Basic Info

Basic Info
Name: Stark
Nicknames: tinman
Species: Reploid - Old Gen
Gender: Male
DOB: May 2nd 2XXX
Birth Place: Neo Arcadia
Residence: Former- Neo Arcadian base.
Current- Resistance base.
Occupation: Resistance member


Height: 5'€™10”€
Weight: 165lbs
Skin Color: White, with a tan.
Eye Color: Brown.
Hair Style: Stark'€™s hair is short and fairly plain in that it extends down to his neck and is trimmed to keep it out of his eyes.
Other features: None.

Armor description: Stark doesn't wear a helmet of any kind.

Stark's torso is mostly red with a large triangular raised section in the middle of his chest right below his collar bone region. It houses a glowing energy emitter (used to launch his Unibeam technique). On his back he has several flaps that can open and close to help him adjust in flight easier. Beside his neck he also has two sections which slide out to reveal a small projectile launcher.

His biceps are largely gold with red pauldrons on his shoulders. His forearms are red and are wider at the elbow section than the wrist (though not by much). The back of his elbows house most of his missiles while his wrists house bombs. His gloves are also red and have a metal cover on the back of his hand which slides out of the way to allow him to use his beam claws.

His thighs are gold and appear to have numerous cables running from the knee to the crotch. Each cable is about a centimeter thick. His shin section is red with flaps on the back of his leg that allow him to adjust his flight trajectory (like an aircraft). His boots are also red and house his jets.

Armor colors: Deep red and dark yellow/gold.

Capabilities (Stats)

Original/Base* Original/Final** Restructured/Start***
Agility: 5 6 7
Strength: 6 7 9
Defense: 5 6 8
Dexterity: 3 3 5
Skill Level: 1 2 5
Skill Limit: 3 5 7
Constitution: 5 7 9
Total 28 36 50

* - This is what Stark's stats were when he joined the game (at the end of Z1 story).
** - This was what Stark's stats were prior to the game stopping.
*** - These are Stark's stats when the game relaunched after it's restructuring.

Stat increase history

Stat increase history

Stat increase history

After Phoenix Magnion -
+1 constitution
+1 skill level (Decoy bomber)
Also received fire chip.

After Jet -
+1 skill limit

After train/project Ironclad factory -
+1 Strength
+1 Defense
+1 Constitution

(2 choice ones) +1 Skill limit
+1 Agility)

Restructuring (added to Original/Final):

+1 Agility
+2 Strength
+2 Defense
+2 Dexterity
+3 Skill level
+2 Skill limit
+2 Constitution
Added “Energy Shield” and “Pulse Bolts” for special attacks.

Weapons/Special Attacks


  1. Knuckle (Level E)
  2. Beam Claws (Level -)


  1. Integrated Thermocouple (draws power from intense heat or ice€, thought it does not negate damage)
  2. Fire Chip

Cyber Elves:

  1. None currently

Energy Crystals: 1420

Special Attacks

  1. Repulsors – Fired from the palms, this energy blast is effective up to 500 yards. Higher levels mean more damage, but at a slight increase of additional energy to use them. The repulsors may ofcourse be scaled back down before firing to preserve energy or for weaker shots. Repulsors can also be honed for ultra precise blasts or if sufficient energy is present, a wide ranged shot.
  2. Omni-beam - Gathers much power to the armored chest piece, then it is focused in the centre before it gets let loose from the chest. It uses tremendous amounts of energy and is extremely slow to charge. But the devastation it wreaks makes up for it more than several times over. Unlike other versions of this move, Stark can now move (on the ground) while he charges it. (Though he cannot fly while charging. He can still hover in one spot, though he cannot move from it. And he cannot use any other weapon while he is charging this move.)
  3. Vespid missile -€“ Fires between 1 and 5 missiles from an arm mounted missile delivery system. Uses Airborne particles to form the missiles and as such it takes some time after missile(s) is/are launched to get ready to fire another. Can build up to 5 missiles at a time and fire them one at a time or as many as needed at one time. (They fire multiple by building them in the arm, then firing one, the launcher retracts, reloads and rises to fire another… All in quick sucession.) Higher skill level means missiles take less time to build and are slightly stronger.
  4. Decoy Bomber - Stark shoots 3 small orbs from the underside of his arm, near his wrist, these orbs then travel some distance away before arming themselves. Once armed, they generate a realistic image of Stark to confuse enemies. If an enemy approaches one of the decoys, the decoy then explodes to cause some damage. This move can also be used either just to display a realistic hologram to confuse enemies or as a small bomb launcher. If used as only one of the two modes of function, the result is a stronger effect. (If just hologram, then it lasts longer. If just explosive, then explosive is stronger.) Higher skill level means this move can project holograms longer, do more damage on explosion, and if skill is high enough (level 5) possibly shoot additional decoys.
  5. Shoulder pack -€“ The armor on either side of his neck slides back and a small 'box' rises from it. This '€˜box'€™ can fire either high speed energy projectiles (quicker but weaker) or can fire piercing metal rounds. (The metal is gathered from the environment and is forged inside his armor into rounds which are then loaded into the weapon. Stark only carries two dozen rounds of it at a time and once empty it does take some time to prepare more metal rounds.) Higher skill level means more power in the shots, as well as quicker piercing round prep time.
  6. Pulse bolts – Fired from either the palms or the knuckles, this energy blast builds up kinetic energy as it travels until it either strikes an opponent or rips itself apart under it’s own power.
  7. Energy Shield - Using power, the armor engages a light force field, it doesn’t take a lot of energy to build but as it gets hit it takes a lot of power to regenerate. It also takes a lot of energy to sustain while the field is under heavy fire. Higher skill level means the shield takes less energy to regenerate from a hit.

Acquired Skills

None currently.


Somewhat reckless as he prefers to get right into the heart of the action and take matters into his own hands. Stark is highly dependable and if he says he is going to do something then he does it. His loyalty is sometimes questionable though, as even though he fights for good he often will take extreme measures, using lethal force even when it isn'€™t necessary.

Stark is a reploid that was thought dead, killed long ago in the elf wars. But it seems the rumours were false and Stark wasn'€™t dead. He'€™d only gone into an extended period of hibernation/recuperation. It is suspected that Neo-Arcadia found his capsule and re-awakened him to use him in the war against the resistance. It is thought they gave him several upgrades to persuade him to join them. But Stark saw first hand how they treated both the people and the reploids under their dominion. And so he decided to rebel against them to stop more innocent from being hurt. Neo-Arcadia didn'€™t like this and attempted to stop him from leaving, but the force they sent was insufficient to stop him. So he merely killed the force they sent, used their dead bodies to break down the nearest wall leading outside and exit the building. He leaped down to the courtyard, took out more of the base'€™s defences and then proceeded to walk out of the base unhindered by anything as he either wrecked everything or the forces fled in fear. It was then several days before he managed to find the resistance and join up.

Behind the Character

Stark was very much modelled after Marvel's Iron Man. (A fact which surprises no one given the list of references…)

Those references…

Those references…

Those references…

  1. Nickname of “Tinman” is actually a reference to the comic's 21st armour (called Tinman). The Tinman armour also contributed a lot to the design of the character's armour long with the Extremis armour.
  2. Birthday being May 2nd, which was the release date of the first Iron Man movie.
  3. Most techniques were taken from stock Iron Man abilities (Repulsor, Unibeam), movie abilities (Vespid Missile and Shoulder Pack (at 4:10)) or an amalgamation of comic abilities (decoy bomber)
  4. Love of alcohol. (Even if reploids aren't actually affected by it…)

Though his backstory was modified somewhat so it's not an exact duplicate.