Name: Paladin Nicknames: Gold Knight Species: Reploid Gender: Male

Height: 6'7 Weight: 314 lbs Physical Appearance: A large reploid, dressed in polished gold and silver armor with a golden cloak draped over his shoulders. (Looks a bit like Colonel) Skin Color: White Eye Color: Brown

Agility - 6 Strength – 8 Defense – 9 Dexterity – 12 Constitution - 13 Skill limit- 0 Skill level – 0

Main Weapon: Silver two handed energy katana. Other weapons if any: Electrified Sword Hobbies & Talents: N/A Weaknesses: He's both arrogant and a coward at heart. Loses his temper around certain people from his past.

Friends: Zan (deceased) Rivals: Major Sim Enemies: The Bastard Draconis, Mavericks and Traitors Known relatives: N/A Favorite color(s): Gold and Silver Backstory: Paladin was once a maverick hunter who lost a friend to a certain berserk maverick. However, Hunter Command was eventually able to subdue this maverick and cure him of the virus' influence. Despite that this being was now a hunter, Paladin was never quite able to forgive him for the brutal murder of his friend. In a short time his allies and his mentor Sim, would welcome this former maverick into their ranks and befriend him, this drove Paladin insane. He began to isolate himself more and more until one day he resigned as a hunter. He has waited for over a century for his revenge, but until that day comes Paladin can be patient. He has taken contract jobs for the Neo Arcadian government and numerous other agencies, and is now taking part in the Fighter's Tournament for a bit of cash, but mostly to ease his boredom and keep himself sharp.

Weapon level: Two Handed Energy Katana - B Electrified Sword - B