Ash Ant

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Ash Ant
Species: Reploid - Old generation
Gender: Male
Height: 5'1”
Weight: 121lbs
IQ: 107
Birth Place: Weil's Lab


Head – Posessing an insect like head, with two large compound eyes that extend from where the eyes normally sit to almost the back of the head. Around the jaw are two small pincers that cover his mouth.

Chest/torso – The chest has several small ports open down the back, and on the front there are a few small silver hoses. Also the chest is covered by thick plates of metal…

Arms – The arms are red with the hands ending in 2 fingered black claws. At the centre of thee hand is how he uses most of his fire techniques.

Legs – The legs are all the same… All 6 of them. He has an extended abdomen from which the legs protrude from. At the bottom of the legs there are the 2 clawed toes which resemble the hands. And the legs are covered in thick looking plate metal.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: -
Speed: 1
Strength: 5
Defense: 7
Dexterity: 3
Skill Level: 4
Skill Limit: 5
Constitution: 5

Weapons/Special Attacks



Special Attacks:

  1. Ash Flaker – Buster – Ash fires a burst of high temperature flakes in a wide spread, the flakes cool off as they travel outwards, so the most effective use is up close. However this move takes some time before it can be fired, as it does generate a lot of heat which must be dissipated before it can be fired again.
  2. Burnt Lotus – Saber – With the swing of his hands (or for the hunters, their sabers) this move launches a spray of embers which burn bright white, highly reminiscent of lotus blossoms. The blossoms can then be directed once after they are launched to provide a sneak assault.
  3. Ash Riser – Knuckle – Flakes of ash accumulate on the back of the user’s hand until they suddenly flare up and explode backwards, providing the user a quick thrust forward, typically in the form of a rising strike. (Though it can also be directed straight forward as well.) As the spend ash floats down, it leaves faint look of cherry blossoms.
  4. Ember Cloud – Ash launches an egg like shape into the sky, this then bursts and rains down upon the unsuspecting foes. Though when it initially hits, the ash does nothing… After a few seconds however, the ash then flares up and begins to burn very hot for a few seconds before cooling off.
  5. Ember Cage – Ash releases a massive cloud of embers from his body which surround the fighters, enclosing them in. Any fighter who touches the swirling embers receives a nasty burn. Walking through the embers is impossible as the swirling motion and raw heat disorient and destroy all who would attempt to pass through.

Weaknesses: Water attacks tend to weaken his shots… but they also have the adverse effect of cooling him down so he can fire another shot. Though too much water does tend to clog the vents and prevent him from adequately cooling.


Personality: Unlike most mavericks Ash Ant is completely obedient. He follows the orders of the Queen with no hesitation. He has no fear or hesitation in handling orders… even ones that would ensure his destruction. This isn't to say he's stupid… merely that he is unwaveringly loyal. He also stays completely silent.

History: Designed purely by Weil for the purpose of close quarters fighting, especially indoor fighting where he can take advantage of the controlled airflow to maximize his fire attacks. But even outdoors he isn’t one to be messed with considering that his fire attacks still hurt. Weil designed this reploid after an ant to be the ideal foot soldier… Takes orders perfectly and goes and executes them with no backtalk.

Behind the Maverick

The idea for this reploid came from Fallout 3's Giant Fire Ant enemies.