Serah Ria

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: SR-7338 (Secretary Reploid - Model 7338) aka Serah Ria
Species: Reploid - Old Generation
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7”
Weight: 176lbs (in armor) 125 (out of armor)
IQ: 114
DOB: October 6th
Birth Place: Crimson Dynamic's head office in New Detroit.
Residence: Hunter HQ
Occupation: Former Secretary

Normal Appearance

Skin Color: White.

Eye Color: Blue.

Hair Style: Her black hair is kept tied neatly back in a ponytail that reaches the bottom of her neck. Though a few strands of hair still slip out and hang down to her cheek.

Armor description
Head – Serah wears nothing on her head.

Chest/torso – Her body armour is mostly a burnt orange colour with silver highlights on the underside of the breast, around the shoulders and down either side from shoulder to hip.

Arms – Her shoulders have a small burnt orange shoulder pad with a silver stripe on the edge. Her biceps are entirely silver with a small orange stripe down the outside. Her forearms are the standard reploid armoured forearms with the same burnt orange with no markings on them, though trimmed in silver. Her hands are burnt orange and each has a small round red crystal on the back of her hands, right behind her knuckles.

Legs – Her thighs are silver on the inside, but the outer parts are the burnt orange at the outer thigh. The silver slowly blends into the orange in a gradient effect. Her shin to ankle region is all burnt orange but more angular then other reploids, it starts pointy at the front then rounds off behind the leg. The shin has a red crystal kneeguard that is triangular shaped. Her boots are orange, flat heeled ones with a silver trim, though the bottom of the boots are orange.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: 6
Speed: *
Strength: 5
Defense: 6
Dexterity: 5
Skill Level: 6
Skill Limit: 5
Constitution: 7
Total 40

* In Attention Rookies: Zero speed wasn't used. It was folded into Agility.

Weapons/Special Attacks

Weapons: Buster on her right hand is primary weapon


Special Attacks:

  1. Spark Hook – This move fires a small orb of energy (from either her buster or the crystal on the back of her hands) that latches onto the target… When activated, Serah unleashes a bolt of electricity which homes in on the orb. She can also use it to pull objects that the orb has latched onto using electromagnetics or pull herself to it.
  2. Diffusion Wave – This move fires a beam of super cooled energy, it can freeze some enemies/objects in place.
  3. Burst Dash – When activated, Serah surrounds herself with a purple energy and then launches forward at high speed. The distance she goes in fairly short, but the speed she accelerates to is the major advantage.
  4. Plasma knife – By venting built up plasma through the crystal on her hand, Sera generates a foot long blade of glowing yellow plasma. The beam is only good for a few hits before it breaks. It can also be launched like a projectile.
  5. Auger Missile - When activated, Serah fires a bomb that spins in a clockwise motion to bite into enemies. The missile can be detonated remotely but is armed once it impacts (setting off a several second timer).

Chosen Maverick Moves - AR0

  1. Static Sphere - Buster - The buster fires an orb of electricity that sparks, when it comes in close contact with an enemy it sparks and hits them.
  2. Stone Bomber - Buster - Shoots a small capsule at high speeds. When the capsule strikes something it breaks apart and spreads a nasty brown sludge that hardens into rock.
  3. Ether Vent - Buster - By transforming a portion of stored water into superheated gas, a powerful blast of high speed and pressure vapour is created.
  4. Furnace Feather - Buster - A rapid fire buster technique that shoots small feather shaped embers in a pattern of diagonally up, diagonally down, forward. Each shot is fairly weak, but this power fires shots at high speed to make up for it.
  5. Vital Absorption - Buster - Launches a small projectile that drains energy from the source on impact, then transmits it back to the user. User then forms the stolen energy into a single beam of energy and fires it.
  6. Vanguard Breaker - Buster - Generates a thick shield in front of the user that can absorb attacks. It can also be launched as a projectile to deal damage.


Hypermode Appearance

Skin Color: White

Eye Color: Red

Hair Style: Serah’s black hair releases from it’s ponytail and hangs down around her face.

