Character's Name

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Tank “Seth”
Nicknames: The Red Bomber, Chaos Tank
Species: Reploid - Old Generation
Gender: Male
Height: 6'7
Weight: 542 lbs
IQ: 119
DOB: 2176
Birth Place: Dr. Prowers Lab
Residence: Maverick Hunter HQ
Occupation: Maverick Hunter

Normal Appearance

Tank is a large, muscular reploid with brown eyes and short brown hair. His armor is very heavy, and very difficult to penetrate. The armor is primarily red in color with white undertones, worn over a gray body suit. The helmet is rounded, and painted with a three pronged insignia. The helmet also includes a visor which keeps Tank's eyes covered at all times.

At some point Tank's armor was upgraded to include an even heavier chestplate, leg guards and shoulder pads. He was given a second buster and had them upgraded to fire concentrated lazer beams. His color scheme was changed slightly, the white to yellow and the gray underarmor to black.

Hypermode Appearance

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: 4
Speed: 1
Strength: 12
Defense: 9
Dexterity: 7
Skill Level: 7
Skill Limit: 3
Constitution: 8

Weapons/Special Attacks


Tank Buster - Tank's buster has a variety of weapon variants, being able to fire large bursts of energy without charge time, as well as morphing into gattling guns or cutting lazers. Tank can also fire missiles in clusters of three, as well as his signiture “tank shell,” a golf ball sized explosive with the power of, well, a tank. Finally, Tank can fire a grappling cord with enough power to bear even his weight. The cord is resistant to most metals, taking a couple of slices to sever through it.

Redemption - Tank's signiture weapon, a large two handed broadsword which Tank can heft around using one. No one else appears to be capable of lifting it. The sword has at times been known to emmitt a blinding light, and Tank seems to be able channel this light into a beam upon slashing.

Katana - Tank's main melee weapon prior to aquiring Redemption, a variation on the traditional beam saber taking the form of the slimmer katana which Tank used to deliver quick, yet devastating slashes. Though this weapon does not see regular use anymore, Tank will occasionally swap swords and try a decidedly different attacking style to catch his enemies off guard.


Helmet - The visor is equipped with a number of scanners and vision settings, allowing for advanced tracking and precision targeting under almost all circumstances.

Shield - Normally worn over Tank's left arm as an arm guard of sorts, the shield can be expanded to a size more suitable to a reploid of Tank's stature. An energy shield envelops the shield and extends slightly beyond its boarders, adding to the shield's considerable durability.

Flamethrower - When Tank drops to his knee a flamethrower is revealed, which can sometimes be a useful ace in the hole in a sticky situation.

Special Attacks:

  1. Shrapnel Shot - Fires a burst of jagged shrapnel from his buster.
  2. Solar Oblivion - Absorbs solar energy through Redemption and unleashes it in waves which cascade off in all directions. Only usable in sunlight.
  3. Devastator Beams - After a moment of charging power, Tank can unleash a pair of concented energy beams, obliterating virtually anything.

Hypermode Abilities





Hypermode ultimate move:


Personality: Tank is a very bold sort of character, with a very clear set of morals that he will not compromise on. Being the eldest of his brothers Tank is very much a protector, an attitude which is unchanged in his role as a hunter. Tank strives to save everyone, all of the time, not believing in making sacrifices or taking shortcuts. That said, he can be impatient, arrogant and judgmental, although he tries to police himself with respect to that.

History: Tank was the last creation of a german scientist called Dr. Ziedler, but due to the doctor's untimely death the unfinished Tank was shipped to Ziedler's collegue, Dr. Prowers, for completion. Prowers himself came under fire by the same assailants who had killed Ziedler, a band of mavericks hoping to steal Tank for their own purposes. Prowers however was forced to activate Tank prematurely, and although he defeated the mavericks with aid from Prowers' assistant Tristy, Tank escaped the lab to create havok in town due to a programming glitch which caused him to identify all robots as “intruders.” He was eventually defeated and returned to the lab by a Maverick Hunter called Hestin, who remarked that he was “built like a tank,” thus naming him.

Upon completion, Dr. Prowers donated Tank to the maverick hunters where he rose quickly and prominantly through their ranks. Shortly after his first sibling, Submarine was completed, Dr. Prowers passed away leaving Jet unfinished. Tank and Sub had trouble agreeing on a doctor to finish their brother, as well as whether or not he ought to be a hunter. Eventually the two reached a compromise and Jet was completed. Jet had not been created for combat as Tank and Sub had, and when his path led him to become a maverick hunter Tank took it upon himself to be a mentor of sorts, looking out for him until he was sure that Jet was capable. At this point the Hunters were facing budget cuts and Tank, having just lost his wife volunteered to be placed under protective stasis to be preserved for the future.

Several years passed before Tank was reactivated and returned to active duty, and he was not happy with the way the hunters had handled things during his absence. With Sub now dead and Jet missing and presumed dead, Tank actually found himself threatening Alia and defecting to the mavericks. Unknown to Tank however, the hunters had been infiltrated by a renegade faction of new generation reploids and “Alia” was not Alia at all, nor was he aware that his defection as well as his early reactivation had in fact been their doing. Nevertheless, Tank was unable to see that he had lost his way until Jet returned and helped to clear the newest maverick uprising.

The new generation reploids were not finished however, and like Lumine before them they sought to cleanse the world of the older generation of reploids, starting with the Maverick Hunters. Infiltration became such an issue that Hunter Command decided to reduce the size of all units, intending that they become more close knit and more difficult for new generation spies to roam their ranks undetected. Tank's new squad consisted of himself, Jet, Gawain and Buckingham Bear, and though the threat of the newer generation of reploids was quelled, the damage had been done. Scaling back the hunter units gave the mavericks the opportunity they had been waiting for, catching the hunters unprepared and outnumbered. Tank gave his life defending Maverick Hunter HQ, leaving Jet to carry on their fight.

Behind the Character

When I created Jet I wanted him to have a mentor, someone to look after him until he became stronger, as well as someone to aspire to surpass. Tank and Sub were both designed to fill those roles, molding him into a great warrior while at the same time grounding Jet with life lessons and humanizing him, giving him familial connection.