Halo Armatures


Founded: 2136

Owner: Formerly Arthur Kasler (deceased), now run by board of trustees.

Headquarters location: Tokyo, Japan.

Number of employees: ~4,185

Area of expertise: Weapons Development (though some focus on armours.)

Notable Products: L2-Shine Slicer


Halo Armatures is one of the largest weapon production companies that exists. They own and operate numerous Laser research labs all across the world (including one that was taken over during the Nightmare incident) as well as two facilities in space. They have been developing laser based weapons for many generations. They were founded by a man named Arthur Kasler (a brilliant physicist and engineer specializing in laser systems). Kasler built the first few labs and secured several government contracts for weapon systems. His designs were later incorporated into giant space platforms like the Helios. Though much work that Kasler did was kept confidental and under wraps in his various laser labs.

Kasler eventually died, leaving Halo Arms to be controlled by it's board.

After having heard that Hunter HQ was looking for weapons, Halo Arms approached them with their prototype L3 Shine Slicer model (developed from their space station) to demonstrate it's tremendous power. Hunter HQ liked what they saw and drew up a contract.

Behind the Scenes

The founder of Halo Arms is a combination of two men's names who were involved in real life laser design… Arthur Leonard Schawlow and Alfred Kastler (though Kastler's name was misspelled).

The L2 and L3 shine slicer are named after Megaman Legend's Shining Laser.