Redmon R&D


Founded: 22XX (2223) by Ted Gate.

Owner: Ted Gate.

Headquarters location: Red Haven Lake.

Number of employees: 237 (37 office staff, 175 researchers and 15 security and 10 maintenance/cleaners. )

Area of expertise: Weapons Design (specifically water based)

Notable Products: XPH-5 (Xtreme-Pressure Hydro Mark 5) weapon system.


Redmon was founded in 2223 by Ted Gate on Red Haven lake (which is a 15 minute drive from the nearest city). Which was an ideal spot for hydro based weapons research and development given it's proximity to water, relative isolation from the city (yet within driving distance for people to get to work).

Ted Gate went on record stating that he chose water to be his element to weaponize because of it's abundance within the atmosphere, it's relative ease to work with and when properly focused… it's incredible versatility and destructive power. That a high pressure water stream can cut through solid armour just as well as through debris in damage zones, making rescue operations doable simply by reducing weapon power.

Because of this idea of versatility, the XPH-5 is his companies best selling product for Construction workers or Factory workers, Firefighters and Maverick Hunters. (Though it also serves a favourite tool among criminals for its ability to cut through locking mechanisms on safes.)

After the XPH-5 was released for sale, Maverick Hunter HQ had announced they were looking for companies to develop weapons for them. Redmon approached Hunter HQ and Hunter HQ offered them a large contract to develop weapons. Redmon accepted and began to develop the XPH-6(Hunter Version) for Hunter HQ.

Behind the Scenes

The name “Redmon” was derived from Redmont, Virginia… The real life location of Microsoft Corporation. The owner's name shares similarity with Microsoft's owner Bill Gates… Plus X6's mad doctor Gate. To increase connections to Microsoft, their main product is titled XPH-5 (XP Home was one of Microsoft's Operating Systems and it was titled their 5th released).

Redmon was initially going to provide custom firmware for hypermodes, targeting programs and anti-maverick virus protection (to keep in line with the Microsoft theme) however I didn't want to make too many similarities. So I instead opted to make Redmon a weapons developer based around water. This also works out nicer since it fits better into the arms race theme of AR:Zero. Plus weapons development makes them a nice target for mavericks. And water was chosen for an element because water is neutral and has more uses than fire (which predominantly is for offence only).