Mr. Bushido

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: MF-001: Samurai (Asuka)
Nicknames: Mr. Bushido
Species: Reploid - Old Gen
Gender: Male
Height: 6'6”
Weight: 857lbs
IQ: Slightly above average
DOB: 2/2/xx
Birth Place: Hunter lab 6, stealth force division
Residence: Hunter base room 66
Occupation: Hunter

Normal Form

Normal Appearance

Skin Color: mild tan
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Style: Helmet covers it

Other features: Face is covered by a mask, the only part exposed is the mouth while the mask goes around it in a fang like manner.
Armor description: Typical samurai armor. The Legs and arms are bulky, while the rest is that of a samurai. The helmet contains a V that goes back, not up.
Armor colors: Black with a blue like trim

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: 3
Speed: 2
Strength: 12
Defense: 11
Dexterity: 7
Skill Level: 3
Skill Limit: 4
Constitution: 9
Total 51

Weaknesses: Piercing based attacks, as well as him not being able to keep up with fast people

Weapons/Special Attacks


  1. Twin heat katana. (Two blades from one guard, and are normal anti-beam steel, then heat up to gain saber effects.)
  2. Beam Yamato


Special Attacks:

  1. Sonic Slash: Using a bladed weapon, it can fire off a beam for a short distance.
  2. Hyper dash: Extra thrusters are exposed from the triceps, calves, and back to gave a short dash.
  3. Blazing Arrow: Using the gyro-buster, an arrow composed of fire can be fired. The shot then bursts when it makes contact with a solid object.
  4. Flameing Whips: The users blade can engulf itself in a blaze of heat and fire. Using it like this forms a long strand of fire that is equal to a whip, and moves like such.

Chosen Maverick Moves

  1. Catastrophic chasm – Z saber – A diving move that pounds the ground and sends powerful shockwaves racing towards the enemy, it severely disrupts movement and when the shockwave actually hits, it sends a pillar of rock bursting from the ground to smash the target
  2. Steel saber – Saber – Emits shards of metal from the blade, these jagged bits of metal act like barbs from a stinger and when an enemy is struck by a piece it makes it more difficult for an enemy to remove the bits of metal after an attack.
  3. Typhoon Striker - Z-Saber – The blade of the saber begins to twirl around at hyper speeds, creating a vortex of wind, the user may then slash with this hyper speeding blade of wind in a rising style, or use it to propel them faster.
  4. Diamond Cutter – Saber – Creates a blade edge so sharp that it is rumored to be able to cleave a diamond in half. (For saber users, this just coats your saber in ice, but for Artic he creates the sword himself. ) Any swing with this weapon sends small ice crystals flying at a target as well.
  5. Ion Dispersal – Saber – Inverting the process, this move creates a beam of positively charged ions, and as a result it scatters negative ions about, creating arcs of electricity around the user(for Shock)/user’s weapon(for everyone else). The blade can then be swung for a more powerful strike, as well as the arcs of electricity can be used to damage foes.


Hypermode Appearance

Skin Color: same
Eye Color: Glow a mix of pink and scarlet
Hair Style: none
Other features: the same mask
Armor description: same
Armor colors: The under layer glows that of pinkish scarlet like his eyes while the rest of the body turns to a darker red.

Hypermode Abilities

Head: Enhanced skill usage

Arms: Strength +5

Body: Defense +7

Legs: Speed +3

Hypermode ultimate move: Secret of the Bushido- Engulfed with flames, Mr. Bushido dashes off with blazing speed leaving a trail of flames behind him. Once he hits something it triggers off a massive explosion, then leaves him open for a moment to cool down.


Personality: With a strong sense of justice, he is vary passionate with the law and his set religion. Strict.

History: Build solely so train others in the art of Kendo, Bushido was soon reprogrammed to be a soldier. Since the experience of battle and warfare is something one must experience instead of being told, he now must fight with the rookies.

Behind the Character

His theme song is Union.