Character's Name

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Raven
Nicknames: N/A
Species: Reploid
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8
Weight: 102lbs
IQ: 101
DOB: Unrecorded
Birth Place: Neo Arcadia
Residence: Resistance
Occupation: Field Combatant


Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: 10
Strength: 7
Defense: 4
Dexterity: 10
Skill Level: 7
Skill Limit: 8
Constitution: 4

Weapons/Special Attacks


  1. (Main) [E Rank] Dual Busters: Dual modified standard busters, where the only modification is that it cuts off the stock at the back to be used as pistol-sized busters. It has no charge capability, but it allows him to easily lay on fire on one or two targets.
  2. (Sub) [E Rank] Leg Augments: A unique upgrade, it allows him to make short dashes, and grants access to powerful kicking attacks.

Items: N/A

Cyber Elves: N/A

Energy Crystals: 1300

Special Attacks:

  1. [Buster] Tracker Marksman: Allows Raven to fire on his target(s) while moving without a drop in firing rate, accuracy, or speed. Also can be done midair.
  2. [Buster] Bullet Rain: Spin and fire at a huge rate downward after a brief aerial hop. He can use this to get higher and stop it early, or keep it going to fire more shots and deal more damage, but ultimately come back to the ground. This move covers a larger area than all of his other skills, making it suitable for fighting large numbers of opponents. He can also cancel it and use Preying Avian or Diving Talons mid-fall.
  3. [Buster] Ruthless Firing Squad: Raven is able to follow-up from any Leg or Hybrid special attack with a brief barrage of bullets, increasing damage output.
  4. [Leg] Diving Talons: An aerial diving kick. If it makes contact with an enemy, whether it was a clean hit or blocked, he can jump off of it to rise even higher. If it misses, he simply lands.
  5. [Leg] Preying Avian: An axe kick that knocks smaller enemies to the ground and underfoot. Can be done midair where the higher he is, the more damage he'll deal, furthermore if used in midair he will come down to the ground to do the rest of the move, after which he'll stomp them a few times and kick them away with a side kick. Against larger foes, he'll simply append it straight into the side kick without bothering with the stomps, as they are too large to knock down. This move has great damage potential.
  6. [Leg] Retaliation Flock: Dashing twice in quick succession, once backwards and then once forwards with a high skyward kick all in one motion for maximum power. Sends most foes into the air, and has the best chance of flinching his opponents out of all his moves, he will jump into the air during this kick also. This move is ideal for a counter-attack.
  7. [Hybrid] Bullet Dance: Enter a trance where he can easily evade smaller projectiles, all while firing his own, and using fancy movements allowing for omni-directional firing. The key for the evasion is the footwork. This state can be turned on and off, but while active, he cannot jump, or move far, making him vulnerable to explosive area attacks, or wide sweeping moves. On the other hand, he can end it by using any of his other moves. Ruthless Firing Squad cannot follow-up from this.
  8. [Hybrid] Lowride Gunner: A sliding kick, during the sliding kick Raven is able to shoot at foes in front, above, or in-between. This also functions as a sliding kick, so he can cover good distance with it or evade some moves. If he makes contact with an enemy with the sliding kick, he'll simply jump back off of the enemy and do a short hopdash backwards, dealing minimal damage.

Acquired Skills



Personality: Raven is quite cheery to say the least. Although at times it seems as though he doesn't know how to be anything else, and things he can say at the same time can be somewhat unsettling. Beyond that, he so far shows to be quite a comrade, helping out his allies whenever he can. At times he seems to speak down on others, but it's hard to tell what with how cheery he acts.

History: Raven was a standard production reploid. In Neo Arcadia, he was an errand boy, and with the new regime he was one of the ones chosen for termination like many of his colleagues. During captivity whilst they were in queue for their deaths, the reploids in his group orchestrated an escape, one he also took part in. For the most part, it failed, but he managed to scatter away like a number of others, leaving it entirely up to luck and their own skills to survive and hopefully escape. Raven got the biggest luck portion of it, finding a strange upgrade that he snatched up passing through one of the laboratories by pure accident, it allowed him to move like never before, confounding many of his pursuers and even using this upgrade to dispatch of them. He managed to join and rescue the others, and escaped with the skin of their teeth. After a few days, they ran into the Resistance, and joined without a second thought.

Behind the Character


  • Raven's name is that of a bird like most of the other Resistance soldiers. His model name was originally HK-21, but like others in the Resistance, his name was given to him by Ciel.
  • His leg augment slowly degrades his inhibitions, corrupting his data. The upgrade was possibly leftovers from experiments concerning Zanjitsu and the materials he's made from.
  • Raven wanted to use dual busters because they were cool. Some members of the resistance were going to put him down and reject it due to limited access to equipment, but he proved to be good with them anyway.
  • Some of the citizen reploids he escaped with will tell you he wasn't this cheery back in Neo Arcadia, nor did he take death lightly.
  • Some of Raven's buster moves are inspired by Devil May Cry. For instance, Bullet Rain.