Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Scopes
Species: Reploid - Old Generation
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2”
Weight: 520lbs
IQ: 100
DOB: 5/11
Birth Place: Unknown
Residence: Hunter HQ
Occupation: Hunter

Normal Appearance

Skin Color: White
Eye Color: Green
Hair Style: Lays down flat, goes down to the chin.

Armor description
Head – Designed after a military helmet, its rounded all around. In the front middle a V white gem glows. Where his ears would be are round cones, with a white light inside. Off of the right one comes an antenna, and a mic that leads down to his mouth. A light blue visor comes off the top and covers the eyes. White hair with small traces of black in it escapes the sides and the back a bit.

Chest/torso – For light movement, the armor in the chest is rounded and goes down right below the lower abs. It is dark green in color. Down the right and left side are four white buttons, as well as painted white lines along the right side, and over the top to emulate a trench coat. The armor became more fabric like at the bottom and branches off as as a coat that flows down to the ankles. It becomes shoulder pads up on the shoulders where a white line goes across the top.

Arms – The arms are bare until the elbows were the rounded basic reploid armor covers them. From the ends near the hand, a square bit hands out and goes over the back of the hand. A smaller white painted square is inside it. His hands are black.

Legs – A green painted belt is at the waist, otherwise the armor is bare until the knees where imitated parade boots are placed. They are rectangular and hold a black toe as well as a crease in the middle where a white line goes diagonally down.

*Note: Bare parts are to be though of as black skin tight clothing.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: 5
Speed: *
Strength: 7
Defense: 8
Dexterity: 10
Skill Level: 2
Skill Limit: 1
Constitution: 7
Total 40

* In Attention Rookies: Zero speed was not used. It was folded into Agility.

Weapons/Special Attacks

Weapons: Scopes Buster: A green buster that is more of a rounded rectangle, it has a scope on top and has a concentrated skinny shot for long distance attacks.

Items: None.

Special Attack:

  1. Heated Fist: Inside Scopes hands are micro heated plates that allow his hand to drastically increase in temperature. Once heated, the hands glow orange and cause a beam like effect. However, the cooldown time of this effect takes quite some time, making it hard to aim afterwords.

Chosen Maverick Moves

  1. Static Sphere - Buster - The buster fires an orb of electricity that sparks, when it comes in close contact with an enemy it sparks and hits them.


Hypermode Appearance

Skin Color: White
Eye Color: Green
Hair Style: Lays down flat, goes down to the chin.

Armor description
Head – The helmet remains as it was

Chest/torso – The trench flaps, even if there is no wind. Yeah!

Arms – remain as they were

Legs – remain the same

Hypermode Abilities

Head: Grants 4 skills points. Each point represents a Remote Bit that is controlled by Scopes helmet. The Bits hover and act as mini beam turrets.

Arms: Force Blast: each of Scopes shots release a burst of compressed wind, knocking what they hit back. Not usable on Remote Bits.

Body: Forces up a barrier around each Remote Bit that blocks weak Beam based attacks.

Legs: Elemental Absorb: Using the nearby elements, Scopes can charge his body up and release the attack in the form of a shot or a punch.

Hypermode ultimate move: Elemental Wave: All four Bits swirl around Scopes buster, Gathering the elemental advantage that Scopes body as gained. All at once, the five busters fire off a beam of elemental energy.


Weaknesses: Area's with large heat waves, and underwater combat.

Personality: A bit cold. Scopes means well in his teachings, but always seems to come off the wrong way. However, once one gets to know him and his meanings, he isn't that bad of a guy. His number one view is his team members.

History: Scopes was created to hold a boarder in the winter areas of the world. He was stationed in Russia while serving the Repliforce. It wasn't long after that the Repliforce War began and he was relocated to lead a team of new recruits. The team faced many battles, and many of Scopes close friends were lost in that war. At the end, he managed to escape with vary few other Repliforce Members. While most went into hiding for fear of being erased, Scopes stayed out to challenge the hunters for their injust actions. By the end of the war, the old commander of the Hunters had stepped down, out of shame for the cause of the war, and all Repliforced members were welcomed with open arms. Scopes refused the invite, and went off working with one of his other pals who managed to escape, Red.

Years passed, and the group that he had with Red held the same effect as Repliforce, another battle. However, this battle he sat out, as Red's team was acting of their own ways in which Scopes did not agree with. For years he would live in the tundra, in solitude.

Recent maverick activity's however, have hit something personal with Scopes. For this sol reason, he joined up with the hunters, against his better judgment.

Behind the Character

His theme song is Gundam Encounters in Space