Name: Flarengo Nickname: F Species: Mutos-Reploid Gender: Female

Height: 6'0, if the neck is extended up high. Otherwisely 5'3. Weight: 252lb

Physical Appearance: Being based off a flamingo, she obviously looks like one. First of all, there's two long and narrow single-joint legs, growing thicker the higher they go, making up about half of her full length as she stands normally. They end in talons which have somewhat sharp bits, but seeing that her legs aren't really that flexible or quick to move, she will hardly use them in hopes of kicking or scratching opponents. They're purely for walking or getting a grip of something if the need arises.

Then there's the body, which is kind of like a circular cylinder by shape, with the legs growing off each side of it. It curves slightly upwards from the back, narrowing into a sharp tip, which is not visible due to the plumace falling all over it. Also curves upwards from the front, far more than from the back, making her body look sort of like a crescent moon when looking at from the side. The “chest”, that being the bottom of the body and the part in the front curving up, has a white line as if a belly. Unlike the back, it doesn't end as a tip, seeing that her neck starts from there.

Has both wings and arms. The wings, flat and wide, are mostly pink smooth metal surface, both stuck with mirror-like oval-shaped plates around the outer sides, emerge from each side of the body, being long enough for a good fourth of them to lay on ground when she stands at full length. Her arms, pale white, quite wiry and flimsy-looking, are coming out from her body right below where her wings grow out of. As such, when she stands normally, her wings lie atop her arms, mostly concealing the arms under the wings. The arms have a pair of buster-cannons at each end, which have large metallic-grey revolver cylinders around the wrists, with holes poked all over them. Has no actual hands. The part where the wings grow from is slightly below where her neck starts from, and obviously afar from the front where the said neck comes out of.

Speaking of the neck, it's exactly like that of a flamengo's - a long, letter S like long pale-white thing, which, if extended straight, would be about half as long as the rest of her body is. Ends in a head which is simply an oval-shaped metal skull with eyes on the sides, a long crooked dull beak in the front. Has no mouth, so she can't quite form any expressions. Nor do any lips move when she speaks. The voice just booms out of somewhere. Has a fluffy, large bush of plumace around the top of her head, travelling down the back of the neck until joining the rest of the plumace covering much of her backside. Skin Color: Pale white. Eye Color: Maroon-red which flows as if consisting of molten lava. Hair Style: Has a vast amass of fluffy plumace growing out of the entire back of he body, gathering finally into a large bushy tail that hangs almost to the ground behind her. They're immune to being burned or cut off, mostly being there only for the sake of looking fancy. The color is sort of rainbow-ish, having a strange visual appearance as if the colors were vibrant and alive, flowing and changing constantly as she moves. The color slowly loses it's brightness if she keeps producing fire, and if she'd run completely out of fuel, all of the plumace of hers would end up pale grey. Other features: None really. Armor colors: An amass of pink with white parts around the edges. Armor description: Mostly explained in physical appearance.

DOB: 19th of June Birth Place: Enigma! Residence: Changes in occasions! Occupation: Enforcer Alignment: Depends

Basic Stats: Agility - 3 Strength – 8 Defense – 8 Dexterity – 7 Constitution - 7 Skill limit- 5 Skill level – 7

Special Abilities:

Flare Dash: Flarengo is a bit of the slower kind, seeing how her feet aren't quite designed for fast movement. Also, despite being based off of a bird, she can't fly. That's compensated by her beloved Flare Dash! She pretty much aims both her cannons so that the shots will connect near to her. This pretty much causes an explosion which she can ride, gaining plenties of momentum to speed straight into an aimed direction. Leaving behind explosions as she goes, she can naturally just set herself on fire and thereafter get up close to an opponent and change direction once nearby, torching them and knocking them around.

Wingshield: (It's a pun on “windshield”! They sound pretty much the same, see! :P) Both the outer surfaces of her wings have mirror-like plates of metal dug in them, which can be used as shields to block off energy-based attacks. They simply reflect the attacks, bouncing them off to whatever direction she blocks them towards. If the attack is larger in magnitude than the shield, she naturally can't block it properly. The wings of hers aren't that flexible, either, so she can't really bounce everything off with some tiny effort.

