Rubi Stone

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Rubi Stone
Species: Reploid - Old Generation
Gender: Female
Height: 5’ 8” (Though 3 inches of that are heels…)
Weight: ~150 (not that she’d tell you that…)
IQ: 100
DOB: Feb 15th
Birth Place: Stone Weapon-Tech LTD
Residence: Hunter HQ
Occupation: Hunter

Normal Appearance

Skin Color: pale white
Eye Color: Red
Hair Style: She has mostly black hair with dark red highlights that run through. Her hair falls down to her shoulders and she refuses to tie it. She has a strand of hair that usually hangs in the middle of her face which is red.

Armor description:
Head – Rubi wears nothing on her head except a small black tiara with a large red crystal in the centre.

Chest/torso – Her entire body (from neck down) is covered mostly in a black bodysuit like armor except for a region just above her breasts which has a fairly massive red crystal located right in the centre. She also has a small red crystal located right in the small of her back.

Arms – Rubi has a medium sized red crystal on her shoulders that faces away from herself. Rubi’s arms are mostly black except for a large red crystal at the elbow, a line of crystal that runs on the outside of her forearm and one red crystal on the back of her hand. She also has a red crystal on her palm.

Legs – Rubi’s legs are black, except for a red crystal on her knee and two lines of red crystal which begin mid way down each side of her leg and end halfway down the front of her boots. Her boots are black with a thick 3 inch heel. On the bottom of her feet, between the heel and the front of her boots are another red crystal.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: 7
Speed: *
Strength: 5
Defense: 3
Dexterity: 6
Skill Level: 5
Skill Limit: 4
Constitution: 10
Total 40

*In Attention Rookies: Zero Speed was not used. It was folded into Agility.

Weapons/Special Attacks


  1. Rubi has a modified set of busters mounted to her hands and legs (the energy erupts from crystals on her palms and soles of her boots).
  2. She also has a whip that she carries. It is black, about 12 feet long with a red wire snaking it’s way around the body of the whip. The end has several red spikes which can project energy.

Items: None.

Special Attacks:

  1. Scarlet Strike - Rubi generates a large red fist (or boot) made of pure red energy that she uses to punch/kick her opponent with.
  2. Cherry Cascade – Rubi focuses her energy to her servos temporarily increasing her agility by 3. This also causes her to glow red and exhibit a powerful static electricity from her hands and feet which allow her to walk/climb on walls.
  3. Sanguine Scatter – Rubi shoots a burst of red spike-shaped energy in a conical formation from one of her crystals. The power is fair at close range however over distance this move weakens a lot.
  4. Crimson Column – Rubi unleashes a beam of red energy from one of her crystals. The beam is rather small, but extremely fast moving and can be highly damaging. Though this takes a lot of energy to sustain the beam.

Chosen Maverick Moves - AR:0

  1. Static Sphere - Buster - The buster fires an orb of electricity that sparks, when it comes in close contact with an enemy it sparks and hits them.
  2. Cluster Slasher - Saber - With the swing of the saber, several small stone-like capsules are released. When they strike they explode, sending fragments outward.
  3. Aether Stream - Saber - A line of liquid is generated with extremely high surface tension, which allows this liquid to be used to whip enemies.
  4. Raging Volcano Swing - Saber - The user generates a swirling, tornado-like vortex, of fire around themselves that extends upwards.
  5. Drain Saber - Saber - When the blade hits an opponent, it draws a bit of energy and stores it in the blade, successive strikes draw more energy. Once sufficient energy has been drained off, it can be launched in a wave at the enemy.
  6. Vanguard Breaker - Buster - Generates a thick shield in front of the user that can absorb attacks. It can also be launched as a projectile to deal damage.


Hypermode Appearance

Height: 5’10”
Weight: ~150lbs
Skin Color: White
Eye Color: Red (though it’s hard to tell…)
Hair Style: Can’t be seen.

Armor description: Rubi’s body becomes covered in red energy that covers most of her.

Head – Her head is covered by a red helmet like armor that has two large horn like pieces that come from the top/rear of her head and swing around front before ending in a sharp pointed end. Her eyes are somewhat visible through a slot in the front, but being the whole armour glows red anyway, it’s hard to tell which is her eyes and what is just that armour glowing. The red crystal on her tiara is visible from between the horns of the helmet, glowing brightly.

Chest/torso – Her body gets covered in a red glowing breastplate with a red leather like skirt starting at her waist and extending down to just above her knees.

Arms – Her shoulders get covered by large red-glowing pauldrons with a single small spike pointing up from the sides. The back of her forearms get covered by red energy with a single spike facing towards the elbow.

Legs – Her knees and shins get covered by plain red-energy greaves.

Hypermode Abilities

Head: +2 to skill level

Arms: +3 to strength

Body: Generates the red spectral armour and gives +2 to defense.

Legs: +3 to agility (Though this makes Rubi unable to use her Cherry Cascade)

Hypermode ultimate move: Cardinal Catastrophe – By sacrificing her armour, Rubi combines all it’s energy into a single super powerful energy ball which she then throws at the enemy. On contact the energy ball explodes sending spikes composed of red energy in a wide pattern.


Personality: Rubi is rather hot headed. She doesn’t like being told what to do by those she deems lesser. (A fact which has lead her into trouble a few times…) She is also extremely cocky and will often taunt or make fun of enemies. Casually cracking jokes at their expense. She loves to make fun of them whenever she can, even if she ends up getting a bit more roughed up for it. She will sometimes even make fun of her own team… Which has lead to her being viewed as rather difficult to work/deal with. She does care for her team, but she doesn’t show affection very well.

History: Rubi was created by a team of scientists working with alternate materials to produce high end weapons. Instead of traditional crystals, this team opted to use ultra refined gems for their weapons. They noted that weapons created with these gems gave off distinct colourations in the weapon fire and surprisingly reduced heat by a certain percent. (Varying percent according to colour in the spectrum.)

Though damage output was a bit lower. Unsure of whether to go into full production of not they created a series of Reploids with the gem based weapons. They pitted the reploids against each other in multiple tests… Pushing the limits of their weapons and the reploids in the process. They had a few failures with the weapons, (one reploid's focusing crystals were loose, they became misaligned and focused the energy back into its power core… resulting in an explosion.) but discovered several interesting things about the gems. By using them in sequence they could project energy fields more efficiently.

So they moved to the second phase of their plan… They build another reploid and outfitted her with their gem based technology and dubbed her Rubi after the stone used to focus her weapons. They figured to get the best info possible that they would send their recruit to the Hunters where battle data would be plentiful. (And they figured the Hunters could always use a hand.)

When Rubi awoke in Hunter HQ she was initially confused and lashed out. They restrained her while she calmed down so they could explain what was going on. After hearing their explanation she decided that she would join up on a temporary basis. But after having gone through basic training and participating in a few battles, she decided that she liked being a hunter and wanted to stay. Unknowing that each mission she was on fed information back to her creators.

Behind the Character

Her theme song is Red & Black -(Bayonetta OST).

Her weaknesses are: High frequency sound waves make it difficult for her to focus her energies and concentrated laser shots which can pierce her energy blasts.