Character's Name

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Zanjitsu
Nicknames: Zan
Species: Reploid
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Weight: 124lbs
IQ: 104
DOB: Unrecorded
Birth Place: Neo Arcadia
Residence: Currently Resistance Base
Occupation: Field Combatant

Normal Form

Normal Appearance


Agility: 13
Strength: 10
Defense: 3
Dexterity: 8
Skill Level: 6
Skill Limit: 4
Constitution: 6

Weapons/Special Attacks


  1. Pitch Black Saber [D]: A unique saber that has a pitch black blade.
  2. Shortsaber [D]: Using the design of the main saber, the shorter version was made. This allows him to append 2nd smaller versions of any of his Special Attacks after their use with the main saber.

Items: N/A

Special Attacks:

  1. Blackwind Crescent: A simple blade beam. Can be used with smaller blades as well.
  2. Hurricane Blade: Overdrive the blade arm and slash all around the user with immense and blinding speed. He may move while using this move, and it can be sustained. Prolonged usage will cause his arm to overheat. He can use this with Sever Blast to cover much larger distance or spam a larger amount of attacks. Concentrated application where he aims all the slashes in one direction will not overheat his arms.
  3. Zantetsuken: Meaning iron cutting sword. A slash so fine it will go through armor. It affects one area in a horizontal or vertical line should he choose, and has a delay of around 1.5-2 seconds before it occurs. The move is capable of attacking internal parts, bypassing armor.
  4. Zanshin: Meaning remaining mind. Zanji is able to cancel any of his moves and layer on a 2nd move, essentially allowing him to use one and a half Special Attacks. He can also use this cancel in order to rid himself of his vulnerability whilst attacking and attempt to evade a counter-attack. For example he can use Hurricane Blade, then cancel and use a Zantetsuken on top of it. The best application is use Zantetsuken, cancel that and then Hurricane Blade or Black Sever in order to pressure the enemy into staying in Zantetsuken's area of effect.

Gained Moves

  1. Ground Control - The user gains limited control of the sand on the ground (providing there is sand on the ground) and can form it into shields or other helpful shapes.


Personality: Zanjitsu, often known as Zan or Zanji is seen as rather distant than other reploids. He was designed to fight, and without doubt it's what he enjoys to do, not known whether it was programmed purposely or not, he also has a sense of honour and ethics, more specifically, a warrior's honour and ethics. He respects power, which can make it difficult to catch him off guard in a duel, furthermore his loyalty to the Resistance for granting him a home is unwavering and at the moment he cannot imagine himself walking out of the team. He also doesn't have much of a sense of humour.

History: Zanjitsu was a reploid made a unique material called Black Alloy. Pitch black in appearance, but very light and had many auxiliary uses, making it an excellent accentuation or finish for many reploids. Zanjitsu was the first based on data Neo Arcadia dug up at the same time as finding the material. As a result, he came out perfectly, however the ones that would come afterward were not so lucky. The material was unique in that it was harmful to sensitive components, and the most sensitive was the programming. The line of Black Alloy reploids that were made to enter Phantom's portion of the army were executed and disposed of. Zanjitsu escaped this fate by mere luck, when some other groups tried to escape also at the same time as they were taking him for the termination. He helped the other escaping parties escape, and shortly afterward, joined the Resistance, a place he now calls home because the rest of the world would have him terminated.

Behind the Character