being hunted. Later on he would encounter this Reploid and defeated him with the help of Serah and Charsi. By the finishing blow his systems shut down for some odd reason. It was during this time he was deactivated a memory resurfaced. This memory showed a part of his past during a mission. He seemed disorientated as he stumbled about the space. It was there he encountered a female figure whom said some things that Brooks couldn't make out and where the memory ended. Which at that point Brooks awoke in Hunter HQ's medical bay only to learn that maverick he defeated was a former maverick hunter believed to be now dead by the name of Archer whom was a member of a unit Brooks was a part of ,but for some reason he just now remembered him and was confused as to why he is now only remembering Archer. Will these dreams get worse? And will he figure out what's going on before its too late?

In the mission to rescue Junas. Brooks and co encountered another maverick whom claimed to be a servant under The Good Lady. They all fought extremely well despite how strong and difficult the maverick was. Brooks made a prediction this time asking Midea to search out in the KIA files of the Maverick Hunter Database in doing so the maverick was sort of ID'ed. By sort of a file was found ,but if this was true or not as the body of the maverick was destroyed. In the end though it was Junas who defeated her ,but to their surprise she survived long enough to attempt a self destruct on Junas, but the attempt was blocked out by Brooks in his Hyper mode. If this was planned or not by the masked female reploid has yet to be determined. Like the last mission Brooks was damaged to the point of critical repair ,but not so bad like the last time.This resulted in another memory to resurface ,but Brooks yet again has no clue what was going on in it. It has become apparent that these recent attacks or ambushes are all ploys to capture Brooks ,but as far as anyone knows that will not happen nor will Brooks simply stay idle on the fact that he is being hunted. With Signas's approval over the situation Brooks is allowed to still be active and a part of unit 60 ,but unit 60 now has a new threat to deal with.

A Secret History

With the return to the Zenith Facility, a place Brooks had been to before in the past as it turns out this is place he had no desire to return to ,but thanks to the World Government forcing his hand as he was the only survivor of that incident that took place there. With his return to the facility memories have slowly resurfaced for him as he walked through the halls of the place that brought out his legend further as the hunter known as Knives. As the unit leader he is tasked to get to the secondary computer core in the lower levels, as to what horrors he will encounter have yet to be determined ,but with their first encounter so far the nightmare returns.

Behind the Character

His theme song is Holding out for a hero. And he has a weakness to electricity.