Nuclear Nightingale

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Nuclear Nightingale
Nicknames: Tweeter
Species: Reploid – mutos(based of a nightingale)
Gender: Male
Height: 4'11”
Weight: 110lbs
IQ: 120
DOB: December 10th
Birth Place: Philanthropy Inc’s main lab aboard the Nomad.
Residence: Former- Iraq
Current – Maverick HQ
Occupation: Former Nuclear weapon disposal expert.


Nightingale’s face is purple with blue armored segments on his head. His chest is blue with the front of the nuclear containment device showing and loads of small tubes and wires running about. The containment unit is extremely well armored as it presents a nice target. The shoulders are blue with a small wire running from his back to the shoulder. The biceps, abdomen and thighs are purple. The forearms are blue and have a thin wire connected to the chest from just before the elbow. The shins are blue and have no wires running to them. The feet are traditional bird type feet with 3 toes and a small black claw on the end of each toe. Nightingale has 2 grey wings on his back which he can channel his nuclear power to so they can be used to fly.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: 5
Speed: 3
Strength: 2
Defense: 7
Dexterity: 5
Skill Level: 5
Skill Limit: 5
Constitution: 8

Weapons/Special Attacks

Weapons: Nuclear energy release ports on wings and hands.

Items: Nuclear containment device on chest.

Special Attacks:

  1. Electron Splitter – Buster – Fires a beam of nuclear energy that strips the electrons through the air to move, effectively building an anti-electric charge as it moves.
  2. Atom-Bonds Cleaver – Saber – When activated the saber glows yellow and when swung it emits a yellow wave for several feet off the swing.
  3. Decay Coil – knuckle – Emits a radioactive explosion on a punch, increasing the damage on a punch… however uses a lot of energy to shield the user from the harmful effects so it cannot be used frequently.
  4. Radioactive decay – Nuclear nightingale unleashes a cloud of radioactive material that disables a victim’s special abilities for some time by affecting the reploid’s power distribution system. (This move is used at close range only.)
  5. Nuclear Blowout – Overdrive – Nuclear Nightingale goes critical… he powers up and unleashes a massive blast of nuclear energy from his chest containment unit.

Special Abilities: Nuclear Nightingale can absorb radioactive elements to power his abilities. Nightingale’s abilities also have an anti-nuclear capacity to them, he can nullify any nuclear weapon used against him. Which is particularly dangerous to other reploids if their nuclear fusion cores get remotely exposed to his weapons…

Weaknesses: Ground abilities diffuses his anti-nuclear weaponry by disrupting the electron/protons in the air.


Personality: A depressed maverick, oft gets sad and hung up over his early retirement, failure to help those people yet he gets gleeful at the thought of taking another life… Due to his corruption and the virus having screwed with his mind.

History: Nuclear Nightingale was developed by the UN’s Anti-nuclear weapon program with sponsors from a dozen different companies that jointly commissioned Philanthropy Inc. to build an anti nuclear weapon. Taking the anti-nuclear weapon idea to the next level, they devised and built a reploid that could effectively generate a nuclear powered beam that could disable other nuclear power sources by stripping the spare electrons or the protons from the nucleus and rendering the isotope/element inert and stable. The resulting beam had a side effect of producing a lot of protons and creating an anti-electricity based weapon as well. With the reploid successfully designed and tested, he was released to work in the field. Charged with the task of reducing nuclear stockpiles and safely storing the resulting elements. But Nuclear Nightingale’s systems became corrupt after he absorbed too much radiation for his systems to handle, in a fit of chaos and uncertainty he chose to unleash his excess radiation and kill 4 humans that were assisting him, else risk containing it and taking out the entire city when his containment ruptured and created a bomb more powerful than a hydrogen bomb. After the incident, the UN deemed the project too unsafe and hurriedly worked to discharge the excess nuclear energy from Nightingale and suspend him in a containment and cleansing facility until he could be safely reactivated. Then the mavericks found the base… They broke in and stole much of the equipment, including one Nuclear Nightingale. Having reactivated him, they converted his already corrupted systems into a full maverick, where he now works with them to bring about the downfall of humans.

Behind the Maverick

This maverick was never fought in Chaos Advent by the players…