Name: Chetor Hax Nicknames: Spoilsport Species: Reploid Gender: Male

Height: Its hard to tell since he's always hunched over or on all fours. Probably about 6 feet tall. Weight: 222 lbs Physical Appearance: Based off the cheetah, Chetor is a large golden-brown reploid with clawed feet and hands. Skin Color: Yellow/brown fur. Eye Color: Brown

45 Agility - 13 Strength – 6 Defense – 4 Dexterity – 8 Constitution - 7 Skill limit- 2 Skill level – 5

Heat Friction - Can add fire damage to his attacks when moving fast enough. Heat Mirage - Can create images of himself to fool enemies. These images do not disappear when attacked, but can do no harm.

Main Weapon: Sharpened Claws. Other weapons if any: Teeth. Hobbies & Talents: He enjoys gambling, but winning is important, no matter what he's doing. Weaknesses: Tends to anger people easily. Somewhat forgetful. Electricity is his biggest weakness however, as it kills his speed and leaves him somewhat disoriented.

Friends: N/A Rivals: Anyone with any sense of honor takes instant dislike to him… Enemies: N/A Known relatives: Panter Flauclaws (brother) Favorite color(s): Yellow and green Backstory: The younger brother of Panter Flauclaws, he left home at a young age to make his own way, despite his brother's pleadings to live responsibly and not like some 'wild animal.' Chetor loves to party, he loves a good time. He shrugs off all responsibility and lives as he pleases. Chetor is intensely competitive and will do anything, stoop to any level to win. He's entered the Fighter's Tournament for reasons best known to him.

Weapon level: Sharpened Claws - D Teeth - E