Mine Mallard

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Mine Mallard
Species: Reploid - Old generation
Gender: Male
Height: 5'3”
Weight: 130lbs
IQ: 125
Birth Place: Dr. Weil's Lab
Residence: Dr. Weil's Base
Occupation: Maverick


Head – His head is small and brown. He has a golden beak. His eyes have gold irises.

Chest/torso – His chest is fairly large bulky white chestplate. It has several lines, indicating armoured panels, in the chestpiece which look like they can be easily removed/swapped out if they get damaged. On his back are 2 large wings that he normally keeps folded. Though when unfolded they are about 7 feet wide each. They're white along the top rim with golden feathers.

Arms – His shoulders, like his chest are bulky and white with visible armoured plates. His biceps are dark brown and somewhat skinny looking compared to his chest/shoulders. His forearms are quite large and bulky with a circular golden marking on the top and bottom of the forearm. One his left hand he has only a buster, no actual hand. His right hand is brown.

Legs – His legs are dark brown and rather skinny in the thigh region. His shin section is bulky like the forearms with more golden circles on the sides of this legs. He has two webbed feet with small black talons on the end.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: -
Speed: 6
Strength: 3
Defense: 5
Dexterity: 2
Skill Level: 6
Skill Limit: 4
Constitution: 4

Weapons/Special Attacks

Weapons: Small mines that he creates.

Items: Sonic identification system.

Special Attacks:

  1. Burrowing mine – Buster – When this move is used it fires a small projectile that looks like a top with grooves spiraling up the sides, and at the top it has an oval packed with high explosives. Then the mine strikes a surface, it digs in and arms itself. After a few seconds the mine explodes.
  2. Claymore Cutter – Saber – When this move is activated it creates a row of directional claymore mines. (At the end of the saber). When this sword impacts a target the mines explode dealing additional damage. Though caution should be taken as the directional blasts will go off if they strike the user as well.
  3. Proximity puncher – Knuckle – When this move is used, a small device that looks like a part of a cleat extends from the user’s palm. By thrusting the palm into the ground/target it lays a proximity mine.
  4. Mine Maze – When this technique is activated, Mine presses his buster to the ground and buries dozens of small landmines about the area. Though using specialized tags that emit a low frequency sound Mine can still tell where they are located… Enemies however cannot typically tell where the mines are.


Personality: Mine Mallard is a very cautious individual. He is quite smart and looks for the tactical advantage in any situation. He's not above retreating if the situation gets too intense. Though is is also loyal so he will stay if ordered to. (That doesn't mean he's just going to run headlong into battle though…)

History: Mine Mallard was designed by Dr. Weil as a defensive type maverick. Specifically for laying traps around captured outposts or for harassing advancing forces. Dr. Weil included the ability for Mine to lay down multiple smart landmines and keep track of them using an ultra low frequency sound. Each mine lain down is primed with the advanced C7 explosive and one detonator circuit. To aid in the defensive abilities, Mine does have the ability to fly to get around from place to place quickly.

Behind the Maverick

The design for this maverick was inspired by Disney's The Mighty Ducks character Wildwing.

Despite his weakness seemingly like it should be Sonic Shrimp's abilities, it's actually Crush Cobra's. Crush Cobra's attacks cause the mines inside Mallard to self=destruct.