Metal Mongoose

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Metal Mongoose
Nicknames: tin pet, plate head
Species: Reploid – Mutos, based off a mongoose
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5”
Weight: 345lbs
IQ: 140
DOB: march 15th, year unknown
Birth Place: Unknown
Residence: 1756 Grey lane, Central City
Occupation: Ex-body guard


Skin Color: skin is same as amour… silver lined with gold
Eye Color: black with gold irises
Hair Style: no real hair, just jagged metal where hair would be.

Other features:
Armor description: completely silver, with small jagged pieces of metal all down his back that can be flattened down for an extra layer of armor. Has gold gloves and boots, with silver trim, but for most part he is silver. His body is chiseled to a perfect physique and covered by lines of jagged pieces of metal all over his chest, all gold tipped which he can flatten for extra protection

Armor colors: silver lined with gold.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: 4
Speed: 4
Strength: 5
Defense: 6
Dexterity: 6
Intelligence: 5*
Skill Level: 4
Skill Limit: 4
Constitution: 2

*Intelligence was a stat only used in Attention Rookies 2.

Weapons/Special Attacks



Special Attacks:

  1. Metal shard – (X buster) – Fires a blast of high velocity metal shards in a wide angle.
  2. Metal Cutter – (Z saber) – Z saber gets an oxidizing feature which allows it to slice though certain metal easier.
  3. Brass knux – (knuckle) – the knuckles get shards affixed to the ends which can be fired off at will.
  4. Scrap Storm – any metal in the area is gathered up and shot high into the ky, breaking up as it goes into small sharp pieces. Then at peak heigh it begins to fall and gain speed, heating up as it goes.


Personality: a very frivolous maverick, likes to chase anything shiny and cannot resist stopping in the heat of battle to add something new to his collection

History: Created by a wealthy person as a personal body guard for the man's vast fortune. As a result he developed a love that borders obsession for all things shiny. When his creator dies of old age, he inherited the vast fortune, put ahead of all the other members of the man's family, which caused them to be enraged, they sent assassins after him to kill him to get their share of what they felt was rightfully theirs. The attacks failed though it left Metal broken… both mentally and physically. He used the gold and silver stashes of his wealth to repair himself, but his psyche never recovered, from then on he focused only on more money, and hurting all that would stop him. So when he was offered a large sum of money to help the mavericks… he gladly accepted.

Behind the Maverick