Caball Incorporated


Founded: 2212

Owner: Never publicly revealed.

Headquarters location: Nearby Hunter HQ.

Number of employees: ~650

Area of expertise: Equal parts Armour and Weapon development.

Notable Products: Armours.


Caball's founder is relatively unknown (rumoured to be an Okinawa businessman), they're purported to be lead by a board of trustees after their leader died under mysterious circumstances. However in the time they've been developing armours they have a track record of delivering high quality armours at reasonable cost. They traditionally have created armours for law enforcement and rescue reploids. Though the armours they create tend to be rather complex and so Caball requires that they be sent back to them for most maintenance.

When Hunter HQ put out word they were looking for high quality armours, Caball answered immediately and was granted a contract given their quality work. They also relaxed their policy of secrecy for their armours and gave hunters some of the specs to help them repair them. (Though upgrades and other issues they still require sending back because of their proprietary hardware.)

After their development labs were broken into they provided Hunters with several sets of experimental armours for them to use.

Behind the Scenes

Caball's name derives from a Kabbalah word meaning secret. (Which fits quite well given this groups founder and their origins are a secret/mystery.) This also describes their views on their parts since they don't like people reverse engineering or inspecting their components (even moreso than other groups).