Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Andraia
Species: Reploid - Old Generation
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6” (without boots on)
5'8” (with boots on)
Weight: A girl never gives her weight away… even if she is a reploid.
Birth Place: Neo Arcadia
Residence: City Streets
Occupation: Gang killer / Wanted criminal.


Skin Color: very light, pale white.
Eye Color: red.
Hair Style: silver hair extending halfway down her back.

Other features:
Armor description: Wears a white and grey body suit with a blue chest plate with red gloves and a red thong has a brown saber holster on each hip, with a saber in it, blue boots with a red stripe and has 2 holes in the bottom of her boots (under heel and toe).
Armor colors: Red, white/grey, blue

Capabilities (Stats)

Base Stats Last Recorded Stats (Pre-reboot) Stats (Post reboot)
Agility: 4 8 8
Strength: 1 6 6
Defense: 2 8 8
Dexterity: 3 7 7
Skill Level: 2 6 6
Skill Limit: 3 6 7
Constitution: 3 8 8
Total 18 49 50

Upgrade Progression

Upgrade Progression

Upgrade Progression

1st level ups
+1 strength
+1 constitution

After Aztec Vulture -
+1 to your speed/agility
+1 to another stat of your choosing. (Defense)
Additionally, received the Pierce Lazer weapon

After Ex mission 1 -
+1 skill limit
<Paid 500 EC and upgraded the buster to E rank>

After Fefnir fight/Thundak attacks base -
+1 Strength
+1 constitution
+1 agility
+1 defense
+1 dexterity

After Anubis necromancess fight -
+1 Strength
+1 Defense
+1 Skill limit
Also receive the Sand Meld move
Also receive the cyber elf: Cortina.

After E. Crystal factory capturing/defending -
+1 Dexterity
+1 Constitution
+1 Skill Limit
+1 Skill Level
Also receive cyber elf: <Lumox>

After Reactor Takedown mission - +1 Defense +1 Skill level

After breeching NeoArcadia core, fighting phantom, get whooped by X, then doing base defense…
+1 Agility
+1 Strength
+1 Defense
+1 Dexterity
+1 Constitution
+1 Skill limit
+1 Skill level
Also receive cyber elf: <Sparking!!>

MIA mission -
+1 Agility
+1 Strength
+1 Defense
+1 Dexterity
+1 Constitution

Post Reboot +1 Skill Limit

Merged Ultra-capacitor into Super capacitor, added Comet Strike Added Nova Wave

Weapons/Special Attacks


  1. 2 beam sabers (D rank)
  2. Buster (E rank)


Cyber Elves:

  • Cortina - Nurse - cyber elf that will replenish your energy.
  • Lumox - Hacker - Generates a gravity field which slows down opponents.
  • Sparking!! - Animal (eel) - emits a frequent intermittent electric charge from the user. Occurs at a steady rate and so lasts half the time the first sparking does. This charge can be used to nullify electric attacks (if timed right), used as a defensive move against grapples and cqc, or concentrated into an electric punch.

Energy Crystals:

  • After mission 1- 100
  • After mission 2- 530
  • After EX mission 1- 550 (After purchasing E rank buster)
  • After Fefnir/Thundak - 1270
  • After Anubis - 1810
  • After Factory – 2460
  • After Factory and purchase of saber double upgrade - 960
  • After Reactor - 1440
  • After Phantom and base def - 3200

Special Attacks:

