Crush Cobra

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Crush Cobra
Species: Reploid - Old generation
Gender: Female
Height: 15'
Weight: 300lbs
IQ: Former - 170
Current - 115
Birth Place: Outer Heaven Research
Occupation: Former - Blackhole Researcher
Current - Maverick


Head – Crush has a very large green hood that covers her head, underneath it is her normal face, which is a nice healthy peach colour.

Chest/torso – Her chest is mostly green, except for her breasts which have purple just at the base of them. She then has a purple marking on either side of her abdomen which lead up and stop right below her breasts. Where a human’s collarbone would be on her is also marked in purple.

Arms – Her arms are light green and her forearms are dark green with 3 purple slash like marks on the back of them. Her hands are white and very graceful looking.

Legs – Her legs are actually an 12 foot long tail… Mostly green with several purple stripes along the sides, though it has a silver underbelly.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: -
Speed: 6
Strength: 3
Defense: 4
Dexterity: 5
Skill Level: 4
Skill Limit: 4
Constitution: 4

Weapons/Special Attacks


Items: Black hole generation unit, dark matter containment system.

Special Attacks:

  1. Gravity Vortex – Buster – When this move is launched it fires a small purple orb that flies in an arc for about 10 feet then hits the ground. When it hits it breaks open and releases dark matter which begins to draw objects towards it’s centre. Anything caught in the centre faces extreme pressure for several seconds before the vortex loses power and breaks down.
  2. Crushing Victory – Saber – When this move is activated, Crush emits a saber made of dense dark matter like substance. Every impact with an opponent leaves some of this purplish-black stuff on them and slows them down.
  3. Ego crusher – Knuckle – With this move, Crush’s hands generate gobs of dark matter, by pressing her hands together, Crush creates a ball of dark matter which can be thrown at her target. When it hits, it breaks apart and then attempts to wrap itself around the victim. If it succeeds then it begins to contract and squeeze the target tightly.
  4. Dark Matters – Crush releases a massive wave of dark matter above herself. The wave expands up to 50 feet, those trapped inside the wave move much slower than normal as the gravity is increased to 4 times Earth’s gravity.


Personality: Crush was a very intelligent reploid though the revival process left her with only part of her intellect. She now struggles with advanced concepts and this frustrates her easily. She can fall into a rage if insulted about her intelligence. Otherwise she tries to maintain a calm and disconnected manner. She very much likes to talk and will do so at any opportunity she can.

History: Crush was recreated as an eliminator. She initially was a fairly friendly reploid that worked with the governments in producing black holes for the purpose of study. She was designed as a snake type reploid because the lengthy tail allowed her to house huge stores of dark matter as well as to provide her with a stable base for activating her black hole generator. However in one experiment she started to generate a black hole that was too powerful for her to contain. She maxed out her systems and suffered a catastrophic system failure. Her dark matter containment core ruptured and sent pure dark matter into the centre of the black hole she had been generating. The two forces of suction cancelled each other out and the lab was saved. Though in the process Crush was severely damaged, almost beyond salvage. Due to the accident, the government decided not to continue funding the experiment and instead shut the project down. The remains of Crush were buried outside the laboratory with a small headstone that read: “Here lies our Crush.” Dr. Weil sent a small team and recovered the body… Once he had it, he reconstructed most of her body and fixed the damages. He also spent a large amount of time altering the remains of her black hole generation device into a dark matter fueled weapon. He also altered her memories so that she had purposefully caused the accident as she thought she was being replaced and didn’t want to be abandoned. Once Crush was reactivated with her new memories she thanked Dr. Weil for saving her and became one of his loyal supporters. (Though she still has doubts about her memories of that day.)

Behind the Maverick

This maverick makes a few references to the Metal Gear series. Outer Heaven is a direct misspelling of MGS's Outer Haven. (In MGS4 Outer Haven is the base used by Ocelot. It's also used by Big Boss in earlier games.)

Additionally the MGS franchise heavily uses snakes in their series. (Liquid, Solid, Solidus, Naked, the Cobra unit in MGS3, etc…)