Ciel had called everyone together in the command room. “Ok, we know the Arcadians are setting up a large attack force here,” Ciel motioned to the desert region on the large map. “Our information tells us it is being headed by one of the four generals, we suspect Fefnir. Now we're going to have Zero intercept Fefnir or whatever general may be leading it, do NOT engage in battle with the guardians because at your current power level you'll be destroyed. If approached, the best strategy is to run away. Hopefully it won't come to that however, your job is to guard the base against whatever gets past Zero. The attack could begin at any time so prepare yourselves and get out there and defend our base!”

The day wore on and many of the resistance soldiers grew restless. Just when some began to suspect that the attack was never going to come Neo Arcadian command gave the order to commence the assault. Pantheons, spiked wheels, cannons and golems began marching towards the base. Perhaps Zero had delayed the assault, but enemies were now rushing out of the desert and toward the base.

The resistance initially kept a tight line, preventing damage to the base and destroying any pantheons which came within firing distance. Slowly, they began to push the Arcadian force back into the desert. Resistance forces broke ranks and changed ahead, and that was when the golems emerged from the sand. Those first in line were decimated by the lazers of the golems, and the survivors beat a hasty retreat back to relative safety of the base where the defense cannons made the enemy golem much more manageable. One of the golems was even baited into a pit of quick-sand. Through focusing their firepower, the resistance forces were able to fend off the first wave.

Fefnir looked down from his transport chopper, he was directly above the resistance base. The fighters down there had done a decent job repelling his forces. Well, he'd put a stop to that. Fefnir jumped out of the chopper and began falling to Earth at an incredible speed, the shockwave created from his landing actually knocked down one of there base's gun-towers.

“Now then,” growled the guardian, “Are you ready for a real fight?”

As Flash charged in for a kick, Fefnir extended his arm and caught Flash's leg, slamming him into the ground. There was an audible charging noise from behind him, Fefnir turned to see Andaria charging a large blast of energy. Fefnir reacted quickly, firing a large blast of his own, the beams connected and there was a small explosion resulting in Andaria flying through the air and landing in a heap.

Fefnir was blinded for a moment by the explosion of light, and Flash flew through the air at him once more. More annoyed than anything, Fefnir smacked Flash in the face with his gigantic cannon, he landed at the feet of Cyro and Rai who proceeded to fire shots of ice and thunder and the guardian. Fefnir ducked under the two blasts and sunk his oversized cannons into the ground. A moment later a geyser of fire errupted from the sand underneath their feet, engulfing the three of them.

“Fefnir!” The red guardian activated his comm, it was Harpuia, “Zero has broken through your main line, stop fooling around at the base, thats not your responsibility!” Fefnir growled in frusteration but he knew Harpuia was right, his job was to be the feint attack, the disguise for the true threat. He had enjoyed slaughtering members of the resistance but the true entertainment he knew, was about to begin. Harpuia's lieutenant would take over from here.

As if on cue, several explosions ripped through Resistance Base. Fefnir smiled as he boarded his chopper, he was eager to fight Zero. “Good luck over here losers,” he jeered as he flew away, “Sounds like your commander is in trouble!”

Cerveau and several members of the medical team hurried out of the base and began administering emergency health and energy to the wounded soldiers. “It isn't much,” Cerveau appologised, “But hopefully it will help you rescue Miss Ciel. Get to the control room.”

The resistance members fought their way through the base. Fallen soldiers lay strewn across the hallways and vital fluids now decorated the walls. The pantheons had slaughtered everyone they'd come across, and the enraged, albeit exhausted, resistance forces repaid them in kind.

Ciel cowered on the floor of the control room. The Neo Arcadian general, Thundak Burrilian, stood over her, the head of a dead resistance member in his hands. The only reason she was still alive was because she was a human, and Thundak wasn't about to be branded a maverick. But she was going to be a prisoner, Master X would probably reward him for capturing her…

Suddenly the resistance fighters burst through the door. Snarling, the Arcadian turned and hurled the severed head at them, “Maverick filth!”

The severed head was demoralizing, but not lethal by any stretch of the imagination. The electrified spikes which followed however, were dangerous. Even though most of the resistance forces were able to find cover, the electrical charge would move through the floor and shock them for a time. Eventually, one resistance fighter was able to catch Thundak's arm with his chain rod, allowing another member a clear shot to send Aztec Vulture's Pierce Lazer through Thundak's chest armor. The Arcadian sank to his knees, and a resistance member strode forward to finish him.

Ciel looked up, “Is he dead yet? Thank you all, I probably owe you my life.” A strange look passed over her face. “You should probably get back out there, we're not safe yet!”

“Negitive Miss Ciel,” cried a new resistance soldier as he ran into the room. “Zero defeated Fefnir, the Neo Arcadian forces are in full retreat!”

“Some good news at last,” sighed Ciel. “We'll transfer him back immediately.” She turned to the troops behind her. “You all can take a long rest, some of you look seriously injured and should head for the medical wing. Well done though, that can't have been an easy mission, without all of you today might have been the end of the resistance.”

A short while later a reploid in clad in purple armor stumbled through the desert. His armor showed was corroded away and badly in need of maintenance. The reploid himself appeared short on power as he walked shakily through the desert. “Should've stayed at the Sky Sanctuary..” he mumbled. “Thought it'd be easier to find everybody..”

By the looks of his armor this reploid was a warrior, but it was also obvious from his tattered brown cloak and makeshift armor patches that this particular being had been alone for quite some time. He continued stumbling along muttering to himself as he went, until he came across the scene of the battle that had taken place. “Mavericks?” he wondered aloud, “But which side is which?” It'd been some time since he'd fought a battle, or indeed, seen any sign of life. This, however, filled him with hope that he might finally be on the right path.

Meanwhile back in Neo Arcadia Fefnir knelt down before X. “You have failed me Fefnir,” he stated.

“Forgive me Master, but if I had led the main attack then surely-”

“Silence!” X snarled, “I expected you would fail, I know you are no match for Zero and I expected the first attack wouldn't succeed. This gives me an idea of just how strong they are. Now go, I may have use for you in the future.”