Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Jet “Kyle” Solusar
Nicknames: The Tempest, Flyboy, Todd Moniker
Species: Reploid - Old Generation
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0
Weight: 215lbs
IQ: 124
DOB: August 6, 2228
Birth Place: Dr. Prower's Lab, MHHQ Lab 7
Residence: Maverick Hunter HQ, Neo Arcadia Core, The Sanctuary
Occupation: Maverick Hunter, General, Neo Arcadia Guardian, Sanctuary Sentinel

Normal Appearance

Jet is blue eyed, with fair white skin and neatly trimmed brown hair. His armor is a purple exoskeleton which grants moderate protection but above all, flexibility and freedom of movement. The legs and arms both have a single green line which snakes around them and a large blue gem sits in the center of the chest piece. His helmet is circular with two curves which stick up in the back. Jet also sports a spiked shoulder guard which extend six inches past where his right shoulder ends, as well as spikes on his gauntlets and knee pads. His boots have a high powered flame jet built into the soles, granting him the power of flight. The flames are also a handy extra when sending a boot to the face, or when someone catches his kick.

While Jet prefers to have his armor maintained by the skilled techs at MHHQ, Jet has the know-how to make his own field repairs, occasionally welding scrap metal over broken patches.

Hypermode Appearance

Capabilities (Stats)

AR2 Arcadia Arcadia2.0
Agility: 6 16 14
Speed: 7 16 -
Strength: 6 9 9
Defense: 4 7 7
Dexterity: 7 14 9
Intelligence: 5* - -
Skill Level: 3 15 10
Skill Limit: 1 5 6
Constitution: 1 18 11

*Intelligence was a stat only used in Attention Rookies 2.

Weapons/Special Attacks


Soul's Fire Sabers - Jet's signature weapons, a pair of beam sabers of unknown origin and unique properties. The blades have the ability to shift forms between a cutting lazer sword and a blazing torch. The beams will not activate for anyone else, they appear to be wieldable by Jet alone. Jet can also summon the sabers to his hands and can seemingly control their trajectory telepathically.

Pierce Daggers - Three daggers are attached to each of Jet's legs for the purpose of piercing heavy armor.

Standard Buster - Capable of firing medium range energy attacks and stolen maverick powers.


Spider Mines - Small, short range explosive devices which are controlled electronically via Jet's brain waves. They can crawl, and even burrow in soft ground, and will detonate upon reaching their target.

Mechanical Eye - After losing an eye as a rookie soldier Jet replaced it with a more advanced model, granting him telescopic, thermal and x-ray vision, as well as a remote machine override.

Standard detonation pack 1x.

Special Attacks:

  1. Soul's Fire - Jet's sabers spin around him, enveloping him in a large blue fireball whereupon he streaks into his enemies.
  2. Great Inundation - A form of hydrokinesis which allows for the partial control of all standing water in the area to use as he chooses. Blasts of Inundation can also be fired from his buster, but this water has a purifying agent which heavily damages foes.
  3. Overload Sabers - By blocking smaller blasts of lazer fire with his sabers Jet can absorb energy into them. Once enough energy has been accumulated, Jet can release it in the form of a powerful blast attack.
  4. Energy Manipulation - Jet has the ability to channel raw energy in his hands, which allows him to hurl electrical orbs or form additional weaponry to fight with.
  5. Solar Lash - Usable only in bright sunlight, Jet creates a glowing whip of solar energy. It can also be charged and fired to crush and ensnare foes.
  6. Gravity Cannon - Fires bursts of energy which can increase or decrease the gravity on a being or an object. Can be charged to hold a foe in place or to throw them around.

Fighting Style:

Jet rarely stands in one place to fight, his strength is his mobility and the ability to strike hard and fast before the enemy has a chance to retaliate. He is an experienced fighter with a variety of different weapons and attacks that he uses interchangeably to keep his opponents guessing.

When conditions do not allow for extreme mobility, Jet has shown himself to be an accomplished swordsman and hand to hand combatant. Jet will regularly use every weapon and ability at his disposal, proving to be a worthy foe and an indispensable ally no matter which battlefield he may be found on.

Hypermode Abilities





Hypermode ultimate move:


Personality: Jet's personality has fluctuated quite a bit over the years as he's matured and after all he's experienced, but he's always had a strong desire to help others and an uncompromising moral compass.

History: Jet was the last reploid created by Dr. Prowers, and completed by maverick hunter staff. Although he was not designed for combat like his siblings, his desire to help others drove him to learn to fight. Jet spent several years under Sub's care, learning the mercenary trade before joining up with the newest class of Maverick Hunter trainees a few years later. It was an induction like none other, with Jet being one of a handful of rookies to survive their unexpected trials and become a full hunter.

Although Tank had been placed in protective stasis for a time, Jet continued to have plenty of guidance, having accepted an invitation to join the 6th Unit of Maverick Hunters, the Marine Squadron.

After a few years, command of the unit transferred to Jet, and for a time the unit excelled, becoming one of the highest ranking units the hunters had. But tragedy struck, the unit was betrayed from within and and decimated, leaving Jet and Gawain as the only surviving members. Taking advantage of the weakness, Jet's old enemy Faustus succeeded in reviving the maverick Lord Dagmor. Jet departed to avenge his unit and do battle with the maverick before he recovered his full strength, but when nothing was heard from him after that the hunters marked him AWOL and presumed him dead.

Jet returned later to find that things had changed internally within the hunter organization. Tank had been returned to active duty and had actually joined a maverick faction after some deception caused by a faction of new generation reploids. Jet's return helped to quell the newest uprising (Attention Rookies 2) and afterward he formed a new unit alongside Tank, Gawain and Buckingham Bear. The smaller unit was effective at combating the infiltration attempts by new generation reploids, and eventually Jet and Tank succeeded in defeating their leader, Viktor.

Their best efforts however could not stop Sigma's latest bid for power however. The hunter organization, largely weakened by the years of combating Viktor and the new generation reploids, finally succumbed to Sigma and his Cyber Elves, sparking a new conflict, the Elf Wars.

Years after the Elf Wars, Jet was found ambling through a desert. Recognizing him as a former hunter, Harpuia and Fefnir brought him back to Neo Arcadia where he served as a Guardian, and later collaborated with the Resistance to overthrow the corrupt government.

Friends: Tank, Submarine, Alice, Gawain, Buckingham Bear, Harbor

Rivals: Frost Reaver, Alex, Harpuia, Leviathan

Enemies: Dagmor, Faustus, Lancelot and Galahad, Lucien Alexandre, Spectre, Viktor, Throne, Team Olympus, Dr. Weil

Behind the Character