  1. Super capacitor - Grants Andraia the ability to absorb energy from the environment to power herself and her attacks. As Andraia's skill level increases (up to 6) she gains new effects.
    • Level 0- Andraia cannot absorb energy. Limited to whatever reserves she has left.
    • Level 1- Necessary for Andraia to gather energy and keep functional. (Enables flight and other skills.)
    • Level 2- Limit override - Allows Andraia to vent energy in an attack if her storage capacity exceeds it's limit.
    • Level 3- Energy distribution becomes more efficient. Allows Andraia to use 2 abilities at a time.
    • Level 4- Quick charge - Allows Andraia to absorb twice as much energy in the same time period (Manually engaged only if at/above level 6).
    • Level 5- Energy distribution becomes even more efficient. She may now use 3 abilities all at once instead of 2. (Overrides level 3 version.)
    • Level 6- Auto charge - her body automatically absorbs energy slowly all the time until her energy tank is full. (This gets disabled when she manually engages the energy absorption protocol or if she manually overrides this.)
  2. Absorption wave - absorbs ambient energy from the surrounding area, then focuses it into a coherent beam, the more time used to gather energy the stronger the blast will be. This beam effect changes according to the environment, colder environments will allow a chilling effect while hot environments add a heat based effect. If so choosing, Andraia can absorb the inverse, supercooling an already cold area to fire a concentrated heat beam at risk of damaging her body.
  3. Overdrive - By using more energy (either absorbed beforehand or from her own internal supply) she can increase speed and strength by 1 point for every 3 skill level points. This move lasts 1 post for about half a tank of energy, 2 for a full tank. Because of the strain on her systems 1 post is required before reusing the move.
  4. Reaction blaster - fires a beam that breaks down objects on a molecular level, the more complex the object the more energy required to fully break it down. Generally even a weak beam is enough to leave victims shaken. (Stronger blasts remove armor, savage internals and if given the chance kill.)
  5. Pulse Bullet - A basic shot that when charged changes the effect of the shot…
    1. Fires stored energy in small quantities like a machine gun or automatic pistol from the palms, knuckles or back of the arms. This shot uses relatively little energy per shot and can fire at a rapid rate… (with sufficient energy) but conversely does less damage than other abilities.
    2. When sufficient energy is put into it, it fires bullets like a shotgun blast (several bullets spread out.)
    3. Or when fully charged it focuses energy into a single super condensed shot. Then using some power it enhances Andraia's targeting system. This fully charged shot does more damage than absorption wave, but takes longer to charge and has only one shot before having to charge another one up as well that it's still not as strong as the reaction blaster. However it is far more accurate, especially at a distance than any other move. And a single shot uses less energy overall than a sustained beam would especially going into the longer distances.
  6. Crash Comet - Andraia fires a small blue blast of energy from her palm. The blast emits a bright blue 'tail' as it moves forward. Moves fairly fast. No homing though. The tail can cause damage just as easily as the front.
  7. Nova Wave - Andraia concentrates energy she has gathered to release a single explosive blast that somewhat resembles an exploding sun.

Consumes almost all the energy in her reserve to fire this attack.

Acquired Skills

Pierce Lazer - this lazer is a more concentrated buster shot and will pierce all but the strongest armor. The drawback is the character's recovery, the energy required to fire this shot will leave the player vulnerable for a few seconds after firing it.

Sand Meld - Transforms the fighter's body into sand, weapon energy holds enough power to enable the fighter to remain in sand form for approximately 2 minutes before reverting back. The user can, of course revert back before the weapon energy is used up and use the power in multiple instances.


Overtly she is coarse and doesn't get along very easily with others; she has fairly large trust issues. Underneath it all is a fear of being hurt which she masks with her bravado. When in battle she is a brave and courageous person, unafraid to take risks and charge in. She can be a bit reckless at times though.

History: Alive for only a few hours, Andraia was thrust onto the streets where she was picked up by a gang to use for prostitution. In their err, they neglected to constrain Andraia very well, believing her not to be a threat. Upon reaching the boss of the gang, she powered up, broke her restraints and proceeded to murder everyone in the building. After having calmed down some over what had transpired, she pillaged the building for valuables, pocketing all the money and finding in the garage the leader's treasured landchaser. (The Hyperion class x-293 landchaser.)

Setting off from those dismal settings, Andraia wandered the streets for a while, figuring out who she was and what she wanted, in the mean time destroying the gangs and villains who would try to use her. She amassed a small fortune of stolen gang funds, thus bringing her to the attention of the Neo-Arcadian government as one of their targets.

Their first attempt at assassination resulted in the assassin being destroyed, Andraia being more than a match for the rookie assassin. Since then Neo-Arcadia wised up, and have been sending more powerful assassins, on their latest attack, a resistance member happened upon her plight and helped her out, thus persuading her to join the resistance in the chance that she can stop them from sending assassins with the chance she can find out about her past in the process.

