Shock Scorpion

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Shock Scorpion
Nicknames: None
Species: Reploid - Mutos (based off a scorpion)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6”
Weight: 210lbs
IQ: 90
DOB: August 15th 2XXX
Birth Place: Hunter HQ
Residence: Current - Maverick base
Occupation: Former Hunter


Shock Scorpion has a long black and gold lined tail, the tip is two dangerous looking pieces of curved metal that are separated about an inch. His torso is mostly gold with black lining the shoulders and rounding his shoulders off. The black also converges at his solar plexus and then runs down to his abdomen, which is all black. He wears gold armored trunks, over his black bodysuit. His shin/leg armor parts are gold with black lines descending down the sides and forming a small black triangle in the front. The boots themselves are gold and have a sort of hoof like design with 2 toes pointed out and a triangular cleft between them. Shock has 6 arms, all the same design… Gold shoulders with black lining on top of them, the biceps are black and gold lined. The forearms are gold with black lining, and his gloves are white.

Capabilities (Stats)

Original Modified* Hypermode*2
Agility: 4 8 7
Speed: 4 8 6
Strength: 6 12 9
Defense: 5 10 9
Dexterity: 4 8 7
Skill Level: 7 10 7
Skill Limit: 6 6 7
Constitution: 6 12 10

* The modified stats are due to the order the maverick was fought in.
*2 This was one of the few mavericks who had a Hypermode.

Weapons/Special Attacks

Weapons: His tail and his 6 arms.

Items: Had a land chaser.

Special Attacks:

  1. Ion Cannon – Buster – Once enabled this move draws ions from the air to create a blast of electrical energy. This move is limited as the buster cannot hold as much of the fuel for the ionization process as Shock could.
  2. Shock wave – Knuckle – Ionizing the hands, the user can fire a small wave of electrical current from their hands, which travels straight forward for a while then diffuses into the air.
  3. Dispersal – Saber – Inverting the process, this move creates a beam of positively charged ions, and as a result it scatters negative ions about, creating arcs of electricity around the user(for Shock)/user’s weapon(for everyone else). The blade can then be swung for a more powerful strike, as well as the arcs of electricity can be used to damage foes.
  4. Six Shooter – Shock spreads his arms out and arcs of electricity jump between each hand, after a second balls of electrical energy form in his hands. He can then shoot the balls out one at a time, or all at once.
  5. Arc Thunder – Shock gathers energy into his hands, then forces it into a thin beam of electrical energy, which he can then use to throw at targets (like a lightning bolt) or he can use it like a sword.
  6. Shock Stinger – Shock’s most powerful move, he ionizes his whole tail, then forces the electricity to the tail section where it arcs continually between the stinger tips. Shock then plunges the tip into the victim and fries their insides with the powerful current.

7th move (gained from Hypermode) - Neutronization Field - Shock Scorpion emits a highly positive electric field which disperses electrons from incoming attacks. The result is that every special attack launched at him suffers a reduction in power. (This was a move the hunters didn't get when they become able to transform into Shock scorpion.)

Also from activating Hypermode, Shock Stinger gained: “The shock that is deliver persists for some time, delivering minor jolts and preventing the target from accessing any transformations or boosts. (2 posts.)”


Personality: Towards hunters he is quite sadistic, enjoying to torment the hunters and draw out the suffering in them.

History: Shock Scorpion was a hunter, created with the goal of being an effective group combatant, and designed to deal with the rising number of mavericks. His primary attack is to use his powerful tail to ionize the air and draw electricity from it. With this charge he can manipulate it in his hands for various types of offense. Because of his capability to ionize the air, all electrical moves are severely weakened against him, as he can draw the ions off them and use them for his own moves. He was created years before Sigma was defeated for the 8th and final time, however he never saw much action as a hunter due to the fact he’d only been activated a short time when he was infected by the maverick virus. But now Shock scorpion is acting as a host to the maverick virus, just as Sigma typically does. And his primary goal as it seems is to infect as many reploids as possible. Though he typically won’t infect a hunter… He rather relishes the opportunity to kill them. (But he has made a few exceptions to this rule… Namely Arctic Aardvark and Fissure Fox.) The primary method of infection seems to be his tail…

Behind the Maverick

Shock Scorpion's stats from the modified column are way too high for what they should have been. The fight with him was engineered so that he would start off extremely tough and thinking he was outclassed he'd activate the hypermode to get stronger… But it in fact weakened him to where the real modified stats should have put him. It was to make people think that hypermode was going to make him stronger when they were reading that part of the story, only to discover the hypermode had actually leveled the playing field for them making it easier to fight.

Shock was designed to be a sort of Sigma-like figure… being that he was able to pass the maverick virus along through directly injecting into victims with his tail. He also shared the trait that he was a hunter himself until he got infected. Another trait he shared was that he was directly responsible for some of the hunters turning maverick in this fight… (Arctic Aardvark and Fissure Fox.)