Name: Dig Gopher Nicknames: Scoops Species: Reploid Gender: Male

Height: 4'3 Weight: 179 lbs Physical Appearance: An older combatant as evidenced by his short white beard, Dig's appearance is based off of a gopher, except bigger. He's short, brown and easily pissed off. One of his arms can become a drill which cannot be fired off. Skin Color: Brown fur. Eye Color: Hidden by sunglasses

39 Agility - 5 Strength – 8 Defense – 7 Dexterity – 5 Constitution - 6 Skill limit- 2 Skill level – 6

Fissure Strike - Can drive a weapon into the ground creating large rocks to fly out upon reaching the target. Dig Sinkhole - While underground, Dig can create numerous sinkholes. When stepped on, they will fall through the hollowed earth, often into a trap or an ambush.

Main Weapon: Mining Axe Other weapons if any: Drill on left arm. Hobbies & Talents: Enjoys the privacy and isolation that came with his retirement, but his love for money was greater. Weaknesses: Slower reflexes and endurance in his old age. Still has some decent power behind him.

Friends: N/A Rivals: N/A Enemies: N/A Known relatives: Wife passed on, no children. Favorite color(s): Gold Backstory: Created to mine ore for Neo Arcadia, he eventually broke away and began working for himself. Years have passed and Dig has done well for himself, though has never struck it truly rich. He entered the Fighter's Tournament to satisfy this greed.

Weapon level: Mining Axe - C