During the lull in activity Ciel summoned a small squad of her best soldiers.

“You all have been singled out based on your preformances in the last mission. You showed skill, bravery and above all creativity and for these reasons I'd like to ask you to undertake another mission for me. As I said earlier, because Zero destroyed the Neo Arcadian supply train the enemy is having trouble getting munitions to their forces in this area. There is one base in particular that they've heavily fortified, its actually not so much a base as it is an outpost but it is well guarded, they've brought most of the weapons they still have there. Our intelligence tells us this outpost is housing some mainframes which contain information vital to the resistance. I need you four to depart at once, using the cover of darkness to get close and steal that data. We can't afford to wait any longer or the Arcadians may come for it and move it to a safer location, now is the time to strike. Good luck.”

Working silently the resistance forces withdrew the data and escaped the base. As the morning sun appeared over the horizon, Ciel could just make out her resistance fighters returning. A smile flitted across her face, she was growing fond of them and was overjoyed by their safe return. The smile quickly froze and turned to a look of horror, four Neo Arcadian gunships were in hot pursuit and ready to intercept. As they neared the returning soldiers, they began to open fire. The soldiers scattered and troops began to drop down upon them. She activated the Resistance Base Loudspeaker, “ALL UNITS, GO ASSIST OUR COMRADES!”

The Neo Arcadian craft fired with impunity, it became clear that they did not necessarily need the stolen date, they simply could not let the resistance have it. Whatever it was. A few of the craft began dropping pantheons, and a golem lumbered into view, bringing up the rear.

But the resistance forces were more tenacious than the paltry force of Arcadians. A few members managed to hijack one of the Neo Arcadian craft, and using the base defenses they managed to route the attackers.

“Well done soldiers,” Ciel praised them, “We will begin analysis of the data immediately, you may all rest and enjoy the base in the meantime.”

X stood atop his command center, when Harpuia walked up behind him. “The resistance has the false data sir. Just as you expected.”

X hopped of his perch and faced Harpuia, “Good. Get ready for the feint attack. Have… Fefnir lead it. Take 10 squads with him. I want you to send a sub-commander of your choosing to attack their main base. Ready the attacks to happen at the same time, in a week from now, I want to give them time to grow a little soft. Cease all main offensive actions for now. Have Leviathan strengthen Outer Heaven’s defenses just in case they decide to be proactive for once.”

Harpuia nodded once and left the room silently.