Technetium Terrier

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Technetium Terrier
Nicknames: metal mutt
Species: Reploid-mutos (Based off a terrier)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5”
Weight: 201lbs
IQ: 99
DOB: march 20th 2XXX
Birth Place: Maverick base
Residence: Maverick base
Occupation: none


Terrier is basically a gun metal grey from head to bottom. He has 3 spikes on each shoulder. Rivets line the way down his legs on each side, around the arms and above the muzzle. He is a fairly stocky maverick and has somewhat short legs.

Capabilities (Stats)

Original Modified*
Agility: 4 5
Speed: 2 5
Strength: 2 2
Defense: 7 7
Dexterity: 7 7
Skill Level: 8 8
Skill Limit: 5 5
Constitution: 5 6

* The modified stats are due to the order the maverick was fought in.

Weapons/Special Attacks

Weapons: His body.

Items: None.

Special Attacks:

  1. Platinum piston – Buster – Fires a solid block of metal from the buster, the metal is a polished silver and is quite heavy so the range is rather poor, but at close range the blast is quite powerful.
  2. Steel saber – Saber – Emits shards of metal from the blade, these jagged bits of metal act like barbs from a stinger and when an enemy is struck by a piece it makes it more difficult for an enemy to remove the bits of metal after an attack.
  3. Iron shavings – Knuckle – With a punch or kick, the user can launch a spray of fine metal mist into the air, effectively filing away at an enemy’s armor.
  4. Carbon cocoon – Titanium terrier wraps himself in a protective layer of carbon, making attacks tougher to actually reach him.
  5. Titanium tremor – Overdrive – Terrier smashes his fists against the ground repeatedly, causing them to vibrate at an incredibly high speed, this speed causes all he touches to shake apart. A glancing blow causes the target to be shaken and leaves a serious ringing in the ears.

Special Abilities: Is immune to fire, electric and wind based techniques.

Weaknesses: The cold makes his metal brittle.


Personality: Terrier is quite possibly the most distrustful of all the mavericks, he is sneaky and conniving. And he also has no qualms about backstabbing his own allies if it means he can advance.

History: Terrier was created by the mavericks as a spy on the hunters… Unfortunately Terrier got too greedy in his hunt for information on the hunters and he blew his own cover. He was caught red handed in the restricted section of the hunter HQ, accessing a restricted computer with illegal methods. Fortunately for the hunters, Terrier only managed to get minimally useful information before he blew his cover. But once his cover was blown he ran from the hunters, and for some time he was successful. But his greed and conniving ways led him to resurface again. This time he was seen breaking into a computer café after hours, where hunter HQ thought he was going to use the computers there to attempt another hack at the hunter's computers. However it wasn't another hack he had planned, but instead he sent a transmission to Quake Earthworm.

Behind the Maverick

Technetium Terrier was one of the hardest times I had creating and naming a maverick. I had originally started with the name Titanium Terrier… But I had already used “Titanium” in a name so I wanted to go with another element that started with T. I ended up picking Technetium though I still didn't like the way it sounded.

Technetium as an element is actually a synthetic radioactive element. (Most cases of Technetium are artificial which as a side note is an interesting parallel for reploids, an artificial life form.)

Despite the element's radioactive nature, the maverick does not have any radioactive powers. And I never intended to give him any either because I already had a maverick who's type was nuclear. (Though if I had given Technetium radioactivity it would have made an interesting partnership of Technetium Terrier and Nuclear Nightingale.)