Character's Name


Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: TK-32
Nicknames: Rai, Raikari
Species: Reploid
Gender: Male
Height: 6.5
Weight: 165
DOB: August 12th
Birth Place: Neo Arcadia
Residence: Bunker of Resistance base
Occupation: Resistance Member


When not in a Resistance Uniform Rai wears a yellow trench coat with gold trimming. His armor is blue with a black undersuit.

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: 9
Strength: 9
Defense: 8
Dexterity: 8
Skill Level: 4
Skill Limit: 6
Constitution: 6

Weapons/Special Attacks

Weapons: Chain-Rod Rank D Knuckles(powered by electrical surges) Items: Elemental Thunder Chip Elemental Fire Chip

Cyber Elves: With falls you'll never fear!

Energy Crystals: 3490

Special Attacks:

  1. Electrical Spread - By punching a surface, Rai is able to send an surge of electricity though it. It can cover a radius of 5 feet
  2. ThunderBall - Forms a ball in the hand. It can be thrown.
  3. Shock Vent - Rai sends a current of electricity throughout his whole body, effecting anyone touching him.
  4. Magnetism - Rai is able to magnetize his body to attract metal.
  5. Thunder Javelin - From his fingers, Rai sends out a bolt of electricity, that when it connects with a surface spreads out a short distance. The radius of the spread is no more than two feet
  6. Static Shields - Rai is able to form a static buildup, amplified by his electric and magnetism powers, to create a solid surface in the shape of a dimond. It is approximately two feet long and one foot wide.

Acquired Skills

Ground Control - The user gains limited control of the sand on the ground (providing there is sand on the ground) and can form it into shields or other helpful shapes.


Personality: Originally Rai was a carefree person who only care about his own being. His eyes looked only for beauty in things, and because of this 'flaw' he was rendered as obsolete at his job. Through the events of Arcadia, Rai has become somewhat bitter. He still looks for the beauty in things, but often is consumed by anger for events during the war. Rai could be said to be bi-polar, perhaps a condition due to the war.

History: Created of the TK series, Raikari was built as a working the field of repairing parts of Arcadia. His core was built to house electrical currents, to help not only maintine the energy flow of an area if a source was down, but also to power up machines without having to use Energy Crystals. One day, his brother Elpizo returned from a mission with Sage Harpiua. Elpizo had seemed rather shocked, and was extremely distant to Rai. Unknown to Rai, Elpizo was to be retired for what he found on his mission, and began to flee from Arcadia with another member. Through the chaos of the departure, Rai tagged alongside Elpizo. After outside the main district, Elpizo was captured and detained in a holding block, while Rai and the third member got away. Later, Rai found and assisted in a rescue of Elpizo.


  • The character art was drawn by forum Member Zanjitzu, or whatever name he is currently known as.
  • If Rai was to have a theme song, it would be 'Wanna be loved' by Papa Roach
  • The name Raikari was based and named one hundred percent off the jutsu in Naruto from the days in which I was a total Narutard. It was so clever using a lighting based character with PUNCHING attacks, named after a move that was exactly that. SO ORIGINAL!
  • TK-31 is Epizo's orignal name. TK-32 fallows that line and would make Elpizo Rai's older brother
  • Zanji is often found pacing the base wondering how he could be as cool as Raikari