Vyper Uniscus

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Vyper Uniscus
Species: Reploid - Old Generation
Gender: Physically female; mentally ambiguous.
Height: 6'9”
Weight: 210lbs
IQ: 90
DOB: June 2nd
Birth Place: Silent Sonata Corp.
Residence: Silent Sonata Corp.
Occupation: Weapons Tester

Normal Appearance

Skin Color: Light Brown–Caramel-ish
Eye Color: Dark Violet
Hair Style: Dark burgandy hair shoulder's length and tied into a ponytail.

Armor description:
Head- Burgandy helmet. Its style converges backwards to a single point, giving it a sleek look. An orange-yellow vizor covers the eyes in the shape of a stretched heart, with a black mouth guard helping form the heart shape. Several light-grey V's form a column down the mouth guard while two large black saber teeth flank each side. A red diamond crystal rests on the forehead and the ear devices emit a red light.

Chest/torso- Burgandy Armor with a black jump suit beneath. The armor coats around “her” but stops, leaving the abs and inner-portion of her chest covered by the jumpsuit. The portion of armor ar abdominal-height is comprised of a collection of plates to allow acrobatic movement. Where the belly button would be, a small red round crystal rests. A black chain also circles her hips.

Arms- Typical burgandy pauldrons rest on her shoulders, albiet smaller, more sleek. The arms are free until the gauntlets, which start at the elbow. running across the forearms are chrome golden katana-shaped blades thar continue on inches past the shoulders. The gauntlets themselves feature golden sharp nails. red X crystals mark both palms.

Legs- The burgandy leg armor is mostly comprised of plates tiled side by side to each other to provide mobility, except for the inner thighs and down.. Lacks the bulk of typical reploid armor.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: 8
Speed: *
Strength: 4
Defense: 4
Dexterity: 8
Skill Level: 9
Skill Limit: 2
Constitution: 5
Total 40

* Speed wasn't used in Attention Rookies: Zero. (It was folded into Agility.)

Weapons/Special Attacks

Weapons: The blades on her arm are detachable as swords, but prefers to use her claws.


Special Attacks:

  1. Energen Knives: Vyper sacrifices some of her energen supply to produce energen knives that shatter seconds after impact to rupture the wound
  2. Cannibalism: Vyper's helmet transforms her head into a large mouth full of tools necessary to latch onto her victim's face and drain energen. Can only be performed on dead reploids and very little is extracted. She's left vulnerable during this time.

Chosen Maverick Moves

  1. Static Pulse - Knuckle - By pounding the ground, this move sends a thin stream of electricity along the ground that travels in a straight line.


Hypermode Appearance

Skin Color: Same.
Eye Color: Bright purple
Hair Style: Longer bright blood-red hair that looks unkempt. reaches upper back.

Armor Description:
Head- Same, though color is now lavender.
Chest/torso- Same, lavender color.
Arms- Same, lavender color
Legs- Same, lavender color

Hypermode Abilities

Head: Increased cannibalism speed

Arms: able to make energen hand sword extentions. shatter on impact–simply used for impaling.

Body: Allows her to glide.

Legs: Allows her to dash-a previously unusable function.

Hypermode ultimate move: Light Shift: Vyper makes a projection of herself that explodes upon contact. Will continuously do whatever action Vyper was doing prior to creation. EX: If she is running and light shifts, she can run a different direction but the LS will continuously run the previous direction.



  1. Super-sonic frequencies bring an emotional imbalance to her.
  2. Constantly being referred to as “it” emotionally upsets her greatly.

Personality: A complex being who refers to herself as “us” and “we”. Without her helmet, Vyper is rather timid and bashful,afraid to so much as look another in the eye. This nature often leaves her defenseless against harsh words and passive in battle. After donning her helmet, however, Vyper's complexity shows more her mannerisms constantly change, as does her demeanor. She is much more bold with a slight touch of aggressiveness. Given her past and purpose, Vyper has a bleak, yet accepted outlook on life. This typically puts a clear level of boldness in her combat ability as well.

History: Initially created to serve as a weapons tester at a once-respectfully known Silent Sonata Corp. Through corperate conspiracy, Vyper's fellow weapons testers and Reploid projects began getting destroyed. Over time, the company's name fell into shambles. The head developer one day, out of need of revenge, took Vyper's control chip and illegally implanted combat skills–and incidentally, memories and personas–into hers, making her very unstable for a time.

She was thus, sent to eliminate those who sabotaged Silent Sonata Corp after being outfitted with various weapon systems.

Sometime after the successful vandetta, the researcher committed suicide, leaving Vyper the last remnant of a doomed corperation. Inside the ruins of her old HQ, Vyper spent 20 years coming to peace with the multiple personnas within her and somewhat found sanity again. Looking to bide her time until destruction, Vyper became a maverick hunter.

Behind the Character

Vyper's theme song is Bleeding is a Luxury - Atreyu