“Well team, its time to press our advantage.” said Ciel. “And you'll be pleased to know that this mission will not lead you into the desert for a change. Our energy supplies are running low so today we're going to take the Neo Arcadian energy crystal factory. Zero is going to engage the boss, its your job to secure the other floors. Our intelligence suggests that the factory has a basement, of which we previously knew nothing. Your job is to find out what is going on down there and eliminate all hostiles. That factory will be ours, move out!”

The resistance forces arrived at the factory and parted ways with Zero as he left to take on the commander. As planned, they headed down into the basement to see what secrets Neo Arcadia had down there. The lower level was dark and for lack of a better word… erie.. Many of the soldiers couldn't shake the feeling that they were being watched… or followed. Several resistance fighters activated beam sabers for light. Illuminated by the weapons were several crates, which one resistance member eagerly sliced into. Within the crates were energy crystals. Piles and piles of them. It was hard to imagine an energy crisis at all!

The group rounded a corridor and found themselves in a room filled with computers, as well as large test tanks for working on subjects. Many were filled with oddly colored liquids. But as no enemies presented themselves, save a few small spider droids, the resistance fighters pushed farther in.

Eventually the group came to another blackened room. On the far side another door could be seen, and as the group watched it slammed shut. Evidently someone had just gone through it. The first soldier charged ahead in pursuit… and vanished from view, save for his screams. The room was a gigantic chasm.

With some teamwork, the entire group managed to make it across the chasm to the room beyond. The soldiers filed into this new room, but there was no sign of whatever had caused the door to slam shut. Which wasn't surprising considering the room was pitch black. As the group stumbled around looking for the lights it became apparent just how large the room was. For what purpose, one of them wondered, as the room was completely empty.

“I found the lights,” called one solder, “Damn, they aren't working.. Aargh!” The group rushed over to find the soldier lying on the floor, dead, and in a pool of blood.

“Feed on them my darling..” hissed a low gravely voice from the darkness.

The group spun around looking for the source of the voice. Then a scream came from the back of the room. One of the soldiers that had been standing there was missing. His screams continued from somewhere high above them but were suddenly silenced. The group bunched closer together, something was picking them off. Exactly what became apparent moments later when a gigantic spider dropped to the floor in front of them and charged into the group knocking them down and carrying away yet another soldier in its pinchers.

The resistance soldiers tried to stay together where their weapons and abilities were able to semi-illuminate the darkened room, but despite how large the mechanical spider was it was hard to pinpoint just which direction it was coming from. As the spider swept in for another attack, one resistance member was knocked down, getting his hands full of webbing. Drawing his beam saber to cut himself free, he unintentionally ignited the webbing, the flame spreading along the intricate web which laced around the room. The mechanical spider dropped from the ceiling, pinchers clicking angrily. Now that the enemy could clearly be seen however, the resistance forces were able to coordinate their efforts and bring down the spider droid.

“NoooOOOOOOOOO!!” Came a long wail of agony from the darkness. “NOOooOOO,” It bellowed again, “You will not hurt my darling!” The thing stepped into view, just what it was was difficult to say. It stood upright on two legs, about 5 and a half feet tall but where its face should have been there was a dog-like mask. It had a snout at least, and there was a long string of drool coming out of its mouth. Perhaps the strangest aspect of this being was the weapon he bore: a mop.

Screaming once more for no apparent reason, The Janitor slammed his mop into the floor, sending an electrical current through it and shocking resistance members. The spider however got back to its feet, seemingly energised by the electric wave. Then, with a snap of his fingers the sprinklers were activated, putting out the earlier fire.

The water however made the next electrical attack all the more potent. Furthermore, after one resistance member managed to climb aboard the spider's back and rip out its organs, there was no revitalizing it.

“YAAAaarG!! YAAABadaBabB!” More insane shrieks from the Janitor as if the pain the spider had felt was his own. The soldiers used the time to check themselves and ready their weapons before they ended his miserable existence and continue on with the mission.

The shrieks stopped suddenly when a shrill beeping became audible. The Janitor's com link was going off. He immediately stopped yelling and answered it. “What?” He yelled after a few seconds and kept repeating, obviously unable to hear what the person on the other end was saying. “What? What'd you just say?”

Eventually the person on the other end got annoyed and spiked up the volume high enough so everyone could hear it. “I SAID, THE RESISTANCE HAS TAKEN THE FACTORY! WE'RE EVACUATING, GET TO THE CONTROL ROOM AND DETONATE THE REMOTE EXPLOSIVES!”

The Janitor looked dumbfounded for a moment, probably trying to comprehend the orders he'd just been given. Once he figured it out a smug grin appeared on his deformed face, a grin that slowly gave way to a long joyful cackle. Then he noticed he was still surrounded by a bunch of soldiers with weapons. Snarling, he turned around and smacked Zanji, who was closest to the door, with the mop and sending a powerful electrical attack through him.

As the Janitor made his exit, the resistance soldiers gave chase. Unfortunately for them, the defense systems had become active and several turrets emerged from the walls and ceiling. The resistance forces moved as fast as they dared in pursuit of the hobbling Janitor, taking out his legs and ending his life just before he could reach the control room.