Armor description
Head – No change

Chest/torso – Serah’s chest armor turns black and has blue highlights instead of the silver ones. On her back she also gains a small backpack like part with 3 holes pointed down.

Arms – Her shoulders turn black and gain a row of dark blue crystals protruding from the top of them. Her arms turn black (bicep to hand), and have light blue highlights. The crystal on the back of her hands turns blue. She also gains 3 more blue crystals that protrude diagonally backwards from the back of her arms.

Legs – Her legs turn black with no blue highlighting at all. Her knee crystal turns blue.

Hypermode abilities

Head: Skill Level +3

Arms: Plasma Breaker – By charging the plasma to an extreme level, it becomes dangerously unstable. Serah then fires a bolt of this plasma. When it contacts the plasma explodes with tremendous force.

Body: Boosts Serah’s defense by 5.

Legs: Flight mode – When hypermode is engaged, the jets on Serah’s back engage, allowing her to fly.

Hypermode ultimate move: Omega Beam – By channeling all her energy, Serah fires one massive wave of energy. But the second she does, her hypermode fades away having used all it’s energy.


Personality: Serah is a kind reploid and will offer aid to just about anyone. She hates seeing anyone injure the innocent, so she will not hesitate to use force on those who threaten others. She can be rather selfless too, taking hits to protect others. She is polite and easy to get a long with (due to her background of being an office worker.)

History: SR-7338 was created as one of hundreds in a long line of corporate reploids. Designed for everyday office work to make running large companies easier. Though many CEO's liked these reploids for their… other functions. Ones kept strictly off the book and after hours.

Unlike other reploids, their bodies weren't designed for harsh conditions so they frequently got damaged. Accidents in the office, on the streets, punks or anti-reploid groups often targeted the SR series for kicks. Trashing a piece of the office where they worked or at least a chance at ruining one of the boss's toys.

SR-7338 was built by Crimson Dynamics to work in their own offices for a mid level manager. (His last SR series reploid was destroyed by teens… for the third time.) SR-7338 worked for the manager for 6 months without too much issue. (Typical stuff for the series like broken wrist actuators from lifting too much or cracked skin around the joints. ) Until one day where a former employee burst into the office and demanded to speak to the boss who had fired him. The secretary reploid working outside refused since the manager was in a meeting (SR-7338 was with him). The angered ex-employee opened fire and destroyed the secretary reploid. He then burst into the office, waving his gun. The manager approached him and tried to calm him down. But the ex-worker was too agitated, SR-7338 noticed that the man was raising his gun, so she leaped in between the two men just when the ex-employee fired. SR-7338 took 3 rounds to the back, her weak armor broke and she was critically wounded. The manager reached down and deactivated her, hoping to salvage her.

The internal security team then showed up and apprehended the ex-employee before he could kill the manager. The manager, stared down at the deactivated reploid. It was then that he decided they needed to do something. The standard SR series needed some upgrades. He commissioned a team of reploid researchers to look into a mid-range weapons and armor solution for the SR series. He didn’t feel they needed to be built Hunter tough… but that they should at least have some weapons and firepower of their own.

3 hours later, when the team got back to him, they reported that it actually would be cheaper and more cost effective to just build the new series up to Hunter class standards rather than design and implement another variant of a body guard series. So the manager ordered that the new series be created immediately. Dubbed the SPR series, standing for Secretary-Protection Reploid. Though the manager decided that because SR-7338 had given her life for his, she should have the privilege of having the first fully functional SPR series bodies.

2 weeks later the first SPR was finished and tested. With that, SR-7338’s chip was given a new body. One much sturdier than before. Though on first look it didn’t seem any different than her old one, but when she activated her armoured form is when she was ready for business. Once awakened, she asked how the manager was. On hearing that he was fine, she was relieved. She returned to working for him thereafter. Though she now felt that something was missing in her life. She felt bored with her secretarial duties. So she spoke with the manager and asked to be relieved of employment. She had figured out what she wanted.

SR-7338 took on the name Serah Ria and went off to join the Maverick Hunters. She felt that it would be the best option for her new skills.

Behind the Character

Theme song is titled: Bounty of a Brain.