Sonic Shrimp

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Sonic Shrimp
Species: Reploid - Old generation
Gender: Male
Height: 3'2”
Weight: 120lbs
IQ: 104
Birth Place: Weil's secret base
Occupation: Maverick


Head – Sonic has a fairly long head that tapers off towards the top at the end. His beady black eyes sit about halfway down his head.

Chest/torso – Sonic’s torso is fairly long in comparison to his height, but since it curls around he loses some of the length. The chest area is a bit wider than his abdomen as it has a dark purple armor covering over the lighter purple stomach regions. His shoulders also have a dark purple pad over them.

Arms – His arms are fairly long in comparison to his overall height. They are mostly purple, with the exception of the wrist which is silver and has several small holes just before the wrist. These holes are the sonic baffles used to strength or reduce the sonic waves that he generates. He can open and rearrange the chambers to increase or decrease the strength of his sound as necessary.

Legs – His legs are fairly short and stubby, they are light purple with dark purple shins and the same silver at the ankles. Though his ankles lack the chambers the wrists posess, inside the legs house powerful sonic amplification devices to gather and force sound waves up into the core for redirection.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: -
Speed: 3
Strength: 3
Defense: 5
Dexterity: 6
Skill Level: 5
Skill Limit: 3
Constitution: 5

Weapons/Special Attacks

Weapons: 5 sonic amplification devices, 2 installed in the legs for primary collection and amplification, 1 in the chest for secondary amplification and distribution to arms. 2 in the arms for refined control and application.


Special Attacks:

  1. Sound Breaker – Buster – Sonic shrimp fires a small projectile of pure sonic energy. And upon impact the projectile explodes sending waves of sound pounding through the target.
  2. Mach Swing – Saber – Sonic shrimp creates a blade out of harmonic sound, then when he swings it, it creates a sonic boom on impact. The sound waves pass through the target and affect the victim’s internal structure.
  3. Echo Blow – Knuckle – Sonic shrimp emits a wave of sound from his knuckles on impact that shakes the opponent up as if they had been dealt a second strike.


Personality: Sonic Shrimp is another reploid designed to be a foot soldier. Though unlike Ash Ant he has a bit more willingness to question orders and make his own decisions. He was salvaged from a musician reploid so he is very adept at singing and often entertains others at Weil's base by putting on concerts.

History: Sonic shrimp was designed for the purpose of close range special technique fighter. He complements Ash Ant in his fighting style as Sonic Shrimp’s moves can penetrate the ash cloud barrier that Ant likes to use when fighting.

Special abilities or talents: Sonic shrimp is a highly skilled musician, he enjoys to play virtually any instrument and given his powerful manipulations of sonic waves he is extremely in tune with instruments and can easily play whatever song he has ever heard before.

Weaknesses: Solid masses disrupt the sonic waves and reduce his attack strength. Also powerful attacks to the sonic chambers in his arms will cause significant reduction in his audio powers.

Behind the Maverick