Arctic Aardvark

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Arctic Aardvark
Nicknames: Frosty, chilly willy
Species: Reploid – Mutos (based off an aardvark)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11”
Weight: 245lbs
IQ: 99
DOB: June 24th 2XXX
Birth Place: North Atlantic Research and Defense group.
Residence: Maverick base
Occupation: Former - Hunter Trainer
Current- Maverick trainer


Artic Aardvark is a large reploid with a red Mohawk on his head. His armor is primarily light blue and white. His long mouth appendage is white and has a grey tube on either side going to it to pump the cryogenic fluid he uses for his attacks. On the side of his face, on the white mask area, is a single vent used to help cool the air around him. His blue armored shoulders also have vents on them to cool the air around him. His biceps are white. His forearms are blue and have several vents on them. His hands are white and have large opening in the palms to use his ice based techniques. His body is blue and has several vents on his back. His thighs are white, the shins are blue and the boots are white trimmed with red around the claw like toes.

Capabilities (Stats)

Original Modified*
Agility: 3 7
Speed: 3 7
Strength: 4 4
Defense: 4 5
Dexterity: 2 5
Skill Level: 4 4
Skill Limit: 6 7
Constitution: 8 10

* The modified stats are due to the order the maverick was fought in.

Weapons/Special Attacks

Weapons: Ice techniques.

Items: Ice generation system.

Special Attacks:

  1. Icicle Launcher – Buster – Fires icicles that when they hit their target release a blast of cold to slow them down.
  2. Diamond Cutter – Saber – Creates a blade edge so sharp that it is rumored to be able to cleave a diamond in half. (For saber users, this just coats your saber in ice, but for Artic he creates the sword himself. ) Any swing with this weapon sends small ice crystals flying at a target as well.
  3. Ice Breaker – Knuckle – A simple punch to the ground that allows the user to send an icy blast into the ground. After either sending the blast at an enemy or when the user chooses the ice blast erupts from the ground into a frozen spire.
  4. Frosty touch – allows the Arctic Aardvark to freeze objects with his bare hands by touching the object.
  5. Frozen tomb – Arctic Aardvark forces his ice powers into a super beam, when he looses this beam, any target struck by it becomes immobilized inside a frozen spire.
  6. Ice storm – Overdrive - Artic Aardvark ensures the room is cold enough he then launches multiple icicles into the air. Once in the air, they begin to freeze and harden even more as they plummet towards their targets, becoming speeding ice javelins.

7th move - Cold Disruption - A blue sphere surrounds Arctic's body, then it expands, traveling off him at a high speed and when it hits all that hunter's Special moves are disabled. (Does not affect weapon modules from other mavericks.)

Special Abilities: Cold as well as water type attacks are useless.

Weaknesses: Fires tend to disperse his ice based techniques.


Personality: A rather caring individual actually… Despite his cold appearance, Artic Aardvark is actually quite the caring maverick. He tends to look after his troupe and other maverick as well.

History: Artic Aardvark was created by the hunters to be a training instructor for their new recruits. And for several weeks he was a perfect training instructor, but when Shock scorpion went rogue, he infected Artic Aardvark in the process, and together they ambushed Fissure Fox, with Shock converting her in the process. Artic later became the maverick’s chief training instructor and had been known to show great care to instill into the new mavericks a great loyalty to the leaders. Such caring has actually made the maverick considerably stronger as now they will actually help each other out more now rather than fight alone.

Behind the Maverick

His theme song is Crossfade's “So Cold”.