Deadliest Warrior

Endless Fight's Deadliest Warrior event spawned from discussion of the TV show of the same name. This event is held yearly (though the exact date varies, it is usually held in the summer.)



Each person can nominate as many characters as they want (within reason). They can elect to fill out a short sheet explaining their nomination's powers/abilities/weapons if they want to designate the powers/weapons the fighter would have. (Though it is not required of them.) They then either PM their entry to me or post it in the designated topic on our forum.

Similarly, they can also nominate teams (though teams must be officially recognised like the Avengers or Justice League. So no fan based “dream teams”.) Though when nominating teams, they must list the 4 members that will comprise that team.

Although not required, it is encouraged that people do not just nominate all the same people from previous DW tournaments.


Once the nomination period closes (usually 2-3 weeks). All the characters are sorted into various types. EX-

  • Futuristic (Laser based weapons)
  • Modern (Gunpowder based weapons)
  • Past (limited use of black powder, but mainly swords.)
  • Fantasy (Super powers or magic.)
  • Gods (not necessarily Gods, but just ultra powerful characters.)

Then all the character bio sheets are filled out and matches created. A random number generator is used to assign characters to fight against each other and what order the matches will be posted in.


Once the match order has been determined then the match list is posted and then the matches begin.

A new match is posted every few days (though voting lasts until the last match is posted plus one week). Each of these matches has a list of the skills side by side and a judge's thoughts on who would win in each category and why.

Each user can post who they think would win and why (either agreeing with the judge or rejecting the judge's argument and placing their own).

Several things to consider for all these fights when voting/debating are:

  1. Fighters don't know who they're fighting. (So all the powers, weapons and tactics the opponent could use are going to be surprises for them.) This means in most cases they aren't going to be able to prepare special weapons for specific fighters.
  2. Fighters cannot call in additional equipment beyond what is listed for them. (So no summoning a vehicle to attack enemies.)
  3. Fighters cannot summon other people/fighters to help. (Except in team battles where they have designated allies they can call.)
  4. Fighters here to kill their opponent. (Even if this would be out of character for them.)

At the end of the voting period, all the votes for each group are tallied up and winners for the individual matches are determined. After that, those remaining winners (if there are more than two) are then pitted against each other and the judge analyses who of them would survive. The remaining two are then pitted against each other in another battle to determine who would win and earn the title of Deadliest Warrior.