“Resistance Soldiers,” began Ciel, “The time for our attack has come! The Reploid Disposal Facility that has long retired our brothers is no more! Just minutes ago, Zero destroyed the Aztec Falcon guarding it. But now that the Neo Arcadians are without their execution facility they will probably resort to destroying our comrades in a more crude manner, such as killing them in their cells. You must leave at once, your mission is to save as many innocent reploids as you can before the Arcadians can retire them. GO!”

The resistance soldiers hurried out to the detention facility and were able to prevent the early retirement of many of the imprisoned reploids. Those rescued were quickly gathered together and transported to Resistance Base for medical attention. Among them was a reploid called TK-31, also known as Elpizo. The resistance swelled with new recruits, but the job was not done. While the prisoners were being evacuated the charges placed around the Disposal Facility were disarmed.

Suddenly the lights went out. Most of the resistance soldiers clumped together for safety though some hid under conveyor belts or other such machenery. Out of the darkness came a scream, it sounded as though one of the resistance soldiers had been attacked. Suddenly there was the sound of a buster charging and a thin blue lazer burned through the air and clean through a soldier's chest. He dropped like a sack of bricks.

Finally one of the resistance soldiers made it over to a wall and primed a demolition pack. It blew a whole clean through the wall letting the sun shine in and allowing the soldiers to see the identity of their attacker, Aztec Vulture.

“Aaarg, resistance scum!” screeched the vulture. “Accept whats coming to you, you will not get away with this outrage!” With that, he charged another pierce shot and burned through another soldier. Cackling evily, the bird took to the sky.

Soon enough however it became apparent that the battle arena was making things more difficult than it needed to be for Aztec Vulture, he decided to make things a little more difficult for the resistance fighters. He feigned a retreat in the direction of the energy coolant chambers, firing as he went. The resistance soldiers hurried after him into the next room, the first two meeting a quick death as the pierce lazers burned through their bodies. The vulture had chosen a room more to his element, he had much more room to fly and thus, rain energy down on the soldiers. He swooped around, using his speed to evade their blasts, eventually he dropped down quickly, grabbed up a resistance soldier and tossed him skyward. It was only then that the soldiers noticed that the ceiling was lined with spikes.

Eventually however the resistance forces proved victorious, felling the buzzard. With the defeat of Aztec Vulture, the remaining resistance fighters planted the charges and detonated them, ensuring that the Reploid Disposal Facility would never retire an innocent reploid again.

Upon return to Resistance Base, Ciel and the rescued POWs thanked the soldiers for all that they had done. They quickly escorted the wounded to the medical center for immediate attention. Once all this had been taken care of, Ciel called everyone together.

“This is truly a great day for the resistance, not only have you destroyed the dreaded Disposal Facility but we've just recieved word from Zero that he's succeeded in destroying the Neo Arcadian supply train! X's troops in the area are reeling and we're taking care of what resistance might be left. Rest easy soldiers, we've struck a large blow to Neo Arcadia this day.”