Pyromancy: Generally the ability to manipulate fire as an element. Flarengo can set her rainbow-colored plumace sound ablaze at will, and thereafter feed her busters with the fires - or to use it in some other manner, such as to leave behind a wall of fire while she moves or to just swat at an enemy with her wings and release a wave of flames at them with that. When she uses any of her fire-empowered abilities, the rainbow-ish plumace of hers will gradually lose some of it's color, turning more and more colorless until it's pale grey - depending on the magnitude and amount of fiery attacks she deploys. The color of the plumace pretty much signals the amount of energy she has left in the field of fiery things. Regenerates over time, but takes quite a while. Takes quite a lot of time and effort for her to run out of fire, too.

Molten Barrier: Using her Pyromancy, Flarengo is capable of completely covering herself with concentrated flames, which serves as a sort of armor coating. Increases her defense quite a bit, yet also drains quite a bit out of her flame-reserves. Water or ice based attacks will effectively dispel the coating. Also increases her resistance to the element of fire almost to the state of immunity.

Conflagration Blast: Rams the mouths of her buster cannons together, and feeds masses of fire into them in unison. Pretty much charges up a massive amount of fiery energy, which, upon release, combusts and creates a huge explosion which ripples outwards to large radius around her, damaging just about everything nearby. The amount of damage depends on how close to the core one is. And being in the very core of the explosion, Flarengo will be taking a hefty damage from the attack herself as well, making this quite the double-edged sword. If performed with Molten Barrier active, she can reduce the amount of damage taken greatly.

Main weapon: Flarengo has no hands, as both of them have transformed into buster cannons - which have revolver-cylinder sections around the wrist-areas, covered with holes like some swiss cheese! The projectiles they shoot are explosive, even further so if she feeds fire into them; meaning that she doesn't really have to aim all that much seeing that the combustible ammunation of hers will be causing explosions in quite a wide radius. They busters are kind of like miniguns, both revolving around rapid-fire. All in all, she is excellent in obliterating large numbers of enemies at once. Not that a single opponent provides much difficulty, either, seeing that there's not much space to run around when the entire battlefield is quickly transformed into an inferno.

Other weapons if any: Having a sharp enough beak sticking out of her face, she can naturally stab an enemy with it during close-combat (perhaps with metal-burning heat included!). Doesn't really rely on any of such too often, so this would just be just in case of an absolute emergency. The talons of hers are also quite sharp, but this would be in the same storybook with the beak.

Hobbies & Talents: Causing wreckage in a large area. Burning things. Blowing things up. Destroying large amounts of enemies.

Weaknesses: Lightning-element, naturally, although it counts theorically as an energy-based form of attack, which her Wingshields can reflect. Also, ice- and water-element attacks are the natural enemy of her fiery arsenal, disabling some of it. Seeing that she usually levels the entire terrain while fighting, Flarengo isn't much of a team-player.

Personal facts- Friends: To think of it, none. Rivals: Cooloff Rigid, Gila Shaleshicka Enemies: Varies Known relatives: Genia Probess, Cooloff Rigid, Gila Shaleshicka Likes/Favorite activities: Thinking about things, seeing as she considers the ability of independant thought as possibly the only form of freedom which she possesses. Loves efficiency as a feature. Dislikes/Least favorite activities: Unreasonable people, as in less intelligent garbage who refuse to comprehend how wrong they are in cases. Gourmet of choice: None. Beverages of choice: None. Favorite color(s): Red. Vehicles: None, really.

Personality: Strong-willed, straightforward, mean, pretentious and self-important, with a seemingly infinite need to feel superior over others. Flarengo strongly believes that other reploids are irrationals when they think too much of themselves, and especially if they don't treat themselves as machines made for the sole purpose of serving human beings.

Back Story: A reploid of little origins, that's hardly ever been seen anywhere until just recently. Hardly cares about tournament price moneys or butching up her own ego, focusing only on achieving her own, personal goals that have been injected into the frey. The somewhat rotten attitude of hers does seem to have plenties of potential for her to make things personal in short notice.