Character's Name

Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Rioku Zanketa
Nicknames: Heatz
Species: Reploid
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Weight: 139 lbs.
IQ: 105
DOB: Unknown
Birth Place: Unknown
Residence: Resistance Base
Occupation: Resistance Soldier


  • caucasian, slight tan
  • Emerald green eyes
  • gelled firey-red slick backed hair with a bang or two arching from the center-front of his hair. Has two pony tails that originate from the same spot wich is the center of the backmost of his head. Due to hair gel, they arch up and away from each other.(Similar to Megaman EXE, only longer, and has a curve other than going straight out.)
  • Has an unusual type of armor. Wears heavy denim outfit reinforced with silk steel to provide clothes-like mobility. About as strong as any other armor, just appears casual and harmless. The armor appears to be baggy black jeans that fade to red half way down. Also has a baggy hoodie that is all red except for the left sleeve which fades to black.
    Armor colors:Red and Black

Capabilities (Stats)

Agility: 6
Speed: 4
Strength: 4
Defense: 6
Dexterity: 6
Skill Level: 7
Skill Limit: 5
Constitution: 6

Weapons/Special Attacks

Weapons: Rioku utilizes a directed energy machine gun and a weathered katana. The katana is a mysterious old katana with a partly destroyed wooden handle and a tainted cracked dirty blade. The blade is made out of the same light, yet extremely durable metal as the ancient metool. The oak handle has many pieces missing from it from over use that are replaced by a black rag cloth. Although the blade has many nicks and cracks, it is too far from breaking. Its sheath is in just as bad of a condition as the sword which is carried on Rioku's waiste.

Items: -A chainless pendant featuring long-haired black male, a long-haired caucasion brunett reploid, and a blonde-haired female reploid. It is all silver with traces of gold.

Cyber Elves:

Energy Crystals: 790

Special Attacks:

  1. Sonic Fire storm- By slamming his fists into the ground, Rioku causes a small earthquake while large fireballs materialize and rain from the sky. The fireballs can cause him slight pain.
  2. Omni-blade-The old sword Rioku has randomly obtains a royal-blue aura that makes it far more powerful.
  3. Blaze Buster: Upon reaching his peak anger point, Rioku summons a powerful fire buster. The shot is fire-oriented, but its power comes from the velocity at which is fired. The higher the skill point, the better Rioku can summon it on command. The shot produced by this cannon is roughly the size of a level two blast.
  4. Star Breaker: A chargeable attack. The higher the agility, the more powerful while the higher the strength, the less time needed to charge up. Also, the higher the constitution the longer he can keep this attack going. Rioku leaps into the air, his arms and legs spread out. heat and pressure accumilates around him more and more until ready to initialize the attack. Upon initialization, Rioku flies forth surounded in flames with a punch intended to rush into the opponent. The speed of the attack never changes, only depending on how much time was used to charge the attack but can go as long as he want, being able to turn around and keep going. The power of this attack is not derived from the element, but the force of the attack. Meaning although this is a fire attack, its point is to demolish, not burn.

Acquired Skills


Personality: Outgoing, almost to the point that it can sicken some. His charm, however, can capture the hearts of almost anyone. Even someone who is sick of him would give him creadit for his up-beat sunshine attitude. This attitude is acctually a defwnse mechanism for what he has been through. Rioku often comes to personally hate the enemy side, which also brings about a strong sense of justice given the situation of the,….situation.

History: One day, Rioku simply instantly woke up to the view of a destroyed city and a old katana in hand. He woke up in a huge pit, and looked around to see dead roids and bodies. After a bit of investigating, Rioku noticed that the city was destroyed by a huge explosion. having no memory of what had happened, Rioku simply ran away from the truth into the desert. he traveled until he stumbled onto Neo Arcadia where he was excepted. he lived in harmony there for only about a week until he was discovered to be a reploid, something suprising since his mysterious designs give absolutely no hint of him being a reploid. After narrowly escaping neo Arcadia and death, Rioku became confused about the ways of life. he continued to travel alone until one day he was attacked once again by neo Arcadian soldiers. This time, resistance soldiers had been on a mission, and saved him from death. Since then, Rioku joined and became rising member of the resistance force.

Rioku's memory had been mysteriously wiped only a few weeks after he had been created. He was programed to regain the memory months after what had happened, but due to engagement with Neo Arcadian troops, the special circutry required for such an action had been damaged. because of it, the memory now takes much longer to come back. So far, Rioku only remembers a heavily damaged female reploid telling him that he must survive and fight Neo Arcadia. Henceforth, Rioku joined the resistance, as it seemed to have been making much progress.

Behind the Character

Rioku is more or less another example of a character created with design in mind before function. Rioku's design did not match the setting of the story he was made for–and definately not as a reploid, and his backstory was hastily made; a poor attempt to connect to Attention Rookies 2's Uiaruiamu Shibu. One of the only aspects about him that flourished was his playability, in that he was able to perform as a grunt soldier with dazzling special combat moves to give him an edge.