Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Charsi
Species: Reploid - Old Generation
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3”
Weight: 180lbs
IQ: 90
DOB: Not Listed
Birth Place: Symphonic Emotion
Residence: Maverick Hunter HQ
Occupation: Hunter

Normal Appearance

Skin Color: peach
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Hair Style: Lavender colored hair kept in a nice braid that goes down to her lower back

Armor description:
Head – A yellow piece of head gear that looks like a circlet with a triangular purple gem on the front piece.

Chest/torso – Mostly lavender in colored battle armor revealing a creamy white bust looks almost like an old medieval chest plate.

Arms – Lavender colored armored arms custom made to look girly.

Legs - Lavender colored armored legs custom made to look like medieval greaves that go up to her knee socket.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: 5
Speed: *
Strength: 5
Defense: 5
Dexterity: 7
Skill Level: 7
Skill Limit: 6
Constitution: 5
Total 40

*Attention Rookies: Zero did not use Speed. It was folded into Agility.

Weapons/Special Attacks


  1. Striker: A one handed mid length energy sword with a saber like guard its energy is pink.
  2. Defender: A fairly medium sized shield that’s great for smashes and blocking, made of ceratanium.

Items: None.

Special Attacks:

  1. Shield Bash: Allows enemy to be stunned and causes little damage used usually in a sword combo.
  2. Sky Walker: A sword technique that releases electrical energies when performing a moonsault. Does decent damage.
  3. Spark Thunder: Fires a slow moving homing thunder ball at the enemy perfect for the big enemies, but seldom works on the faster enemies. Also it’s a fairly weak attack.
  4. Raising Thunder: Sends a faster spark ball into the air and thunder hurls down in rapid succession on the enemies. A great damage dealer.
  5. Sword Arcadia: A sword technique said to blind its enemies with fast and elegant sword strokes. It’s a fast 10 slash combo that can chip away at enemy armor and damage at the medium level. Can only be used after Shield Bash.
  6. Thunder Dragon: A thunder elemental sword charge attack executed by dashing can do great damage.

Chosen Maverick Moves - AR:0

  1. Cluster Slasher - Saber - With the swing of the saber, several small stone-like capsules are released. When they strike they explode, sending fragments outward.
  2. Teleport Slash - Saber – Using illusion and active camo the person using the technique will strike behind. Misses if dodged at the right moment, but this technique is based around the users speed stat. The higher the speed the more effective the attack is at critical damage and is likely to connect.
  3. Glint Lazer - Saber- Fires lazers from bladed weapons essentially when slashing a lazer is fired from the weapon and how you can tell this attack is used is by the sparking of the energy weapons blades. Can be used in combos the most being 3 tops at all times.
  4. Raging Volcano Swing - Saber - The user generates a swirling, tornado-like vortex, of fire around themselves that extends upwards.

Hypermode - Silver Song

Hypermode Appearance

Skin Color: peach
Eye Color: Steel
Hair Style: Remains the same hair style, but becomes steel colored.

Armor description:
Head – A silver circlet now with a green triangular gem fitted in the center.

Chest/torso – A fully armored torso all silver in color.

Arms - Silver colored arms that now look like medieval armored gloves.

Legs – Same Grieves just silver in color.

Hypermode Abilities

Head: Allows the ability thunder absorb to be active which basically if an enemy strikes Charsi with thunder based attack her attack doubles when performing her next regular melee attack. Still she takes a small amount of damage though.

Arms: Increases Charsi’s strength by 2.

Body: When struck by a critical attack Charsi will counter back double the power of that critical attack back at her enemy.

Legs: Sacrifices agility by 1 in exchange for more defense power and constitution power by 1 a piece.

Hypermode ultimate move: Pure Silver - An attack skill that robs enemy sensors by blinding and striking at a speed that rivals that of mach 10; a legendary sword technique that is instant critical strike that leaves a silver mark were the opponent was struck at. This tech can only be done once and only in the hyper mode.


