Aether Aloja

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Aether Aloja
Species: Reploid - Old Generation
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5”
Weight: 134lbs
IQ: 114
DOB: October 24th
Birth Place: Catalonia.
Residence: Maverick base.
Occupation: Maverick


Skin Color: Light blue
Eye Color: Dark blue
Hair Style: Her shoulder length gold hair changes appearance depending on her form. If she's in her solid form then it hangs down to her shoulders in wavy locks. If she's in her gas state, it floats up and behind her. If she's in her liquid state then it becomes slicked down and difficult to distinguish from her head (much like someone who has been in the rain).

Other features: She can change her state… (See powers).

Armor description
Head – She wears nothing on her head to cover her face at all.

Chest/torso – She wears an expensive looking deep blue armour with 3 jewels slanting towards her arms just above her breasts. Around her neck it looks like she has a fine gold chain. She has a blue layered skirt (3 layers, darkest blue on bottom, up to a ligher blue on top) that extends from waist to mid thigh. In her gas form, she also has a pair of rainbow coloured blackbird like wings that result from light shinning through her aerolised form with wings.

Arms – Her arms are covered by blue busters with gold streaks from front to back. Her arms also continuously emit steam from them.

Legs – Like her arms, her legs are deep blue with gold streaks from ankle to shin. Her feet are bare and when ever she walks somewhere, the ground is made drier than what it was before.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: -
Speed: 7
Strength: 2
Defense: 6
Dexterity: 4
Skill Level: 6
Skill Limit: 5
Constitution: 10

Weapons/Special Attacks

Weapons: Her body.

Items: None.

Special Attacks:

  1. Ether Vent - Buster - By transforming a portion into superheated gas, a powerful blast of high speed and pressure vapour is created.
  2. Aether Stream - Saber - A line of liquid is generated with extremely high surface tension, which allows this liquid to be used to whip enemies.
  3. Aether Block - Knuckle - By gathering mass, a projectile of ultra-dense nanites is formed. Then launched at the target with a swing of the user's weapon. (By gathering enough mass this can also be used as a makeshift shield.)
  4. Form Shift - Aether Aloja's favoured technique is that to shift her entire body from solid to liquid or gaseous state as necessary. She can only use her Ether Vent attack and cannot easily be attacked when in gaseous state, however she can also fly. In liquid state she becomes faster, can travel through other liquids and is difficult to hit, though she can only use Aether Stream to attack. In her solid form she can attack with all her moves and be attacked through conventional means.
  5. Aether Vortex - Overdrive - A highly damaging move that drains Aloja's body and sacrifices it to unleash a powerful torrent of swirling water and steam.


Aether Aloja is extremely volitile to say the least. Her mood, like her form, shifts very easily. Which means an innocent statement can very easily drive her off on a tangent. Though she is also extremely proud of her good looks and is very vain. If insulted about her looks it will drive her into a frenzy that results in whoever spoke getting killed.

Aether Aloja was designed and built by a forward thinking reploid design team. They wanted to build a reploid composed entirely of nanites to prove it could be done. They were granted funding by Maverick Hunters, because Hunter HQ saw tremendous potential for advancement in Hunter technology if nanobot technology could be used to create the entire reploid.

This lead to the creation of Aether Aloja. She was constructed entirely from next generation nanites. Her entire body is composed of them, allowing her tremendous control of her form. Though the research team discovered that when they activated her, her thoughts were extremely unstable due to a decentralized control chip layout. She was declared flawed and meant to be decommissioned, being viewed as too dangerous to allow to be set loose.

However en route to the Hunter base where she was set to be completely decommissioned, her caravan was attacked and her shutdown body was stolen by mavericks. They then activated her and after weathering her rage, they filled her in about what the hunters had planned. She swore veangeance against the Hunters and joined up with those mavericks. (A fact they sometimes regret…)

Behind the Maverick

Aether Aloja is based off Catalan water spirit that are traditionally female. They live only in places with fresh water (which fits her location in the story, a freshwater lake). They are able to shift their forms into those of a blackbird made of water (which is why she has blackbird wings when she transforms into her gaseous state). They also have the power to boil water that they're in when they're angry (which contributed to the idea of a character that can shift states from liquid to solid to fluid, with each form offering a unique ability/trait). And they tend to be very prideful of their good looks and when insulted turn hostile quickly.

Thusly her name comes from aloja (which is the type of creature she is based on) and aether which is a quintessential part of ancient alchemy… often translated to air. This is partly a reference to her gaseous form and partly because medieval scholars thought aether was to be able to change densities… which would change states from solid to liquid to gas.

The idea for her rather fast personality switches also came from the idea that since she was made of nanites (rather than a traditional metal body like other reploids) her control chip would have to also be split up and carried by the nanites. (Which is also what allows her to shift forms and remain in control.) But that would make her mind basically tons of nanites in her body. So they would be largely divided, fighting for control of the body… Except in cases where they encountered Maverick Hunters which every part of her mind hates in unison (allowing for about the only time every part works together to fulfil a common goal).