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 +======= Mr. Bushido =======
 +===== Basic Info =====
 +^  Basic Info  ^^
 +| **Name:** | MF-001: Samurai (Asuka) |
 +| **Nicknames:** | Mr. Bushido | 
 +| **Species:** | Reploid - Old Gen | 
 +| **Gender:** | Male |
 +| **Height:** | 6'6" |
 +| **Weight:** | 857lbs |
 +| **IQ:** | Slightly above average |
 +| **DOB:** | 2/2/xx |
 +| **Birth Place:** | Hunter lab 6, stealth force division |
 +| **Residence:** | Hunter base room 66 |
 +| **Occupation:** | Hunter | 
 +===== Normal Form =====
 +==== Normal Appearance ====
 +**Skin Color:** mild tan \\
 +**Eye Color:** Purple \\
 +**Hair Style:** Helmet covers it
 +**Other features:** Face is covered by a mask, the only part exposed is the mouth while the mask goes around it in a fang like manner. \\
 +**Armor description:** Typical samurai armor. The Legs and arms are bulky, while the rest is that of a samurai. The helmet contains a V that goes back, not up. \\
 +**Armor colors:** Black with a blue like trim
 +==== Capabilities (Stats) ====
 +^           Stats          ^^
 +| **Agility:** | 3 |
 +| **Speed:** | 2 |
 +| **Strength:** | 12 |
 +| **Defense:** | 11 |
 +| **Dexterity:** | 7 |
 +| **Skill Level:** | 3 |
 +| **Skill Limit:** | 4 |
 +| **Constitution:** | 9 |
 +| **Total**  |  51  |
 +Weaknesses: Piercing based attacks, as well as him not being able to keep up with fast people
 +==== Weapons/Special Attacks ====
 +  - Twin heat katana. (Two blades from one guard, and are normal anti-beam steel, then heat up to gain saber effects.) 
 +  - Beam Yamato
 +Special Attacks:
 +  -Sonic Slash: Using a bladed weapon, it can fire off a beam for a short distance.
 +  -Hyper dash: Extra thrusters are exposed from the triceps, calves, and back to gave a short dash.
 +  -Blazing Arrow: Using the gyro-buster, an arrow composed of fire can be fired. The shot then bursts when it makes contact with a solid object. 
 +  -Flameing Whips: The users blade can engulf itself in a blaze of heat and fire. Using it like this forms a long strand of fire that is equal to a whip, and moves like such.
 +===== Chosen Maverick Moves =====
 +  -Catastrophic chasm – Z saber – A diving move that pounds the ground and sends powerful shockwaves racing towards the enemy, it severely disrupts movement and when the shockwave actually hits, it sends a pillar of rock bursting from the ground to smash the target
 +  -Steel saber – Saber – Emits shards of metal from the blade, these jagged bits of metal act like barbs from a stinger and when an enemy is struck by a piece it makes it more difficult for an enemy to remove the bits of metal after an attack.
 +  -Typhoon Striker - Z-Saber – The blade of the saber begins to twirl around at hyper speeds, creating a vortex of wind, the user may then slash with this hyper speeding blade of wind in a rising style, or use it to propel them faster.
 +  -Diamond Cutter – Saber – Creates a blade edge so sharp that it is rumored to be able to cleave a diamond in half. (For saber users, this just coats your saber in ice, but for Artic he creates the sword himself. ) Any swing with this weapon sends small ice crystals flying at a target as well.
 +  -Ion Dispersal – Saber – Inverting the process, this move creates a beam of positively charged ions, and as a result it scatters negative ions about, creating arcs of electricity around the user(for Shock)/user’s weapon(for everyone else). The blade can then be swung for a more powerful strike, as well as the arcs of electricity can be used to damage foes.
 +===== Hypermode =====
 +==== Hypermode Appearance ====
 +**Skin Color:** same \\
 +**Eye Color:** Glow a mix of pink and scarlet \\
 +**Hair Style:** none \\
 +**Other features:** the same mask \\
 +**Armor description:** same \\
 +**Armor colors:** The under layer glows that of pinkish scarlet like his eyes while the rest of the body turns to a darker red.
 +==== Hypermode Abilities ====
 +**Head:** Enhanced skill usage
 +**Arms:** Strength +5
 +**Body:** Defense +7
 +**Legs:** Speed +3
 +**Hypermode ultimate move:** Secret of the Bushido- Engulfed with flames, Mr. Bushido dashes off with blazing speed leaving a trail of flames behind him. Once he hits something it triggers off a massive explosion, then leaves him open for a moment to cool down.
 +===== Background =====
 +**Personality:** With a strong sense of justice, he is vary passionate with the law and his set religion. Strict.
 +Build solely so train others in the art of Kendo, Bushido was soon reprogrammed to be a soldier. Since the experience of battle and warfare is something one must experience instead of being told, he now must fight with the rookies.
 +===== Behind the Character ======
 +His theme song is [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0AvQycMopU|Union]].