Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: H
Species: Reploid
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8
Weight: 180 lbs
IQ: 140
DOB: May 21
Birth Place: Unknown
Residence: Unknown
Occupation: Professional Thief

Normal Appearance

Skin Color: White.

Eye Color: Brown.

Hair Style: Brown, pulled back into a shoulder length ponytail.

Armor description: Extremely light and flexible, the armor is sleek and black in appearance. Wears a gray jumpsuit underneath.

Head – High tech visor, worn just below the hairline and extending around the head like a headband.

Chest/torso – More of an exoskeleton than an armored battlesuit, designed to provide moderate protection while retaining full range of motion.

Arms – Knives are concealed within compartments in the underarms. No buster so to speak, but the left hand comes equipped with tools for computer hacking, allowing interface with any sort of machine and data storage through the fingertips. The right hand is ultra-sensative, even for a reploid, allowing the unit to pick virtually any lock or safe.

Legs – Specially designed boots to enable swift movement with little to no sound. Has enough grip to allow the unit to run on walls after gaining speed.

Hypermode Appearance

All data regarding Hypermode is unavailable.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: 11
Speed: 11
Strength: 5
Defense: 3
Dexterity: 9
Skill Level: 8
Skill Limit: 3
Constitution: 6

Weapons/Special Attacks

Weapons: Energy daggers. Items: Smoke bombs, various tools for thieving.

Special Attacks:

  1. Active Camouflage - Renders the unit invisible to the naked eye. Higher skill allows decreased chance of detection and lowers the chance that the camouflage will break after taking damage. -
  2. Master slicer - Allows the unit to quickly take control of security terminals, computer networks and programs. In combat the unit fires a control chip from under the wrist, allowing control of weaker mavericks for a limited time.
  3. Delusions and grander - Allows the user to generate holographic copies of self. Copies cannot inflict damage, but do not disappear if attacked. Can generate other illusions as well.


Personality: H is a very calm and collected sort of character, who thinks of himself as a professional. He is very objective oriented, always looking at the big picture and often viewing other beings as obstacles to finishing the job at hand. H has no problem with being ruthless when efficiency calls for it, though he has never before derived enjoyment from combat. The thrill for H has always been in the successful completion of a heist, or in evading capture. He is reploid of many secrets, and having been betrayed in the past it is understandable that he keeps to himself.

History: H is a criminal, with a long record for theft and breaking and entering, who may or may not have had past ties with the mob. He was eventually caught and convicted but was pardoned on the condition that he utilize his skills to help the Hunters and other government agencies. No one knows H's real name or origins, or even ←- Deleted from Records –>, a secret he plays extremely close to the chest.

Despite the short leash the Hunters have him on, H has been able to continue in his criminal activities without arousing their suspicions, swiping gear or gathering information for future heists while accompanying his team on missions.

Recently H was approached by a man referring to himself only as “V” with both a job offer and an invitation for inclusion into a brotherhood of sorts. Though initially wary of the stranger, H accepted the job. One of the most immediate benefits was V's aid in faking his death, freeing H from the Hunter's control and giving him anonymity once more. Since then he has resumed his criminal activities and begun a new series of heists based around technology development companies. V has offered him support in these endeavors on the condition that he complete certain objectives while there… On a follow-up mission to Redmon H stole a Plasma Chip for V and narrowly escaped confrontation with Spectre. After that he was paired up with a reploid only known as T and sent to infiltrate a World Government facility with the objective of obtaining and destroying all records of a prototype disruptor unit which could be used to force New Generation reploids out of their disguises and back to their standard appearance. After completing the objective the facility was attacked by Spectre who badly wounded T, but was forced to retreat before finishing her. Although T begged for H to kill her he refused, and returned with her to V's base for debriefing and medical attention….

Behind the Character