Soar Squirrel

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Soar Squirrel
Nicknames: None
Species: Reploid - mutos (based off a squirrel)
Gender: Female
Height: 4'9”
Weight: 100lbs
IQ: 104
DOB: July 25th 2XXX
Birth Place: Canadian Wilderness preservation centre.
Residence: Maverick base
Occupation: Former Park ranger


Soar Squirrel has brown fur over most of her body a fact which hides the majority of her armor. A few visible pieces include the breastplate, which is a darker brown and has 3 vents on each side under the breast. And the other pieces are the shins which are also darker brown and have the bomb deployment parts just visible about the ankle. The other spot is the arms, where the armor is mostly visible and there are 5 slots for the bombs to be ejected from. Soar also has a tail for balancing, and the wings she has are collapsible for when she wants to walk, she can also collapse them mid-flight and use her air control abilities for temporary flight, or combined with her wings, for an increased speed burst.

Capabilities (Stats)

Original Modified*
Agility: 7 10
Speed: 5 10
Strength: 4 4
Defense: 4 6
Dexterity: 5 5
Skill Level: 4 4
Skill Limit: 5 5
Constitution: 6 6

* The modified stats are due to the order the maverick was fought in.

Weapons/Special Attacks

Weapons: Primarily bombs housed within her body.

Items: Internal air pressure control/manipulation system.

Special Attacks:

  1. Wind Bursts -X-Buster – The buster fires a blast of wind at hyper speeds carrying a small bomb in it, when the bomb reaches a either the target or a certain distance/X time, the bomb then explodes sending out damaging aerial shockwaves.
  2. Typhoon Striker - Z-Saber – The blade of the saber begins to twirl around at hyper speeds, creating a vortex of wind, the user may then slash with this hyper speeding blade of wind in a rising style, or use it to propel them faster.
  3. Gale Force - Knuckle – Allows the user to swing their fists/feet fast enough to release a wave of air off the motion. The force of the air is effective for several feet before dissipating.
  4. Dive bomber – Soar Squirrel releases several explosive acorns from hidden spots in her armor. (Typically from under the wrists, behind the back, or from around the ankles.) The explosives are both timed and proximity… And despite their rather miniature size they pack quite a punch when deployed in large numbers.
  5. Hurricane Wrecker – Overdrive – Soar Squirrel begins spinning at an accelerated rate, causing a large vortex of air to form around her, after a few seconds, she then releases caches of bombs into the hurricane. The bombs spin wildly about it, crashing into each other and causing explosions all over.

Special Abilities: Can fly with her wings, can user her air control power to fly without wings for a short time, or can use it for a speed boosts.

Weaknesses: Because her wings were reinforced they still remain a target… and piercing weapons or powerful weapons can still affect them.


Personality: Soar is quite, and for the most part was subservient, that is until she got bored of her former job and asked for a transfer… once she stepped up she became fiercely independent and didn’t want to listen to the ones who wanted to control her.

History: Soar Squirrel was designed by the Canadian government as a park ranger type reploid, with specific design inclusions for flight capability. As a result Soar Squirrel is a capable fighter in the air. Her initial mission was to patrol the forests looking for any people in trouble, suspicious reploids or people. Her weapons were originally designed for fly by bombings of stun based weaponry to fit her function… But she was later modified so that she could fire multiple lethal bombs at a time. She was also had installed into her a high powered air pressure system so that she could manipulate the air and aid in her flight, but later retrofitting by the mavericks allowed her to use this air manipulation device as an offensive weapon. Because she was designed as a patrol type her initial armor was rather weak and her wings were an easy target… but the mavericks remedied this when she joined them, reinforcing them and making them tougher than the rest of her armor to prevent opponents from targeting them and taking out her flight ability. She worked for the government for many years but seemingly got bored of the work, she consequently tried to leave the position, and was denied. Instead of accepting fate, she fought it and ran. The government called the hunters to bring her back, but when confronted by the hunters, she begged them not to turn her in, asking to join them instead. The hunters called HQ for help, and they were commanded to bring her in. But when they asked her to surrender she refused as she didn't want to be shipped back. The hunters attempted to use force, but as soon as they got close, Soar took off. She later met up with the mavericks and joined their ranks to fight for her own liberation, and not be just a machine to be used for a single purpose then discarded.

Behind the Maverick