Personality: Kind Hearted, but a bit of a schemer. Charsi is known to get jealous when Brooks is with other female reploids and tends to flirt with Brooks as well. Has low self esteem when viewed by others, but in battle a stalwart fighter.

History: a female Reploid that is a part of the A1ES series modified for battle, but originally a prototype given the ability of strong emotions similar to a human female at any age. The A1ES series became helpful when developing relationships between human and reploids as the program was designed to improve the units ability to socialize when performing certain tasks such as assistant, nurse, doctor, caregiver are the more passive of the program modifications. The more aggressive became more routine when the human government needed the A1ES to be developed for use in battle and protection such as bodyguard and Maverick Hunter granted Maverick HQ didn't originally want female reploid hunters for a while till given how effective the units were as bodyguards debunked the doubts in using this series.

As one of the A1ES series Charsi was originally not meant for battle, but the time the Sigma rebellion began Maverick HQ needed more reploids to be maverick hunters and the A1ES series is known to be the most reliable when handling situations that require those strong emotions as the system is also known to improve the capabilities of unit in combat. This was in till Charsi met Brooks and has become infatuated with him that she developed a personality and has sense in many ways tried to impress him, but to no avail Charsi is still determined to win his heart; though some methods a bit radical like aging herself to appropriate age via upgrade and these many schemes. Those were the early days and Charsi has been doing this for as long as she could remember though she appears to be a young woman she is just as old as Brooks, but doesn’t have that vet wisdom like he does, but its her skills in combat that allow her to be in par of that of elite S ranked hunter, but she has refused the promotion time and time again and remains an A ranked hunter by choice. This is so she can be around Brooks as much as possible.

Then Midea got in the way of any further chances as she basically took attention away from Charsi. Though Brooks and Midea shared a father daughter bond together; Brooks clearly spent most of his time caring for Midea then paying attention to Charsi. She doesn’t by any means hate Midea, but feels it’s her fault Brooks had to retire from being a hunter. It wasn’t till Brooks returned was Charsi happy as ever, but Midea again got in the way. Then the various other female reploids whom Brooks was simply teammates with made her jealous. She feels that they will take Brooks away with the fact they were younger and more advanced then her. Though she hates to admit it some female reploids were definitely more beautiful then her as she was once flat chested and lacked a real fox like figure which is why she chose to upgrade her body at every interval where it was required and then some were a bit extra. So explains her story.

Recently Charsi has been added unofficially as a member of unit 60. Unofficial meaning she isn't really an actual member yet due to her status as an A ranked hunter. So despite that she is using her rank to kind of weasel her way into the unit in hopes to be around Brooks as much as she can. Though Brooks isn't fond of the idea he does know how capable of a hunter she is making her a sort of welcome addition to the team. Her recent mission data with unit 60 is being assessed till further notice before she can fully join the unit till then she is not allowed to participate in any further missions with unit 60. Causing a bit of worry for her.

Unit 60 Approval

After the successful rescue of Junas from Central Museum, Charsi was damaged pretty badly due to the assault of the masked female reploid. Despite that factor she was approved by Signas to now be a full member of unit 60, which means she can now be near Brooks ,but more importantly during the mission she has developed a worry for Brooks if this will affect her ability to be combat effective or judgement has yet to be determined. Since she was greatly damaged she wasn't able to participate in the units recent mission though. (Granted it was a blessing in disguise.)

Cyber Space

It is no secret why Charsi should be S ranked. She is actually skilled in the field of cyber combat and is able to work best in Cyber Space a place where all data and the net have met. Due to the constant change this environment has forced her to be top form at all times because of the dangers that are present and known. This doesn't mean her skills in real time are not merited it just seems this is her specialty according to even most high ranking Maverick Hunter Commanders. Though due to her age of program for some odd reason she reverts back to her original configuration as in when she was first made to look before her upgrades to a more adult looking reploid body. It has been determined to be a bug ,but this bug doesn't really hamper her much ,as all it does is changes herself visually really.

Behind the Character

Her theme song is Trouble Maker. She is weak to Ice.