Full Backstory

Full Backstory

Full Backstory

Andraia was the 10th reploid created by a Dr. Cid Cresent (and his girlfriend, Dr. Sierra Gains) and she is deemed the first working prototype of the natural power theory. (The first 5 Andraia series androids all suffered from catastrophic failures in the power systems and thus exploded. The 6th and 7th Andraia series suffered from inability to gain enough energy to completely power themselves and thus were scrapped. The 8th and 9th Andraia series suffered from degeneration of the power gathering technology. The 10th is the first android to correct all major flaws and be a true working prototype.) By using nature to power her abilities she was supposed to be the evolution of reploid technology. Because of this use of nature’s power Dr. Cid decided to call this series the Andraia series, a combination name of Android and Gaia. As the android was supposed to be able to use natural power and birth the next generation of reploids. Much the same as the ancient Greeks thought Gaia birthed their gods. However Dr. Cid’s research was interrupted by the Neo Arcadian government… Dr. Cid was arrested for conducting illegal reploid research and building several unauthorized reploids in an energy crisis. His fate is unknown thought it is suspected he is being held captive somewhere in Neo Arcadia so that they may learn of his secrets.

The exact science that Dr. Cid used was: to combine a standard reploid fusion core with an electrostatic current absorber linked to 3 sets of super capacitors to increase the charge exponentially to the core. (This would be necessary for the next steps of the process) The gathered electrostatic charge builds up until it forces hydrogen molecules that were separated off from water (using hydrolysis) to bind together in deuterium then finally tritium molecules (The fuel for nuclear reactors/reactions.) Once a sufficient amount of nuclear fuel was gathered the electrostatic charge was turned to beginning the process of the fusion. Once fusion is achieved the reploid powers up. Unlike traditional reploids however, the Andraia series doesn’t require any further energy input to sustain the fusion process. Thus the Andraia series has no dependence on energy crystals or other means of powering their bodies.

It should be noted that the energy gathering process is primarily focused on powering the reploid first… And that the only way excess power can be utilized is if the core is properly powered first. Though the design is that the core retains enough power to restart and continue functioning by itself for up to 48 hours after the energy gathering process has ceased, after which the energy gather process is needed or the core loses power and the reploid shuts down. Though energy crystals may be used to power the body if the energy gather process is taken offline for more than 48 hours.

On first activation of the first 5 models the Doctor realized that too much power all at once was a major flaw in the system, so he designed a scalar set up so that the Andraia series could gradually build up to full power. (This way the full set of super capacitors would only be used for powering the fusion core until the body had gotten sufficient experience and control to be able to handle the enhanced power output of the 2 other capacitors.) Realizing the potential that the Neo Arcadian government would eventually come after him or the Andraia series, he build several combat capabilities into every model of the Andraia series, hoping that he wouldn’t have to force the Andraia series to use them. But he wished to give them a chance to survive if they were forced to fight.

However, on the night that Andraia was first powered up, the Neo Arcadians made their move against the Dr. Cid. Just after having applied the final patch to Andraia 10 and put her to sleep, the Arcadians broke in and captured Dr. Cid. Fearing they were coming and knowing what they were after, Dr. Cid sealed the door to the lab and ran out to distract them. Giving his girlfriend, Dr. Sierra Gains, the time to get Andraia 10 out of there. Dr. Sierra knew that she couldn’t outrun the Neo Arcadians so she stopped in an alleyway 4 blocks from the lab to reawaken Andraia 10. Dr. Sierra managed to power her up, but she heard Neo Arcadian troops approaching so she fled the alleyway, hoping to lead them away from Andraia 10 and if possible escape from them in time to return to Andraia for her reactivation.

Dr. Sierra managed to lead the Neo Arcadians away from Andraia 10, but by the time she managed to return to the alleyway, Andraia 10 was gone. Since then Dr. Sierra went underground to try to locate Andraia 10.

Behind the Character