Name: Riot Raquet Nicknames: Short Fuse Species: Reploid Gender: Female

Height: 4'11 Weight: 93lbs Physical Appearance: Much like her older sister, her appearance is that of a young girl. Skin Color: Quite tan. Eye Color: Brown

Agility - 6 Strength – 3 Defense – 4 Dexterity – 6 Constitution - 7 Skill limit- 4 Skill level – 6

1. Hot Stuff - Can shoot spurts of fire from her hands. 2. Short Fuse - When angered, Raquete lets loose a bundle of powerful rockets that fly around indiscriminately. 3. Feminine charms - An aura around her allows limited control of the emotions of her enemies, particularly males but can affect females to a degree as well. This is to prevent teamwork and coordinated attacks. Any and all quarrels her foes have with one another will be brought to the surface, the eventual result is her enemies bickering and fighting amongst themselves. 4. Hands Off - Can generate a heat aura around here which provides no added defense but makes getting close to her painful.

Main Weapon: Heart Piercer (dagger) Other weapons if any: Can form a whip made of fire. Hobbies & Talents: Manipulating others, causing misery. Weaknesses: Self control. Quite immature, very prone to tantrums.

Friends: N/A Rivals: Leviathan Enemies: Resistance Scrap, Men, Vector Known relatives: Frostbite Flasia (sister) Favorite color(s): Red, purple

Weapon level: Heart Piercer - B