Tidal Tortoise

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Tidal Tortoise
Nicknames: Slowpoke
Species: Reploid - mutos (based off a tortoise)
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3”
Weight: 1000lbs
IQ: 145
DOB: January 3rd 22XX
Birth Place: Hunter labs 03
Residence: Former - Hunter Fleet base
Occupation: Former - Navy commander on Flagship Norac.


Tidal is a very muscular appearing reploid, his body is covered in a shell, but it doesn’t affect his range of mobility much. The shell is a deep green with designs etched into the back. The front of the shell is yellow and looks as if it is his real chest, and not part of a shell at all. But in truth the front of his shell only extends down to his waist. Where his armored bodysuit begins. It is yellow with green trimming, and the shin armor is green with a blue crystal on the kneecap. The boots are green and have retracted web toes, which extend for increased swimming speed. Tidal’s shoulders are green and are rounded to fit over the holes in his shell for arms. His biceps are yellow and have a blue crystal line down the side of them. His forearms are green and have several blue crystals adorning the elbow region of his arms. His gloves are standard white. On Tidal’s back is his main source of armament… A large missile launcher like apparatus which sits just on his upper back and so the missile tubes extend over his head.

Capabilities (Stats)

Original Modified*
Agility: 2 6
Speed: 2 6
Strength: 6 9
Defense: 9 12
Dexterity: 3 5
Skill Level: 5 8
Skill Limit: 5 6
Constitution: 8 13

* The modified stats are due to the order the maverick was fought in.

Weapons/Special Attacks

Weapons: Missile launchers that sit on his back.

Items: None.

Special Attacks:

  1. Tidal Torpedo – Buster – Fires a single torpedo forward. If underwater the speed and power are amplified.
  2. Tidal Saver – Saber – When activated, it releases a small wave of water after each slash, which extends a foot off the arc of the swing.
  3. Tidal Power – Knuckle – User leaps into the air and summons a powerful tidal wave to propel them faster/harder for a stronger punch/kick. This tidal wave can also allow them to jump higher instead of being used as an offensive move.
  4. Tide’s Pull – Fires a wave of water from a resevoir inside his body out through his hand which easily pushes the target away. If uses underwater, this move can easily send a target sprawling for over a kilometer, while used on land, it barely pushes them 30 feet away.
  5. Tidal ambush – Overdrive - Summons several tidal waves to crash about in the area, if hit by one of them, it causes minor disorientation and confusion, making it harder to track objects.

6th Move (gained from order fought) - Pelagic decimation - Overdrive 2 - Tidal unleashes a torrent of water, and while they are preocupied with the raging waters, Tidal unleashes dozens of torpedos into the waves. If any of the torpedos explode, the rest detonate soon after causing violent shockwaves to distribute through the water causing immense damage.

Special Abilities: Fire attacks are quelched on use and his strong armor renders most attacks less than effective.

Weaknesses: Electricity disrupts his torpedo’s guidance systems. The electrical charge also easily penetrates his armor due to it being covered in a thin film which acts like water, and keeps him wet on dry land.


Personality: Tidal is quite wise, and rarely acts without thinking things all the way through. He also tends to be very quiet unless there is a glaring omission which needs to be raised.

History: Tidal was created years ago as a commander unit for the navy. As a result he possesses a great intellect as well as a high offensive and defensive power. This comes at the cost of his speed. However this doesn’t bother him as while he moves slow… he thinks fast and can use his slow speed as an advantage. Often tricking younger or brash and impatient enemies into rushing into a trap.

Tidal has had years of working in the navy as well and so he was a decorated commander of the flagship Norac. It was several months ago that the Norac was suddenly attacked by the maverick oceanic fleet. While the hunters did their best to send reinforcements on such short notice, by the time they arrived the Norac was decimated and only parts were left floating. The commander, Tidal, had managed to survive and save a few of his crew along with him. Deeply troubled by being unable to save the rest of his crew, he immediately set about planning to take down the mavericks.

For the better part of a month he holed up planning. After that month he unveiled his plan to the Hunter HQ leaders… And it was then that they set it in motion. Unfortunately what the hunters didn’t know was that when the Norac was attacked, Tidal had been infected by the maverick virus. And that month of planning had been a double cross. The hunters walked into a trap and were swiftly defeated when Tidal announced his defection. Since then Tidal has been a high supporter of the maverick activities, and much like Sigma, he managed to keep most of his intellect after becoming a maverick.

Behind the Maverick