Sylph Succubus

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Sylph Succubus
Nicknames: None Known
Species: Reploid - Old generation
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2”
Weight: 122lbs
IQ: 100
DOB: Exact date unknown
Birth Place: Italy
Residence: Maverick
Occupation: Former - Maverick Hunter
Current - Maverick


Skin Color: Pale white
Eye Color: Red
Hair Style: Long purple hair that extends down to her shoulders. Has small bangs in the front.

Armor description

Head - Sylph's head is mostly human looking, except with a small black pair of bat wings that stretch upward from a hairband-like part of her head.

Chest/torso – Sylph's torso is mostly purple with a large deep purple “V”-like piece of metal that starts at her shoulders and covers her breasts. Underneath the “V” is a layer of lighter purple armour. It extends down to her waist. At her waist she has two purple sections of plate metal that accentuate her hips and a thin purple belt just at her waist. She wears no armoured briefs, instead having her armoured pink bodysuit visible.

On her back a pair of large purple bat wings extend from her shoulders (just below where the “V” metal sits). They are deep purple with pink sections between the wings.

She has a purple tail that extends from just below the belt on her back.

Arms – From her shoulder to bicep her arms are pink. Halfway down her bicep though she has deep purple section that begins. Her forearm section is very thin, more like armour than a buster, and her hands are purple.

Legs – Her legs are pink, with deep purple sections that start halfway down her thigh. Her shin section is much smaller than most reploids, more like just a thin covering over her armoured bodysuit rather than actual armour. Her boots are purple with a 3 inch heel in them.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: *
Speed: 11
Strength: 5
Defense: 6
Dexterity: 5
Skill Level: 6
Skill Limit: 6
Constitution: 3
Total 45

Weapons/Special Attacks

Weapons: Her body (and technically those she's used Enthrall on.)

Items: None.

Special Attacks:

  1. Vital Absorption - X-Buster - Launches a small projectile that drains energy from the source on impact, then transmits it back to the user. User then forms the stolen energy into a single beam of energy and fires it.
  2. Drain Saber - Z-saber - When the blade hits an opponent, it draws a bit of energy and stores it in the blade, sucessive strikes draw more energy. Once sufficient energy has been drained off, it can be launched in a wave at the enemy.
  3. Weakening Graze - Knuckle - When the user makes contact with the enemy, this draws some power off. When enough power is collected the user can throw a ball of energy that explodes and sends rays of energy off for a few seconds. (Like a small sun.)
  4. Enthrall - Using her hands or lips Sylph uploads a virus into the opponent that causes them to want to obey Sylph. Though the virus does not last very long. This virus also is equally effective on both male and female reploids.
  5. Nightmare Scene - Sylph generates two duplicates of herself. Each one can launch one attack before exhausting it's power and fading away.
  6. Syphon Bomb - Overdrive - Sylph reels back and begins to absorb the energy from everything around her. Those caught within her range are paralyzed while she draws energy. Once she has sufficient energy she condenses it into a small ball and fires it. When it impacts it releases a powerful explosion.

Weaknesses: Her energy absorption systems are vulnerable to high temperatures and overheating. High temperatures can also soften her armour or destroy her wings.


Personality: Sylph is extremely vain, she values her appearance above all else. Insulting her appearance will provoke an immediate attack. However she doesn't get jealous over those who look better than her. (If anything she is actually prone to hitting on them.)

Sylph also doesn't like to fight her own battles. She much prefers having others do things for her. (And she takes great pride in being able to convince/force others to bend to her whim.)

History: Sylph Sprite was a reploid originally designed to absorb and rechannel energies to combat energy using mavericks. She was built and dispatched to the Maverick Hunters to do her duty. And for a time she was a valuable asset to the Maverick Hunters. However one day she quit being a hunter and vanished.

Unknown to Hunter HQ, in the course of her duty she became corrupted by the maverick virus. As it turned out the constant and repeated syphoning of energy from mavericks was taking a massive toll on her systems. And in some cases she had been absorbing more than simply maverick's energy (parts of their virus also)… So the more Sylph absorbed the more she became corrupted until finally the maverick virus simply overcame her defenses.

Once she turned maverick she discarded her old name (choosing to go with Sylph Succubus) and underwent extensive remodeling to get rid of her old appearance and add new capabilities. (Formerly she had small green wings to allow her to fly.)

Behind the Maverick

Her theme song is Mango Tango from Double Dragon Neon.

Her name Sylph can refer to either a slender girl or to a spirit of the air. Sylph was also an element of the order of elements (along with Undine/Water, Salamander/Fire, Gnomes/Earth).

The purple hairband on her head with small wings is a throwback to Morrigan of Darkstalkers. Though her powers are drawn from various sources regarding Succubi. (Castlevania, Lost Girl, etc…)